LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dental hygenist Mary Ann Delaney’s back was always in pain. Excrutiating, have-trouble-moving pain.

Her back pain was so severe, it was ruining her life. Her weight wasn’t helping. Delaney was 215 pounds. Now she is 70 pounds lighter and she credits starting an “anti-inflammation” diet as the secret of her weight loss and pain-free life.

Pain expert Dr. Mark Darrow is 100 percent convinced many people can be pain-free by changing their diet. He suggests more protein, more water, more vegetables.

Researchers at Michigan State University found a chemical in tart cherries that has anti-inflammatory properties. And when it comes to veggies, experts say … the greener the better. Try kale, spinach, broccoli. And when it comes to fruit, pile on the dark berries.

Olive oil, green tea, and brightly-colored fruits and vegetables all have been proven to lessen inflammation in cartilage in the spinal column — that also helps control back pain and stiffness.

Dr. Jason Haymes, another expert in pain medication, says saturated fats (the bad fats, boo hiss) also seem to be pro-inflammatory. On the other hand, he says, fatty acids found in foods like salmon, walnuts and sardines are good for you.

Experts also suggest you should avoid caffeine and nicotine because both increase your chances of having muscle spasms.

Dr. Darrow spells it all out.


Vegetables, but avoid starchy one like potatoes…

Fruits/mostly berries

Proteins/if you eat red meat buy grass fed…it’s high in omega threes…

Vitamins, especially D.


All processed foods

No grains, no flours, no dairy…they can be inflammatory…


Caffeine and alcohol…

For more information about relieving joint pain, visit Dr. Darrow’s joint rehab at the following link: http://www.jointrehab.com/

Comments (9)
  1. Betty harris-barnes says:

    I’m in bed 24/7 , barely can get up to fix dinner daily, can not sit in L positiion. To lay in bed keeps me from taking hydrocodones i also ware pain patches every day. I cry with depression every week at least just waiting to go to heaven . I tried to release the pain with surgery. I have metal rod in my back and still chonic Im going to try your way of eating the only thing is i don’ t need to loose weight so im a little sceptic about how closely to follow the diet.

  2. Betty harris-barnes says:

    In bed 24/7 with chonic pain had surgery i have
    metal implants ware pain patches and take pain
    medication but does’t need to loose weight.
    Do you think the new way to eat is ok for me?

  3. Edie Johnson says:

    I have bursitis and it is extreamly, excrutiatiingly painful. It has ruiend my life also. I can do nothing without being in a lot of pain. Resulting in doing nosthing. I am going to change the way I eat and see what happens. I will let you know. Thanks Edie Johnson

  4. Mary Ann Delaney says:

    Edie, I noticed a decrease in joint pain in 3 weeks following this diet. I did adhere strickly to the recommendations of the lo-glycemic antiinflammatory diet. I continue to eat this way even though I have been out of pain since Jan. 2010

  5. Gwen Bushnell says:

    Just so happens that my current weight loss diet matches this lo-glycemic anti-infolammaory diet to a T. Have lost 15 lbs in 2 months, and haven’t taken a pain pill in over 6 weeks. Amazing! I was wondering if there was a connection. I wake up in the morning pain free. Pretty good for an old lady over 70. “Will stay w/ this eating plan, it sure beats the alternative.

  6. Mary Ann Delaney says:

    Way to go Gwen! Big connection with not having to take pain meds. Should be sleeping better, also.

  7. Anda Panda says:


    Can’t help but wonder was it the diet or the weight loss which eliminated the back pain?? How many participated in the study? Thanks, Andee

  8. Mary Ann Delaney says:

    Hi Andee!
    There was no study, just my personal experience. And although the weight loss will help every aspect of ones life, eating the right food and eliminating the ones that are known to cause inflamation which in turn causes pain had a great deal to do with the whole picture. As I have been out of pain since 1/10 and continue to do my profession which is extremely hard on one’s back, neck and shoulders, I consider the diet to be mantaing my pain free staus. See Gwen’s statement above.

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