LOS ANGELES (AP) —The U.S. Bureau of Land Management said Friday its staff failed to follow established procedures for permitting and monitoring an off-road race in which eight spectators were killed in the Mojave Desert.

An internal review found BLM staff in the Barstow, Calif., field office did not hold a pre-race consultation with race promoters.

Furthermore, a ranger assigned to patrol the area did not monitor the Aug. 14 event in which a competing truck plowed into spectators crowded along the course.

The review does not specify who was responsible for permitting the event or whether that person faced any repercussion for not following agency procedures.

BLM Director Bob Abbey said the agency has taken steps to improve oversight of recreational events. He said he also instructed staff at all field offices to follow procedures aimed at ensuring safety at those events.

“My clear directive is: if our field offices cannot fulfill or complete all the required steps in authorizing this event, then no permit will be issued,” Abbey said in a statement.

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  1. Nevez says:

    A little too late
    Fortunately only 1 person was killed

  2. edwin figuerres says:

    Director Bob Abbey- Do NOT USE THE RULES AS A SCAPEGOAT- THE FACT THAT the event resulted in the DEATH OF SPECTATORS WILL HOLD -U-DIRECTOR ABBEY ACCOUNTABLE FOR QUISI DELECT.county officials, which has jurisdiction over the area/place where that event/ death of the spectators happened SHOULD ALSO BE IMPLEADED IN THE CHARGE FOR QUASI DELECT.mr.abbey – u sound like a politician- like speaker nancy pelosi- saying that the democrats lost of the seats in the recent election – and put the blame on the economy and not to the lousy policies of the obama administration..i am urging- the FAMILIES OF THE SPECTATORS- to write to president obama- TO SUSPEND/RELIEVE BLM DIRECTOR BOB ABBEY,pending investigation.

  3. roland says:

    8 were killed not 1 and it was a total accedent spectators should have not been standing at the bottom of the jump… very sad BUT A ACCEDENT. Thats like some body watching a golf game gets hit in the head with the ball and dies……lets ban golf now

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