LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two reputed Los Angeles gang members will be arraigned for the killing of a 5-year-old boy who was shot as he posed for Halloween costume photos in his backyard.

Marcus Denson, 18, and 21-year-old Leonard Hall could face life in prison if they’re convicted of murder and attempted murder. Both remained jailed Friday on $4 million bail each.

Prosecutors claim the suspects opened fire on a South Los Angeles backyard on Oct. 31, shooting Aaron Shannon Jr. in the head as he posed in his Spider-Man costume. Two of his relatives were wounded.

Authorities say the gangsters mistakenly thought rivals lived at the home.

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  1. Rudi says:

    RIP sweet child.

    Good riddance losers.

  2. Brains says:

    Join a gang, ruin your life. These two ‘animals’ THOUGHT that they would be seen as ‘men’ by their peers. Instead they will live out the rest of their lives in prison. What a waste, I feel sorry for their families as there will be NO out for either of them. I feel also for the family that lost its ‘child’, 5 years is all he got out of being here. May he go on to better things. Gang members DONT think. All they care about is $ or drugs or who they can ROB or intimidate. If the police would ( and yes I know they already have too much to do as it is ) harass the gangs ‘constantly’ then boys would think TWICE about joining something that eventually would put them away for LIFE. When does it STOP ?

  3. Paul Daverio says:

    The gangsters mistakenly thought … you got that right! Gangsters are old skool and need to be eradicated like weeds on my front lawn!

  4. louis says:

    life in prison is to good for them, there should only be two questions, what do you want for your last meal, and what arm do you want the injection in. because today is your last day on earth.

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