SANTA ANA (CBS 2) — A sex offender whose planned release drew
warnings from public officials was arrested within an hour after his release Wednesday for violating his parole, authorities said.

Lawrence Joseph Brown, 52, was taken back into custody in Tustin just 30 miles from the California Institution for Men in Chino.

“We had investigators following him, and he was in a car with a woman,” a violation of a stipulation of his parole, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

The woman was Ruby Huggler, a woman Brown had stayed with during a brief parole earlier this year, and Rackauckas said he believed she picked him up from the prison.

Brown was released after serving 25 years of a 49-year-sentence for the abduction and molestation of a 7-year-old girl and 8-year-old girl in two separate incidents in Santa Ana in 1983.

He was returned to the state prison in Chino after his Wednesday arrest.

The arrest came after a series of new legal developments in the attempt to keep Brown in prison, all of which were rendered moot by Brown’s release but made relevant again by his arrest.

“Once he was released we lost jurisdiction,” Rackauckas said.

He said a woman came forward early Wednesday and said she recognized Brown’s picture from news stories and believed he was the man who raped her as a child in the late 1970s.

Rackauckas said that after hearing about the new allegations one of the state evaluators who had ruled Brown was not a sexually violent predator who could be kept in prison, changed her mind.

He said the statute of limitations had expired on the alleged crimes but they could be considered in evaluations of his mental state.

Rackauckas said his office was also informed earlier that it could file a petition claiming legal error by the Department of Corrections — something they scrambled to do until Brown’s release and plan to do again now that he’s back in prison.

“I feel good that he’s in custody and that we’re going to be filing a petition,” Rackauckas said. “I certainly believe that we’ll be able to protect the public from this individual.”  

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Comments (57)
  1. He’s obviously as dumb as he looks.

  2. katnip says:

    you know, I’m not one to advocate violence, but in this case I cannot think of a good reason to say put down the torches and pitchforks. this man is SICK and the authorities are trying to keep him locked up where he wont hurt anymore children but other authorities are blocking them!
    I mean, I’m just……AAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

    1. J. POPP says:

      If The Subject matter of this Article Ires you “Katnip”… check Out the “Animal below!

  3. Sunset says:

    Put him near schools where illegal aliens attend.

    1. .............. says:

      have about we put him near your home… you might get lucky 🙂
      RACIST S.O.B

      1. rjsmitty says:

        racist ?? do you know what the word means ….. idiot

    2. J. POPP says:

      “SUNSET”… You are just A SICK as the DUDE in this Article!
      People like you Scare those of who are SANE!

    3. tankidge says:

      your a moron. choke on a big one.

    4. J.J says:

      Your a real gem in this society maybe he should be put near your kids

    5. Me says:

      Children, whether legal or illegal and innocent and deserve to be safe no matter what thier background is. It’s not the children’s fault they’re illegal or that they’re parents are illegal. When you make comments like this you show the world how ignorant you are and how much you hate other human beings.

      1. Mero says:

        I love how an article with topics about Illegal’s brings out the Racist out the closet…
        What makes a Mexican a Illegal Alien, Looney’s like Sunset who see Mexican landing on UFO’S.

      2. Saber 1 says:

        Illegal aliens are criminals. They crossed into this country with out permission. If the children are illegal, send them back to their country and get them and their families off the tax payers payrole.

    6. Tarzan says:

      I would put him in your bed baby. this way you will make a safe invironment for children around you. Pay your taxes and shut your mouth. If you don’t like it, Leave.

    7. Mary says:

      It’s a shame stupidity is not a felony, because you would be the perfect cellmate for this convict.

    8. mommabear says:

      why would you wish that on anyone’s children, what a disgusting person you are.

  4. Saber 1 says:

    The liberals seem to think they know better than a D.A. who follows the case. Picket in front of house, remain on the sidewalk though. The people who released this guy live in Sacramneto, not where we live. Those neighbors of his need to keep an extra eye out. It won’t be long before he violates parole, hiding by schools, parks and such.

  5. Athena says:

    Terrible what “Sunset” said, it must have no tolerance for human life~hello the pillgrims themselves were imigrants too ! As for this fiend, send to Hell -they’re waiting for him…

  6. CMolina says:

    Cut off his “junk” so he won’t be a threat to anyone. Otherwise, keep him locked up FOR GOOD. Stupid legal system in this country gives criminals too many rights.

  7. Karen says:

    RUBY HUGGLER said she wasn’t going to let him live at her house, but there she is driving to Chino to pick him up. AND…why would the Deputy Warden override the Orange County District Attorney request for a HOLD???

    1. Larry Larry says:

      They are merely trying to see who has the biggest…uuuum, you know!

    2. Misunderstood says:

      She was taking him to his probation officer. She had no intention of letting him stay at her home. Like I mentioned before, She was helping the family of this man. They live in Utah, The family was trying to get him relocated there. You people do not know the whole story, only what the media has decided to spew. She doesn’t want a child molester / rapist any where near your families. Just because he has been accused of doing bad things, doesn’t mean the family is a bad family, and Ruby, to the people who know here has always helped anyone who asks for it. For the record, the warden knew Ruby would be picking him up.It was the only way the D.A. would be able to re arrest Larry on a probation, violation.
      It sad that the D.A. Office used Ruby to make it happen. It is also sad that she had to do this alone. But as you can see, there were no family members willing to step up. Ruby is a strong woman. She would give her life to protect a child.
      Those of us lucky enough to have her in our lives know this to be true. Those of you that do not know her need to not judge her motives, or actions.

      1. Ruby's Friend says:

        The District Attorney and The Tustin Police Dept. released her name and address to the media. They created a smear campaign in order to get the public in an uproar and protesting. There is a cover up about the original trial. Ruby read the 1500 page transcript of the trial and believes this man did not receive a fair trial and that evidence was tampered with, etc. She has been working with a legal group to have him exhonorated because she believes he is innocent. This is why Rakaukas leaked her name and address. They did this purposely to get the community on their side. And to frighten her so she would stop these actions. They are trying to cover up wrong doing. and they continue to manipulate the powers of their offices. To take down one of the most compassionate and generous upstanding church going members of the Tustin community is a shameful abuse of power. I challenge any REAL journalists to investigate the trial evidence and notes of the original investigation. This event has taught me that I can’t trust the police or the DA in OC. They are corrupt! They are llying to the public in order to cover themselves. That’s the real news story.

  8. lala63 says:

    I don’t know WHY child molesters are EVER let out of prison. They are mentally ill with a condition to which we have no cure for as of yet. LEAVE THEM BEHIND BARS.

  9. C.C. Carnes says:

    He’s obviously not a sympathetic individual, but really… getting in the car with his girlfriend is a parole violation? If he shouldn’t have been paroled, then fix the system, but that was a trumped up excuse to get him back behind bars. I’m no bleeding heart liberal, but this seems to be an abusive use of authority by Brown.

    1. Larry Larry says:

      i so totally agree and i hope this guy can find a decent attorney to lend him a hand. Everyone makes mistakes…his was just a little larger but non the less it was a mistake. Should they be harassing him like this? what if he had to take the bus?? OMG…we might have to call in Moses to read the ten commandments!

    2. Heidi Rodriguez Randolph says:

      wow when your told not to do it as a condition of your parole you dont do it its just a flagrant disregard for the conditions of his parole it would not have been long before he was molesting more children in more flagrant violations of his parole …. if you cant follow the simple rules how the hell are you gonna follow the important rules DUH!!!!!

  10. lord says:

    What a stupid comment Sunset…hope you dont have kids and never happens this to you

  11. says:

    Wow, that was really quick!

  12. g corrales says:

    I don’t understand why this guy cannot be in a car with a woman….his girlfriend?????? What is the deal….This State is so afraid to take steps to deal with sexual offenders like chemically castrating them….so instead they harrass them!!!!!!! Look, either step up to the plate and take an action for will forever render sexual predators uninterested in the opposite sex or stop harrassing them…….I am not here to protect sexual predators only to protect basic rights…….

  13. katarina says:

    I am not a resident there but have been reading that Orange County is the
    mecca of Pedophiles & Perversion in California.
    Pity the rest of the folks have to live in that atmosphere and the Law seems to be helpless. My condolences.

    1. Pam F says:

      Right: You are not a resident and you obviously have NO idea what you are talking about. OC is not better or worse than other locations. Please – learn to use logic.

  14. sunrise says:

    super sunset, you have the right ideal. put him near the illegal kids and mabey he will help run them out of town.

  15. misunderstood says:

    Just for the record, I have l known this woman for over 30 years,She is not his girlfriend. He was not going to stay with her when he was released, and he did not stay with her the first time he was paroled . Larry sister lived at the home when he was paroled the first time, that is who he was visiting there.
    My friend has been helping the family find him a place to stay as the family is not in Calif. My friend was trying very hard to get to the truth, as many things were not so crystal clear in his case. Many things that have been said in the media are just not true.
    He was not going to live at her home, He is not her boyfriend. She was trying to help the family find him a place to stay. Media, stop speculating, there are enough horrific facts in this case that can be talked about with out embellishing, or out and out lying.
    I have to give my friend credit. You dont see Larry’s sister or any other of his family in the media do you? No they will not come forward.
    My friend has taken all the heat, for this family. When all she has try to do is help.
    Media, get your facts straight. If you what the facts just ask her for them.

    1. John M. says:

      misunderstood, can you tell me where Larry Brown was born and grew up?

  16. twinklilystar says:

    As dumb as “Sunset’s” comment is, this is somewhat of a sad reality today. Unincorporated cities in CA tend to have a greater number of sex offenders because these areas are often times less regulated. They’re also areas where low income minorities live in abundance. Philip Garrido and John Gardner both lived in unincorporated cities where they were able to live undetected.

  17. nancy k says:

    THANK GOD you are back in jail where you belong !

  18. and yet another one... says:

    I am not sure this was written correctly, but anyway what I get from this is that, he wasnt arrested for being in the car with his girlfriend. There was something against them that at the time of his release couldn’t be used to keep him in prison. But whatever the legal stuff that was denied to keep him in prison, can now be pursued now that he is out….IDK he shouldn;t be out anyway, I’m sorry these people can not be rehabilitated. And he attacked twice, two innocent girls.,..ughhhh I hate this world, even though I try to be strong.

  19. Larry Larry says:

    this article reaks of confusion! Why let him go and then arrest him 30 miles later for something you have prior knowledge of. Just revoke the parole on a fake charge and send him to a mental institution so he can get right wit God!

  20. jack says:

    cell mate with phil specter, yippee!

  21. barbarbar says:

    Sex offenders in the USA should get the same treatment as what Asian countries do with their sex offenders – caning! Give them 5 of those caning and overnight, they’ll think 5 times before attempting another sex offence! If anyone thinks that’s barbaric, what about the crime that they imposed on their victims…?

    1. Elyse says:

      I actually think you have a point!

  22. Anon says:

    He is a gentleman and a scholar.

    1. Heidi Rodriguez Randolph says:

      your an idiot……

  23. Judy says:

    people, what are we saying here. NO CHILD should ever be in harm’s way. Whether it is your next door neighbor or a child being exploited in Thailand.. It is society’s responsibility to make sure these monsters are not permitted to rape and murder our children, teenagers, or adults. How many more do we have to sacrifice as we did with Amber DuBois and Chelsa King – we put these laws on the books for repeat offenders, they get sentenced, and then the parole boards let ’em out! Outrageous.! He did half his sentence? Will those young girls ever be free of the nightmare of being attacked by this hideous man? As Sharon Tate’s Mother asked Charles Watson – “when do I come up for parole?” The victims live with this for the rest of their lives, if they aren’t murdered and so do their families.

  24. RB says:

    All people that believe this guy or any other predator has rights is totally wrong. All we have to do is place ourselves in the shoes of the parents, would we ever want him out I don’t think so. That goes for anyone that causes unprovoked harm to others, we all have the right to live in a safe environment.

  25. Linda says:

    Wow My kids and I will rest better tonight knowing he’s back in Chino.

  26. KP says:


  27. Robert E says:

    Sunrise and Sunset probably the same person uneducated looking for attention ignorant making stupid comments a couple of morons

  28. Joe says:

    This pervert should be executed. That will assure the fact that he will not reproduce. This would also save the taxpayers the expense of housing and feeding him. Society pays if he is on the street, and also society pays if he is locked up. Yep, execution is the best way to cut down on expenses.

    I vote for immediate execution!!!!!!

  29. Sammy says:

    All this talk about illegals
    This guy was white as sunset

  30. John M. says:

    ok, i’ll try ONE last time, MISUNDERSTOOD, can you tell me where Larry Brown was raised as a child?

    1. Misunderstood says:

      Sorry John M, I do not have that information

  31. Concerned says:

    The man commited crimes against two children, who cares if his family & friends feel the re arrest was unjust he should serve life in prison, those kids who are now adults do you think after 25 years what happened to them has left their mind I think not, As for Sunset & Sunrise ignorance speaks from your mouth innocence of a child no matter race should not be violated by a sick person.They should let you two be in a cell with a couple guys who have been locked up for 25 years. I am glad for the funds being used to capture all these fugitives who do not deserve to have rights or any chances you lose respect when you commit the crime.

  32. Mrs. LJM says:

    Amen! I am lucky to have Ruby as a friend and I know all the Family of Mr. Brown’s and they’re good people. If you only go by the D.A. facts and listen to what is to be believed, you all are narrow minded.

  33. Mrs. LJM says:

    I have know Mr. Brown since I was 17 he has never harmed anyone! There is a lot to be said and examined. Ruby is a family friend. Mr. Brown is not guilty, I know this myself on a personal level. He is not in any violation and has no one to help him as his sister lives in another state. I know he will fight for his innocence and get to the bottom of tampered evidence, half of the media who disputed Ruby’s neighborhood was based on they’re mouths no one made one comment from Miss Huggler’s home , so where did they get their idea’s from???

  34. Saber 1 says:

    Mr. AModerator,

    I have been on my best behavior and you cancelled my entry. Because I don’t line up for anyone’s sympathy for criminals and force people to think before writting. You should be using some sort of discretion.

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