BELL (AP) — Former Bell administrators won’t cash in on the massive pensions they’d hoped to collect, but will keep some of their generous retirement benefit.

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that administrators failed to submit the right paperwork and other information, and wrongly included special compensation to boost their pension benefit.

An audit by the California Public Employees Retirement System says the potential benefits will be drastically reduced. Former Bell City manager Robert Rizzo, who earned more than $800,000 in wages, stood to make at least $600,000 a year from his pension.

The audit says it could be lowered to less than $100,000 a year.

Rizzo and other former officials have been charged with misappropriating $5.5 million in public funds.

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Comments (9)
  1. john says:

    why are any of this crooks receiving any pension at all, but it seems like they
    are still going to get paid for their crimes. I think I could manage very weel on $100.000 a year. I don;t think any polltion shuld get a pension they earn enough while in office to save for their retirement the same as the rest of us have to do.
    Again the taxpyer is the loser.

  2. Marie says:

    I am really impressed the governement did such a fantastic job doing justice to the city of Bell. I thank God for this justice.

    1. ReginaM says:

      God had nothing to do with this.

  3. pmoore says:

    The city of bell is where it starts. Taxpayers must take a stand and revolt against all this luxury that politicians get across this country.

  4. BELL says:

    Now other city managers are going to pay themselves a million dollars a year and when they get caught the pension will still be on hundred thousand dollars a year. All their doing is saying to city managers and council members that they can earn a hundred thousand dollars a year by winning a council seat. It is a lottery now not public office.

  5. VW says:

    These crooks are still going to receive close to $100,000 annual pension? Does this mean that crime still pays even if it is on a lower rate? Their pensions should be garnished!

  6. L.A. Bob says:

    To: Marie.
    Ooo, your so right.

  7. Ziggy says:

    Vernon, El Segundo, etc
    Are you listening???

  8. bugman says:

    that boy needs a lap band for sure !!! If it can fit!

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