LOS ANGELES (AP) — The City Council on Friday moved to ease the city’s stringent medical marijuana regulations with an amendment that could allow up to 140 dispensaries to remain open.

The council asked the city attorney on Friday to draft an amendment to the ordinance adopted earlier this year that sought to shut down roughly 400 medical marijuana clinics that had illegally sprouted through the city.

About 180 of the dispensaries applied in June to remain open, saying they met the ordinance’s key requirement of registering with the city before a 2007 moratorium went into effect.

The ordinance also requires that dispensaries be in their original location, have no change in ownership/management since registration and that management have no criminal record. They must also be located away from schools, be incorporated as a nonprofit and meet other criteria.

Of the 180, only about 40 met all the criteria, surprising even city officials who had estimated that about 130 would pass muster.

Under the proposed amendment by Councilman Paul Koretz, the ownership/management requirement would be loosened so that having only one primary owner or manager from the initial registration would be sufficient to meet the ordinance’s criteria.

“We need more clarity,” said Councilman Bill Rosendahl. “We need to move forward on this issue.”

If the council approves the amendment at next Wednesday’s meeting, the city clerk will review all registrations to determine which qualify.

If the final total of approved dispensaries numbers less than 70, the ordinance states a lottery will be held to bring the number up to a cap of 70.

Meanwhile, the city faces about 30 lawsuits filed by 85 dispensaries, most of which were among the 400 ordered to close.

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Comments (6)
  1. Nikki says:

    Okay, I am confused. People do not want to to have Prop 19 but they want to reopen some dispensaries???? OOOOOOOKKKAAAYYY. What the heck is the difference??? I mean, people with medical weed cards can go and get the stuff and most of them paid to get the card anyway. So why not legalize it and tax the sale of it like cigarettes??? That is what they propose to do anyway when these dispensaries open back up. Makes no sense really, on the layman level of it. California is kind of backwards.

  2. utimatebandgirl says:

    believe it or not i know people who smoke pot that voted no on 19. they tried to do to much with that law and each city would be allowed to tax and control the sale any way that they want. you see there was no cohesive plan on how to regulate the growth and sales of marijuana. this is why you should always go online and read all of the propisitions. prop 19 failed because it was poorly written and allowed to much leadway with the control over it.

  3. 420 Ray says:

    I smoke and voted against it as the taxation part of it was ridiculous. If they write it better I will vote for it

    1. Robby Logan says:

      Same with me, it was a stupid law that could only hurt people with 420 cards and create chaos. We have workable laws now.
      And it can’t be legal anywhere in the USA until 420 is removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

  4. fish wrap says:

    All these people with cards are frauds. we have 19 year olds getting cards for back pain. Sounds like some money is being passed around to change their votes.

  5. vets says:

    yup, medical cannabis, should be what ths is about. I haven’t see more than 2 people in the dispensary over 30. Too many younger aged, with mmj cards, and I think the ones that really need aren’t getting educated about the benefits.


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