SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Love everything the adorable white cartoon cat has to offer? Then you will definitely enjoy Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Fair in Santa Monica.

Hello Kitty fanatics will enjoy an art gallery, carnival, mobile food court and pop up shop through Nov. 12-21 at Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Avenue.

The fair will include an all-day Fan Appreciation event Saturday, followed by an “I Heart Nerds” party that will require tickets for attendance.

The Hello Kitty art gallery will feature art inspired by Sanrio from artists like Anna Chambers, Buff Monster, Crowded Teeth and Dan Goodsell.

For more information check out Sanrio’s Small Gift Los Angeles.

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Comments (4)
  1. lupe says:

    OMG! So excited to be going today!!! Ahhh!! Can’t wait! XDDD
    Thank you baby, I love you! XD

  2. Joanne Atienza says:

    Is it everyday or are there designated days? Does anyone know if this event has an official website?

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