HEMET (CBS) — Authorities said five children were hospitalized, three in critical condition, after being struck by a car in Hemet Friday.

5 Children Struck By Motorist, KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports

The three critically injured children, all under 10, were taken to Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley, Hemet police and fire officials said.

The 89-year-old woman driving the two-door compact car that struck the children was not injured, Hemet Fire Capt. Eric Janert told City News Service. She stopped at the scene and waited for law enforcement.

About a dozen firefighters and paramedics responded to the emergency call at Cypress Street and Kirby Street on the northeast corner of Mary Henley Park at 5:10 p.m., Janert said.

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  1. Blue eyez says:

    Very sad, i pray the kids r ok

  2. Common Sense says:

    Pedestrians being hit by motor vehicles is happening too often, everyday there’s a new story! It’s sad, frightening, and a gross reality of the behaviors and negligence of a majority of drivers in Southern California!

    1. Sarah Mitchell says:

      This was caused by a majority that need to quit driving, that is “elderly” drivers. As a 72 yr old, I can say, they need to quit driving and not wait until they injure or kill someone.

  3. Krissy says:

    poor kids. from the looks of the video it does look quite dark in that area. At least the driver didn’t run off!

    1. angie luvs santos says:

      it is a very dark street there is no stop sign. it very sad we were there my son just got done playing with them and he had to see that he just broke down and cryed. he does go to school with one of the children.



  5. Mel Gibson says:

    if you want to survive as a pedestrian sadly you have to assume cars can’t see you

  6. Breanna Scott says:

    This is happening all too often. However, it isn’t always the drivers that are at fault.
    The agency that is directly responsible for our streets should be held accountable as well. The report said “Dimly lit”..First and foremost If there is a crosswalk it should be lit for the safety of the pedestrian…. Intersections and crosswalks should be lit for both ‘SAFETY’ the ability of the driver.

  7. just opinions says:

    Yes very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with the families. I agree about drivers being negligent, however pedestrians being hit isn’t a new thing and its not happening more now than in the past. What makes it seem like its more often is that fact that the news stations don’t have any other “big” news stories to report on so this is the “IN” thing now…Remember the shark attacks a few years back. same amount of attacks or more happened the prior years, but there were “bigger” news stories to be told.

  8. Mike Gyssels says:

    poorly lit lights??????????????????????????

  9. Bob says:

    We have 7 street lights that have been out for a year and a half at the corner of Imperial Ave. & Main Street, at the boundary of El Segundo and Los Angeles LAX that I fear for my and my child’s life every time I cross the street there. Several times drivers have almost rum us over saying it was too dark to see us in the signal controlled crosswalk. I have called the city of El Segundo twice and informed local police. It appears neither the cities of El Segundo or Los Angeles want to take responsibility for those street lights and have created a similar life threatening situation that the cities are legally responsible for. This could be a similar boundary lighting situation.

  10. Michelle says:

    When the area is not lit properly it makes it bad for the driver and for the walkers. I agree that Cal Trans needs to look into who is responsible here for the issue of the bad lighting.

  11. angie luvs santos says:

    it is very dark on kirby and there is no stop sign on kirby and cypress i think there should be because everyone always cross there. my sons just got done play with the kids and the had to see that and my 6yrs old just drop to the ground and cried he knows one of the kids from his class.

  12. El Cuate says:

    89 year olds shouldn’t be driving in the first place. I feel bad for the kids.

    1. Jonathan W says:

      I agree
      89 year olds need special assistants
      Call a cab!

  13. Paul DeLameter says:

    why is the speed limit 40mph next to a children’s play area in a public park? Very poor judgement on the part of the city. Why was the closest marked crosswalk reported to be a quarter of a mile away?

  14. Christina says:

    I was there in the ER when these kids came in and it was so sad I feel for these poor little innocent kids and I hope they all pull through and stay strong, as for the parents I feel for you too and hope everything will pull through, your in my hopes and thoughts.

  15. kay says:

    Yes, I feel bad for these kids but I drive by this park everyday as it in my neighborhood. My daughter plays in the playground and I walk the perimeter at least once or twice a week. There is no crosswalk on the northeast corner where this happened. Where are the parents of these kids? I always see kids running across the street right there and that is illegal. Instead of walking to the Southeast end and crossing at the crosswalk, they cut across the street without paying attention. The parents of those kids are the ones responsible for not teaching their kids to cross at the crosswalk and letting them run around at night.

  16. Cindy says:

    I live right down the street from this tragic accident. My questions to the City of Hemet is why is the lighting so poor at this corner? Many children and adults for years have dashed across the street where there is no crosswalk and the lighting is poor. It needs to be fixed before another tragedy happens.

  17. Hemet Mom says:

    So sad I hope those kids pull through! That is a very popular and busy park with not ennough cross walkes, the city needs to change the speed limit as I see cars always speeding past the park and definately put more lighting! I so agree that 89 year old people has no business driving anymore….I drive that way from work evey day and the time of the accident the lady still should have seen the kids (5 for crying out loud) she shouldbe held responsible!

  18. just saying says:

    I think everybody needs to look at the whole situation and not put blame on just the driver because she is old. I personally think it could be alot of different causes 1) if the street is so busy how come the parents were not there making sure their children were safe to cross the street 2) children & people need to use common sense in crossing a busy street and not walk blindly assuming the driver see you and assuming they will stop for you. In whole it is a sad situation and praying for all including the driver!

  19. KM says:

    I wish everyone wuold stop bashing,It was a tragic accident I know the parents, they are good PARENTS, the kids know to look both ways, I pray for them all . the parents , kids and the lady that hit them, again it was a tragic accident

  20. Tyler says:

    I agree that its unfair to just label the poor woman as a unfit driver just because of her age. Many elderly drivers drive perfectly fine and shouldnt be mocked for their age. If the street wasnt properly lit, it would be had for someone of ANY age to see young children crossing the street at night. Plus this woman is probubly a grandmother of children in the age range of the ones she hit, so i can only imagine the guilt and shame she must be feeling. Show some sympathy people.

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