Another Cruise? Their Lawyer's Office?

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Carnival Cruise Lines has offered passengers of its ill-fated Splendor voyage to the Mexican Riviera full refunds, travel expenses to get back home, and free coupons for future cruises.

Question: would that be good enough for you? Is that a  fair settlement, or will there be lawsuits?  Well, of course there will be lawsuits, because that’s the way it is. I don’t know first-hand what the passengers have been through. Should they be compensated additionally?  What would be fair?

If you’ve ever taken a cruise: what would be a fair settlement to you?  Enter you Comments, below. 

It’ll be interesting to go over the pictures and videos, taken during the cruise. It’ll be more interesting to see where the passengers, and Carnival go from here.  (Photo credit: AP)

Comments (2)
  1. Lupe Nava says:

    My husband and I were passengers on the Splendor for this voyage. To answer the question, what is “good enough?” We were definitely happy when we were initially informed that our full costs would be refunded to us. I still felt like a little more should be offered, but was happy to be made somewhat whole for the cost of the trip. I say somewhat whole because the refund did not make up for the fact that I used up vacation days from work, and that my husband, who is self employed, essentially lost income for the days he did not work. While yes, he would have lost income whether the vacation was a success or not, but we weighed that decision based on taking time to rest, relax, and be entertained. When we were later told we would be given additional credit toward a future cruise, I felt a little better.

    Listening to various conversations on the ship, we could see that there were a few bad eggs who were planning to take Carnival for all that they could, but the overwhelming sentiment among the majority of passengers we met and talked with on the ship was that Carnival, and especially the staff on the Splendor, was going above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of on the ship and for the expenses of this trip.

    NOW, if we were to hear that Carnival suspected there may have been a problem before the voyage or that there was some negligence or deception by them, then I think there may be additional compensation due to their passengers for the risk and possible jeopardy we could have been put in.

    Lupe Nava
    Eastvale, California

  2. Jon Sharpe says:

    Why on earth would there be a lawsuit. This was a rare mechanical breakdown and like cars, planes and wash machines things break down. Only if maintenance was missed would any sane judge award someone to free money.

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