PALM SPRINGS (CBS) — Veterans Day celebrations are tinged with a bit of public anger in Cathedral City on Thursday over a war memorial that has been vandalized four times this week.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou Reports

Up to 5,000 small American Flags have been placed in Patriot Park as part of a weeklong event honoring troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Lt. Chuck Robinson with the Cathedral City police says there have been thefts or vandalism of three of the flags, and last night a fourth was found burned about a mile away.

Angry residents have offered to walk additional patrols in the area to stop the vandalism, while Cathedral City Police are planning similar actions while the display is up through November 14th.

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Comments (5)
  1. mister s says:

    Id start by checking with that lunatic america hating group that was protesting at soldiers funerals. When whoever it is gets caught I’d like to see them air dropped into the middle of Iran with their belongings so they can set up shop in their new home country. Be nice if some of the veteran bikers in that area could catch them too….. administer a little lesson in respect before the cops get them.

  2. Tim C. says:

    Too bad more Americans don’t make this much effort to protect the actual people who are the veterans. Over 100,000 Desert Storm Vets are homeless, 1,000s have committed suicide since 2003, and theres more than a few in prisons for violent crimes. Sorry, the gesture of “patrolling flags” doesn’t actually help vets, neither does the military really.

    1. mister s says:

      Sadly, vets (especially Vietnam) don’t and never have got the help they deserve from our government. Its a seperate issue from flag patrols, but you are 100% right. I used to go the VA before I got health insurance. Every doctor I ever saw was fresh out of med school and inexperienced. Medications availible were limited too. The larger problem as we know is just the aftercare system and follow up thats not getting done after soldiers depart the service. We are particularly lacking in the mental health care arena.



  4. Burkey says:

    I would like to second Tim C. It is touching that the neighborhood cares about the display. But they need to be informed about how shabbily the military is treating its own. It’s a story that’s been kept from the headlines for the most part. We ask these people to lay down their lives and then forget about them once the “glamour” of war is over. They were also lied to, like the rest of us, about the Iraq war. There is a very good book called “Fiasco” written on the Iraq war, which is a bestseller and very well-researched. Anyone who cares about our armed services should buy that book. I would not suggest Amazon.

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