WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says that an airplane and not a missile launch was the likely cause of a large vapor trail in the skies off Southern California’s coast.

KCBS/KCAL’s Sky 2 taped the vapor trail that many viewers thought resembled the cloudy track of a missile in flight. But military officials said they did not know of any rockets being launched in the area.

Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan says that officials are satisfied the phenomenon was an airplane vapor trail distorted by camera angle, winds and other environmental factors.

He says military experts studied the video and talked to all the government agencies that might have been involved in a missile launch and none reported having launched one.

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  1. Cinque says:

    Come on….I’m not a conspiracy theory-type at all but their answer sounds like a load of B.S.

    1. William "Bill" Gray says:

      Our government has been notiously guilty in the past of orchestratint dis-information to the public to avoiid possibly alarming the public. Fact is, the government still has no idea who fired what was certainly a missile type devise of the western shoreline.

      I am a retired air traffic cointroller with nearly 12 years at LAX Tower in my resume, and have seen many contrails from aircraft arriving from Hawaii and points from the west overseas. When they arriive at of near sunset, there is often an optical illusion that causes the aircraft to appear to be originating at sea lever and climbing as it travels east toward our coastline. However, tthis object originated on shore and climbed away to the west. NOTE: The ehaust flames clearly visible at the rear of the object as it departs away from rather towards the camera. An inbound aiccraft would not show these obvious flames. If one could see flames coming from an arriving aircraft inbound from the rest, with todays aircraft engine technology, the pilot would have certainly declared an emergency.

      Moreover, contrails from overseas arriving aircraft from the west have never been so dense or thick.

      Mis-Information is what its called.

      William “Bill” Gray

      1. Cedrik Lewis says:

        go back and review the original cbs photo i was as not a very clear photo like what is being shown now on tv now it was a little darker,look in the 1-2 o’clock position you will see a fighter jet in persuit of the missile the jet also has a blinking light on the front. .

      2. Rogerio Rodrigues Lourenço says:

        My name´s Rogerio Rodrigues Lourenço and i´m brazilian.
        Everyday, i read NY Times searching for news around the world. When i read the “Mystery Missile” i think that would be a terrorist attack. Now a days we fear any news like this. I still thinking in a “MIssile” version.

        I hope a day the truth comes to us.

        Best regards.

  2. Jim says:

    Then why did the FAA claim noting showed up on their radar?

    1. justcallmerich says:

      The FAA doesn’t track optical illusions. They do track real flights like US Airways flight 808 from Hawaii to AZ – which is what pretty much everyone who has looked into this has found to be producing the huge contrail – and which came back again, sort of like a regularly scheduled flight might do….

      1. Mike says:

        I agree.

  3. matt says:

    Come on CBS! You guys know this wasn’t a plane! What about last Thursday? Did they take that video also? Have you tried to get the 1K visible, water vapor satellite from NOAA at that time? It should easily be seen the path! Surfline HD surf cams at that time faceing that direction.

  4. Joe Dionne says:

    The military and air traffic control knows the origin, destination and time of virtually every thing in the air.

  5. Jen says:

    HAHAHHAHAHHA!!! Seriously that’s what they’re going with?!?!?!? You’d think our government could come up with a better lie!

  6. Paul J. Burke says:

    After all this time you haven’t fingered this out?
    It’s US Air flight 808 from Hawaii, which comes past that area every evening about 17:45 PST.
    The long smeared trail behind the “missile” is typical of a constant altitude contrail being affected by wind shears.

    1. Debunkthis says:

      The flight track for US Air Flight 808 puts it East and South of Catalina Island. Do the photos of the supposed missile look like they came up from this area? Also, Flight 808 would have continued to remain at cruise altitude since it was enroute to PHX. Thus, we would have seen it’s contrail continue Eastward. Does the supposed missile trail continue or fade out?

      Here’s the flight track. Zoom in…http://flightaware.com/live/flight/USA808

      CBS merely needs to contact Digital Globe to obtain photos from space. Unless the DOD has made them not available…

    2. Sam Kapila says:

      It’s clearly not as is it not on any of the records as such a flight as the one you are describing, certainly would be.

  7. Leonard says:

    Love the “Probably” part! If it were an airplane coming in off the Pacific you would think that it would not be such a unique situation, we would have seen one before.

  8. When did airplanes suddently start taking off like rocket ships?

  9. Bill says:

    Look – I watch the sunset every night from my living room. The trail of this atmospheric anomaly was that consistent with a rocket/missile – I’ve lived in So Cal since 1963 – born here. We KNOW what rockets look like. Give me a break! PLEEEEEZ.

    1. Born Again Billy says:

      I just want to know how the government disseminates information to the editors of all relevant papers to pass along information that contradicts the conviction of every citizen that witnessed it with their own eyes? How do they do that?

      Follow the money/power trail for anyone who cares to… I’m planning on escaping this mess with my Lord, JC… but I digress….


      1. Geo says:

        word billy i’m outtie as well

    2. just call me rich says:

      Really? Google “Missile Sunset Launch” and take a look at a few REAL missile launches from Vandenburg. Notice how the contrail of a real missile gets WIDER at the top, gets very squiggly, and gets BRIGHTER as it reaches higher and higher into the sky? Now look at flight AWE808 from Hawaii to Phoenix and notice how its contrail does NONE of those things…

      The news can clear this up pretty quickly by comparing a REAL missile launch to what they saw and point out a few of these things.

    3. Mike says:

      Bill try looking at a different vantage point then just your living room, its looks quite different from 20 miles north or south of your house.

  10. UFOhhhhhh.... says:

    .”.it was a fleet of seagulls passing gas in the sky.”
    said the authorities with a heavy sigh
    we know thats an explanation they’ll buy
    cuz everybody in L.A. is high

    1. Gwennifer says:

      oh God that’s funny xD

  11. MrCalico says:

    It was two military jets, they flew right by my window here on Wilshire BLVD!!

  12. jack says:

    an airplane? why just one trail if hundreds take off from LAX in just a few hours? would telling the truth create panic? it’s a rocket, and it’s obvious.

  13. Debunkthis says:

    The flight track for US Air Flight 808 puts it East and South of Catalina Island. Do the photos of the supposed missile look like they came up from this area? Also, Flight 808 would have continued to remain at cruise altitude since it was enroute to PHX. Thus, we would have seen it’s contrail continue Eastward. Does the supposed missile trail continue or fade out?

    Here’s the flight track. Zoom in…http://flightaware.com/live/flight/USA808

    CBS merely needs to contact Digital Globe to obtain photos from space. Unless the DOD has made them not available…

    1. just call me rich says:

      contrailscience has the pics and a prediction of another appearance tonight at roughly the same time.

  14. matt says:


    RANGE CONTROL (805-989-8280 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 805-989-8280 end_of_the_skype_highlighting OR 306.6) FOR DECONFLICTION. 09 NOV 22:00 2010 UNTIL
    10 NOV 01:00 2010. CREATED: 09 NOV 15:17 2010

    1. just call me rich says:

      The date is right – but the time is 9PM to 1AM the next morning – well after the 4:50pm sunset.

      Optical illusion – its not climbing it is coming in from the West. Yes – Flight AWE808 from Hawaii to Phoenix, to be specific.

      I have seen missles launched in the same general area (Vandenburg) and they look a lot different from this. Not even close. When a missle launches upwards, the contrail gets lighter and lighter and wider and wider as the pressure drops and sun is not behind the earth. This one is basically the same color all the way West to the horizon. The light flashes you see are the suns reflection off the metal of the plane. Remember, the sun had set and was below the horizon, so the bottom of the plane acted like a big mirror.

      Google “Missle Launch sunset contrail” to see what a real missle launch looks like, and go to contrailscience.com to get all the details.

      Please, someone help get the sciences better funded so people learn more about this type of thing in school!

      1. jon cross says:

        It is quite simple to verify that this is not a contrail of a plane heading east. The light of the sun would be under the trail, illuminating the entire base of the trail. However, quite to the contrary, the base or what would be the belly of the supposed “plane” contrail is dark in the centers and light on the edges. This if very apparent as the object blisters out of site to the west, and only the lower right side of the trail is illumined. A simple light test will show you the difference of how a plane trail on a horizontal plane would be lit, versus the verticle trail of the rocket, shown in the images reported.

  15. Greg says:

    I was travelling to San Pedro via the Vincet Thomas Bridge last night, Tues. Nov. 9, and saw a second ‘Plane’ contrail eminating from the same exact area at around 4:55pm (I checked the clock). I haven’t heard anything about the second plume, and I tried to capture it while driving, but couldn’t. Did anyone else notice the one from last night? If there is such a big deal made of the one on Monday, then this should have been a top news story – “A SECOND Mystery Trail was seen in the same location…” And no, it wasn’t a Jet aircraft. Common sense rules that out quickly. ANYONE who has ever seen a launch knows a 747, etc. CAN NOT leave a billowing cloud that size. And if so, there would have been a ROW of them. Apparently the Gov’t wasn’t expecting to have to cover this one up…

    1. rex says:

      exactly Greg. they didn’t expect a news helicopter entering their little world of black ops…

      Don’t get me wrong, we need to keep MILITARY secrets.. Just don’t insult the public intelligence with childish explanations………. it leads us to mistrust.
      We would understand and respect something like : ” this incident is part of America’s national security efforts.”


  16. Larry says:

    If it was a plane, then shouldn’t the plane and two separate contrails be visible like in the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxlEredy2V4 and shouldn’t it appear on their radar? A similar unexplained video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEtTl9cGrJc The videos remind me of Revelation(NIV) 13:13-14 at http://www.biblegateway.com/ or http://www.harvestnet.org/prophecies/aaallenvision.htm Maybe it’s time to repent.

    1. IL8756 says:

      The religious fanatic never ceases to amuse me.

  17. Starman007 says:

    I keep hearing and reading about this BUT……NO ONE HAS BEEN ASKING!! where did it GO???? if it was a missile??? Space? aborted and blew up? crashed in the pacific?? Why is it such a BIG secret??? was it a military mistake during training?? if so….So what! what harm is there in revealing it?? They tell us they are launching another spy satellite…so whats the BIG secret about this? And how could anyone think or make us believe it was an optical illusion? The whole thing stinks like rotten fish!

  18. Saber 1 says:

    How can you expect the Goverment to be honest with us when the current Administration is in office? They lie, cheat and steal on a hourly basis.

    1. Paul J. Burke says:

      That should be “any administration”. This is no worse (and even better) than the one it replaces.

  19. Paul J. Burke says:

    When the video image is aligned with the scheduled approach of Flight 808, it corresponds nicely.
    Sunset was almost directly behind the plane.

  20. richard grimm says:

    Once again the Obama regime and their crony Gates think the public is moronic … even when we have real-time video to examine. A missile expert today definitely confirmed what every alert adult already confirmed – the contrail was that of a missile, not an airplane. Now there’s a real reason to keep pursuing this to get the truth. If it wasn’t ours, then might it be a sublte message from our Chinese friends??? Keep asking questions!

    1. justcallmerich says:

      What ‘missile expert”? How about the folks over at contrailscience.com who have images of similar events of other planes doing the same thing – long contrails with a sunset behind them? How about this intelligent discussion from slashdot: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/10/11/09/1711217/Mystery-Missile-Launched-Near-LA

      Your eyes can and have fooled you. It was predicted that it would happen again today by contrail science just by looking at the flight schedule of flight 808 – and a poster above confirms that same thing happened again – as predicted.

      Not to mention that this just looks flat if you look at the lighting and wind effects – wind travels in layers at different speeds at different levels. A plane traveling through the sky stays in roughly the same plane of wind. A missile will cut through wind shears which twists the trail and turns it into a giant squiggle in the sky that stays lit well after the sky turns dark THAT DID NOT HAPPEN HERE – which further supports the plane theory. Weather images show the contrail as well traveling from West to East – in alignment with flight 808.

      But go ahead and stick to your “Obama regime” theory and see how well that works for ya.

      1. rex says:

        former commander of the 6th Fleet, retired Vice Adm. John Stufflebeem said it was A MISSILE !!!!

        I’m going to call him an expert.

  21. Johnny D says:

    Save your conspiracies. Here, read this and watch the video. Look similar? See how slow it is moving? It’s a plane.



  22. steyci says:

    tell me the truth people wat is going o with those weird clouds

  23. steyci says:

    that was not a plane come on people

    1. JustCallMeRich says:

      That was a plane. Come on people.

      Flight 808 from Hawaii to AZ. People saw it again today and I suspect as long as the cool weather holds and keeps producing long contrails, we will keep seeing it about the same time every night.

  24. Sam says:

    You mean to tell me we have an unauthorized plane flying around off the records, off the flight logs, that our radars didn’t pick up? Now I really feel safe. Come on! I call BS. All flights are tracked and logged. If it were a plane they would of known this on day one by checking all the flight logs and flight patterns. Something is definately suspect.

    1. JustCallMeRich says:

      Just because you haven’t got the information doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Here, I’llclue you in – it was flight 808 from Hawaii to Arizona. Daily flights – and as long as the arrival over our coast and the weather pattern holds to making nice big long contrails, we will keep seeing it around the same time. Go watch it and see if I am right.

      1. rex says:

        Oh, I see……. tell a lie long enough, repeat it enough times and it becomes the truth. Or at least distorts the truth.?

        This seem might important to you JustCallMeRich. Makes me very suspicious.

  25. Valerie Barrett says:

    We all see planes flying this route, they never look like this or it would be common knowledge and on the news frequently. The government is obviously hiding something they do not want us to “panic” about. No one has mentioned the possibility that the cruise ship that is broken down might have been in jeopardy and maybe this missile launch has something to do with protecting that ship, no one really tells us what is going on. It could have something to do with Obama’s field trip too, who knows! I just wish the lie’s would stop and the truth was told, it is our taxpayer money after all. Oh yeah, and know one’s radar saw anything, REALLY???!!!!! I call B.S!

    1. JustCallMeRich says:

      Valerie – it was flight 808 from Hawaii. It came again today as shown by another poster here. It is happening all the time – which is probably why people don’t notice it and then are amazed when something like this gets misidentified as a UFO or missile. Had the video continued, you would see that it flew over the LA basin and into Phoenix. But don’t worry – it is a regularly scheduled flight, so it will be back for you to see again and again and again…..

  26. Joel Lanuza says:

    This Was no plane. You have to be idiot to believe that.

  27. Ted Keeler says:

    Um let me ask this? If you take the position the chopper was at and the heading where the contrail merged with the horizon, does that line extended out go right to Vandenberg Airforce Base about 100 mi somewhere WNW of LA? I think this is your culprit:

    1. Paul J. Burke says:

      The sun set at an azimuth of 253 degrees that day. In the southwest. Behind the contrail.
      Vandenburg is northwest of Sandy Eggo.

  28. Robear in Ojai says:

    This is all such BS! Such a lame attempt at cover-up!

    I am a direct, first-person eye-witness. I was driving north on Pacific Coast Highway and saw the trail. This was a missile being launched off Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc California. I’ve seen many such launches over the years and this was no different. Airplane condensation trails do not reflect light like this.

    Camera angle? LOL!!!

    The Pentagon’s spin doctors are just making themselves ridiculous running around like headless chickens and trying to explain that one. They know perfectly well what it is and what it’s for, they just can’t tell us the truth for whatever reason. I bet they had hoped the missile launch would go unnoticed…

    1. jJustCallMeRich says:

      Then I guess when flight 808 comes in again, it won’t happen again, right? But another poster already confirmed he saw it again – same location in the sky and same time.

      Also, when missiles get launched, they let a whole bunch of people know about them – why risk knocking an airliner out of the sky and freaking out your nuclear enemies by having an unannounced launch??

  29. JustCallMeRich says:

    Why isn’t KTLA following up on this with their own crews and cameras? If they say and think it is a missile, and so many others are pointing to this being US Air flight 808 from Hawaii – Why isn’t KTLA setting a camera up for the next flight in the same area to catch the same video again? Why didn’t they keep the camera rolling to follow the flight path overhead? Or find some of the ‘beach cams’ or security cams that are pointed that direction to capture some of the video of the flight? Why are they backing away from their own video – not even mentioning that it was their chopper that took the video in question?

    Maybe it makes the video worth more to other news agencies by having it remain a mystery and inciting fear and paranoia in the general public? Shame on you KTLA! Where is the investigative journalism?

    1. rex says:

      cuz they were probably told to SHUT THE F**K UP!!!

      I’m going with that.

      I have to go now folks. Please don’t be sheep. Please don’t be lead, use your God given rational. Bless the USA

      see ya mr. gov paycheckRich.

  30. Rick says:

    Is JCMR one of the Men in Black? Or should i say men in the R, W & B?

  31. Mike says:

    Its a contrail of an aircraft coming virtually straight at the camera viewer and it is very high in the atmosphere 30 to 35 thousand feet. It looks vertical but its just an illusion it is just the fact that the contrail is very narrow for such a long time and does not flatten out that one gets the thought of a missile launch, and the glow is just the sunset orange glow off of the jets fuselage and wings/airfoils. Give in to the facts people it was just a jet. But in the case that you were all right your already dead because that missile would have been on land in a heartbeat. Also the Helicopter Crew, the cameraman and the reporter should always get the facts straight before mentioning things on the air that they know nothing about. This went all the way up to washington over nothing and that is just poor reporting. Get the story straight and quick trying to stir things up and scare people. Arrrgggg

    1. REX says:

      Mike says: “Give in to the facts people it was just a jet.”

      Wow Mike you’ve got the facts?? Your explanation is lame at best.


      what’s scaring the people Mike is the obvious coverup. We would respect “this is about national security and we will not comment further.”

      1. Mike says:

        I use common sense REX and my years if being a rotorcraft pilot, avid plane watcher and sky viewer which would mean that I have been watching the sky for some time be it during the day and at night so I use the tools that I was born with being my eyes and my brain and my 35 plus years of staring up at the sky to make my assumptions, I did not follow the news or the politicians reporting on this event. When I first saw the video on cbs and heard them mention the word missile I knew that there was going to be a flurry of trouble and there was all the way to washington. What a waste of time for everyone, just connect the dots REX and the picture will be crystal clear. But again this is only my observation and you are still welcome to your own conclusions.

  32. noname says:


    Read bottom of page 55! Navy warned of missile launches out of that area. See below.
    34-02N 119-04W, 33-52N 119-06W, 33-29N 118-37W,
    33-20N 118-37W, 32-11N 120-16W, 31-54N 121-35W,
    35-09N 123-39W, 35-29N 123-00W, 35-57N 121-32W,
    34-04N 119-04W.
    PLEAD CONTROL ON 5081.5 MHZ (5080 KHZ) OR 3238.5 KHZ (3237 KHZ)

  33. DAVE PHILLIPS in Parowan says:

    *** THIS IS LIKELY ONE OF THE ‘WORST” and LAMEST “cover stories” (NOT!) – Since an abortive ‘DESERT ONE’ rescue attempt, during the Jimmy Carter Administration, prior to Reagan Presidency! *** AND THIS ‘attempt’ TOOK TWO DAYS “after the event” to FABRICATE?? *** I WANT A TAX REFUND on my portion of PENTAGON SPENDING for the past three calendar years! *** That’s not a “threat” – – – – it is “an immutable non-negotiable demand” — ALMOST AS BAD as the “Veterans Administration” televised ‘advertising’ [NOT!] during the Wednesday night / ABC-tv Network /.”Country and Western music awards” — BOTH KINDS! 😉 *** GUESS WE’LL JUST HAVE TO AWAIT MONDAY MORNING “snail mail” from McGraw-Hill publishing “AVIATION LEAK & Space Technology” next edition – EH? 😉 -30-

  34. DAVE PHILLIPS in Parowan says:

    IF “This PENTAGON cover story” is to believed– THEY SHALL HAVE TO EXPLAIN – convincingly for count-less CURRENT MILITARY VETERANS WITH SOME ACTUAL EXPERIENCE IN THESE MATTERS – the “KZLA – NOTAM – “Notice to Airmen” — posted by the NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER / Weapons Division” as of ca. 8 p.m.l – on Monday – November 8th –30-

  35. jay says:

    since when does a heavy jetliner leave a single contrail? Or did this ‘jetliner’ have just one big arsed rocket motor at the back?

    why is the contrail so heavy and discoloured out of the direct sunlight, when every other jet’s contrail is pure white, in and out of direct sunlight?

    I find it laughable the attempts by some here to justify a nonsensical argument that this is the contrail of a jetliner.

    whatever it was, it was NO JET!!!

  36. Bill Boyle says:

    How dumb has everyone become? Use a little common logic!
    Look . . . nearly everyone has a camera today. Probably tens of thousands of people had a chance to observe this. People don’t normally photograph planes flying overhead. People DO photograph rocket/missile launches. If this looked like a rocket launch from any other angle, then why did no one photograph it? I’ve yet to see ANY photographs of this incident from other angles. Because from other angles, it looked like what it was, an airplane!
    Is that really so hard to figure out?

    1. rex says:

      keep spinning Bill you place doubt like an expert.

      no one photographed it because it wasn’t supposed to happen.

    2. Mike says:

      Thanks Bill for actually using your brain here, Rex has no idea what he is talking about so pay no attention. I agree that from any other angle this is just a contrail nothing more. If this were a missile from launch to space or to land it would have been over in less than 4 min, the cameraman was filming for over 10 min and the contrail was already in the sky way before he started filming. Obviously some of us dont pay attention to the sky as often as we think I live right next to LAX and the beach and see these planes and there contrails everyday and I thought nothing more of this photo/video when I saw it on the news. Go on and report on some real news.

    3. jay says:

      how do you know what it looked like “from other angles”?

      in your own statement you claim no one managed to photograph the event other than the news chopper.

      the absense of evidence does not allow you to reach such a conclusion.

      the facts we have are in the film, and it is NOT an aircraft, or if it is, it looks like it is in severe trouble…

      so go back to GI JOE school dude, you need retraining!

  37. Sam says:

    This thread sounds like a bunch of politicians with too much free time. We all have our opinions as to what we think this is and yet none of us really know. The majority are going to believe whatever bias media he or she prefers to watch. And none can be convinced otherwise. “My opinion is” this does not look like a plane that I have ever seen flying across the sunset. They said there is no record of any missles being launched but yet there is no record of any planes flying that route. It all seems suspect. I don’t trust politicians for a second. Politics and media are pretty much intertwined so therefore I really don’t trust the media either. I do trust my gut though and it says something off here.

    1. rex says:

      Now that reality you go Sam.

  38. rex says:

    former commander of the 6th Fleet, retired Vice Adm. John Stufflebeem stated bluntly. “IT’S A MISSILE” . surface to air.

    o.k. you frantic debunkers.. try to discredit the Admiral.

    1. Bill Boyle says:

      If I recall, we had someone who ranks higher than an Admiral, say that Iraq had WMDs. How did that turn out? Rank does not improve credibility.

      Btw, I just saw on TV that, either yesterday or the day before, someone else shot video of the same flight (USAir 808 from Hawaii, I believe), from the same direction, and the resulting “illusion” was almost identical to the one shot earlier. This time the camera ran on, showing an obvious airplane passing directly overhead.

  39. marcus says:

    I used to work at Vandenberd A.F.B. and I know a MISSILE when I see one!!

  40. Gary says:

    The latest word is it was a CHINESE NAVY JIN CLASS SUBMARINE MISSLE LAUNCH off the coast of L.A. to kinda give our Nation a kick in the kiwis right before the G20 Summit. That would explain EVERYTHING. The Contrail that eminated from Sea-Level, the Rocket’s Afterburners seen on the footage, the whole bumbling cover-up. NO WONDER THEY TRIED TO AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE…

    Wanna bet this story Dies REAL QUICK?

    Jet Plane – ‘Official’ Explanation given – Go back to Sleep…

  41. Andrew Aranda says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a Marine Aviator. Paul J. Burke is my uncle. He is a retired aerospace engineer and has helped develop countless exemplary systems for our military aerospace program, including systems that have made my job much safer on my two deployments in Iraq. I have seen many surface to air missile and space missile launches: on TV, been present for actual launches in Florida and California, and even seen a few fired at me and my friends while I was in Iraq.

    That was not a missile. It was an airliner.

    But, I would love to buy the pilots of that US Air Flight a round of beers and thank them for all the laughs I have had over this non-event.

    1. Jeff says:

      That’s great, you should have informed the government and media, because they didn’t know what it was until days later.


  42. Just another weather balloon says:

    US Airways flight 808 from HW to PHX is a Boeing 757-200 and is a 2 wing engine aircraft and this is a single engine exhaust plume were seeing…Maybe the Government should do a little more research if their going to lie…

    1. Andrew Aranda says:

      An airliner flies at 36,000 feet. The engines on that aircraft at only at about 50 feet apart, so thats why it looks like only one contrail.


    2. Paul J. Burke says:

      Just, actually it was swamp gas reflecting off the planet Uranus.
      Or was it?!?!?
      Several non-governmental sources identified the generator of the contrails on that day and at the same time from the same direction as US Air Flight 808, Hawaii to Phoenix.
      The gummint didn’t get that specific.

  43. Jason says:

    3 years ago on the same day, a Chinese submarine appeared in front of our navy ships while conducting a navy excersise in the Sea of Japan. We did not know it was there. We are so into spending so much time trying to get women in submarines, that we are not focusing on what we really should be focusing on.

    It’s was a missle, plain and simple. Anyone tells you anything else is either lying or ignorant. Common sense tells you that it is a missle. one large big smoke trail going upward and upward. No plane has that type of smoke or flight path.

  44. AHB says:

    Has anyone received the reports in the Russian news media that a Chinese sub 200 miles off the US coast launched an EMP missile that disabled that cruise ship? (“Carnival Splendor” I think is the name.) And that a US warship bound from Seattle to San Diego launched a “retaliatory” missile strike against the sub, but only after waiting several hours, so as to be sure to miss the sub and thus avoid escalating the issue?

  45. Armando Rozário says:

    Check this forum and you’ll find the answer:


    Armando Rozário – Cabo Frio, Brazil – November 16, 2010.

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