By Jim Hill

Jim Hill

LOS ANGELES (CBS)–Los Angeles hasn’t had an NFL franchise since 1995 and finally some strong efforts are being made to bring a franchise back.

Two groups seem to be on the forefront of this effort: one in the City of Industry, and the other would bring the team to Downtown Los Angeles.

CBS2’s Jim Hill sat down with AEG CEO Tim Leiweke, who is head of the downtown group, and he is puzzled to why the city is not united in bringing pro football back.

From 6PM Newscast:

Raw Interview(20 minutes):

Comments (25)
  1. Frank says:

    it’s simple – we don’t want an nfl team here….

    1. SoftRose4You says:

      Yes we do want an NFL team. Speak for yourself.

    2. Big Mike says:

      “We”, or YOU?

    3. raidersfreak says:

      dam why you post if you prefer figure skating.

  2. One Angelino says:

    Why should the city be excited about having a franchise from another city playing in an over-commercialized eyesore of a stadium with corporate naming rights? Just look at the way AEG runs the LA Galaxy and Home Depot Center and what they’ve done so far with LA Live and Staples Center. Everything they’ve built so far has been an embarrassment to our city and now they want to build “Office Depot Stadium.”

    No thanks.

    1. Clopez says:

      It’s obvious you do not go anywhere but stay home and worry about Al Queda blowing up a Wal Mart!

    2. Chad says:

      Bring the Chargers back home to Los Angeles. They been down south for too long, almost 50 years. It’s time to move back up here. The “Los Angeles Chargers”. Now that sounds sweet.

    3. SoftRose4You says:

      Wow I can not believe how many people would not want a Los Angeles Football team. It is mind boggling.

  3. Saber 1 says:

    L.A. does not deserve an NFL field. If they win a Super Bowl, the idiots would burn down the city and cause millions in damage. I vote NO.

    1. SoftRose4You says:

      To all you people who do not want a Los Angeles Football team. I will be more than happy to help you pack so that you can move to another state.

  4. NFL Fan says:

    Hey Saber LA has won a Superbowl and the city did not burn down. We will get a team and we deserve better than the stupid Chargers being our “home” market team according to the NFL.

    1. Jesica says:

      NFL FAN, The Chargers were our team before moving down to Diego County. Time to bring them back.

  5. Saber 1 says:

    I can tell you don’t own a business in the Downtown area. Clopez. Insurance is triple the norm because of the sporting venue near the stores.I don’t worry about nothing, I can handle anything that comes my way, I have for my entire life. The only easy day was yesterday.

    1. Clopez says:

      The insurance might cost triple but yet I bet your income has tripled as well and if it has not then learn how to run a business and if you do not own a business, do not speak because you don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. Saber 1 says:

        Why do you think I have the time to spend on the net? I make more in a six month period than your entire family tree. Keep in mind, you might just be working for me as we speak or when you get up and drag your hinny into work. I own alot of busineesses and very happy everyday we don’t have a team. If only we could get rid of the L.A. Lakers.

  6. One Enlightened Angelino says:

    More jobs, more revenues, more people walking the streets of Downtown LA, a team to cheer on, a more vibrant Downtown – at no cost to taxpayers…count me in

  7. Dave says:

    Let’s get this thing done already. We’ve been waiting too long. LA deserves an NFL Franchise.

  8. Ralph says:

    Don’t forget t Magic Johnson might be in the mix to

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Magic being involved in anything is shady. If he can’t be faithful to his wife which he gave the HIV virus to, how can we trust him to be involved with anything for this city.

  9. Ahnold says:


  10. Denny says:

    Let’s bring the Chargers home. Don’t forget, it was the Los Angeles Chargers when the team began in 1960 before moving down south a year later.

  11. Sports Mean Nothing says:

    We don’t need yet MORE sports or football to Los Angeles. please.

    We need way more important things that distractions, pablum that is sports.

    Our city pride should not be solely based on these insignificant basketball or football teams. I’m cool. I don’t need to feel proud of Los Angeles through sports teams. Thanks.

  12. SoftRose4You says:

    It would be wonderful if Los Angeles had a football team. I am looking forward to that day….

  13. Alice20 says:

    Los Angeles sports fans are the most loyal. We supported the Chargers for 50 years ever since they moved down south and it would be great to have them back up here again.

  14. Michael Caserta says:

    Farmers Field ! ! !

    As a native of Southern California and a former Rams season ticket holder, I say
    YES to the NFL and Yes to the LA Barracuda ! ! !

    The most aggressive and dangerous indigenous species we have, the Barracuda is
    the team name we should adopt.

    Thanks for your vision and support for our community. I can’t wait to “rock”
    Farmers Field.

    Michael Caserta

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