WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon said Tuesday it was trying to determine if a missile was launched Monday off the coast of
Southern California and, if so, who might have fired it.

Spokesmen for the Navy, Air Force, and other military organizations said they were looking into a video posted on the CBS News website that shows an object shooting across the sky and leaving a large contrail, or vapor trail, over the Pacific Ocean.

The video was shot by KCBS-TV’s Sky 2 helicopter.

“Nobody within the Department of Defense that we’ve reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said.

Lapan said that “all indications” are that the Department of Defense was not involved within the mystery object, and that the contrail might have been created by something flown by a private company.

CBS News military analyst Army Major Mike Lyons (Ret.) talks to KNX 1070’s Linda Nunez

Normally any missile test would require notification so that mariners and pilots could be warned or air space closed, but that may not have been done in this case, Lapan said.

“It does seem implausible, and that’s why at this point the operative term is ‘unexplained’,” he said. “Nobody … within the Department of Defense that we’ve reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is.”

Missile tests are common off Southern California. Launches are conducted from vessels and platforms on an ocean range west of Point Mugu.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, issued a statement jointly with the U.S. Northern Command, or NORTHCOM, saying that the contrail was not the result of a foreign military launching a missile. It provided no further details.

“We can confirm that there is no threat to our nation, and from all indications this was not a launch by a foreign military,” the statement said. “We will provide more information as it becomes available.”

NORTHCOM is the U.S. defense command and NORAD is a U.S.-Canadian organization charged with protecting the U.S. from the threat of missiles or hostile aircraft.

FAA Spokesman Ian Gregor later released this statement:

“The FAA ran radar replays of a large area west of Los Angeles based on media reports of the location of a possible missile launch around 5pm Monday. The radar replayed did not reveal any fast moving unidentified targets in that area. The FAA also did not receive reports of any unusual sightings from pilots who were flying in the area Monday afternoon.  Finally the FAA did not approve any commercial space launches around the area Monday.”

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  1. sc says:

    I am a commercial airline pilot and retired USAF aviator, what you folks are seeing is a contrail from a jet coming in from the pacific, nothing more, I was flying over Californai last evening and noted this event myself. the flashing skin is merely a reflection of the skin of the jet from the angle of the sun. It was not a rocket, come on people.

    1. Steve Maki says:

      ya right ur the expert

      1. Simon says:

        Hey did anyone see Alabama lose to LSU this past weekend, so do you think the tomatoes wiill be good next spring and wow what about all those ants in South America that eat everything in their path?

    2. MC says:

      @sc…so then, Sherlock, where was it taking off from, as it’s trajectory is upwards?!!

    3. Rick says:

      BS!! That’s a trident missile fired from a sub. It can’t be a Tomahawk either because the trail is much too large. If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. No military ship around, so it must be a sub.

      1. James Hall says:

        no ship around but THERE IS AN ENTIRE ISLAND!!!! San Nicolas Island, naval weapons test facility…does anyone research anything anymore or are we just all suffering from blogarrhea?!

    4. CarmaDogma says:

      It’s ironic that this kind of breach has quietly escaped status of last night’s breaking news, and that it is just now appearing in the headlines. I smell a media blackout request. On VCStar last night, on an entirely different story about VCSD deputies getting new fingerprinting equipment, someone commented that there were black helicopters flying around North T.O. as well as several black sedans, SUVs, ect in the area. My reply to the person was that someone important was probably coming to the Reagan Library but now I wonder if it is related.

      As to this being a plane contrail, you obviously didn’t see the video. Ironic that it isn’t even on this site, but I found it on a news site OUTSIDE THE US and it was apparently shown on CBS News.


      No mention of it in the VC Star. People and companies don’t just launch projectiles of this magnitude into the sky. I suspect somebody on a submarine from a different country or even our own armed forces pulled a major “oops” and it is being shuffled under the carpet to prevent an international incident.

      1. Mike in Newbury Park says:

        I seriously doubt you would see anything in the VC Star about anything at all, other than maybe a bake sale at the Thousand Oaks library.

      2. Greg says:

        Proper coverage of a real mystery would include interviews with the relevant sources. In this case, the Pentagon’s Dave Lapan was the single authority providing answers, if you can call them that. He even delivered the statement from the FAA spokesman. Had Ian Gregor been available for interview, surely he would have been asked if the FAA had identified the aircraft. (The statement on record seems intentionally vague.)

        On Wednesday I found a blogger who had located Notice to Mariners 45/2010. Notice# 434/10(18) was an ‘intermittent missile firing operations advisory,’ which appeared to be active and pertain to the area in question (though I can’t say for sure because I haven’t taken the time to get nautical map savvy). It suggested how ships should avoid the area so I was wondering if there was a similar advisory (NOTAMS?) for aircraft. SO, I googled…

        I found a link to CNN’s Larry King Live Blog. They were going to cover this story on Monday night and the blurb said something to the effect that the FAA seems to have known about this event because it had issued a no-fly— and that was all I got. The link went to a story that had been removed. There is no cache for google news stories so I tried to locate it on other engines. All caches had been replaced with a different story: Why Ricky Martin stayed in the closet so long. However, I did save images of what I told you I saw.

        Sorry for the long wind. This is the first time in my life that I think I may have caught the government in an out and out lie to the people. I know it happens but watching it unfold in front of me is eye opening.

    5. Matt says:

      Nice try, except if the jet was COMING in it would not appear at the far end on the comtrail. Some people are fatalists, but in this case it is warranted.

    6. Vice Adm. Hissen says:

      And I am a Navy Vice Admiral Adjunct to the Join Chiefs of Staff. What you are seeing is a Chinese stealth submarine demonstrating that country’s displeasure with the Federal Reserve monetizing $600 billion of our own debt. It’s an emabarrasment to our military that we could no detect this vessel. But then again, we spend more money subsidizing hostile foreign countries than we do on our own military research and development.

      1. Noah says:

        I agree!” China has doubled it’s military and it’s just not for looks! We will be attacked eventually by China with the help of Russia. For them to lose a hundred thousand soldiers does’nt mean anything to them. I hope a Republican is in office when this happens. I’d rather fight to the death than give up to the enemies of this world.

      2. Vice Adm. Hissen says:

        It may come as a shock to some of you, but I am not actually in the military. Although my speculation may be close to the truth, the point I was trying to make was that you can’t trust anyone in a public forum to be who they say they are. It is highly possible that some of these folks are being paid to troll the public forums and place doubts or misinformation in our heads to keep us from the truth. Do your homework. Research, question. Rinse. Repeat.

      3. James Hall says:

        Here is some research…SAN NICOLAS ISLAND, NAVAL WEAPONS TEST FACILITY, located EXACTLY where the missile came from. Part of the Channel islands off coast of LA…DUHHH!

      4. Allen says:

        Looks like and feels like a submarine (from foreign nation or even US) firing cruise missile (most likely rocket assist powered), not ballistic, to show vulnerability or to test defenses. If shielded with radar absorbent materials device would not appear on radar.

    7. Glenn / CA says:

      Not at that angle of ascension.

    8. rady says:

      As a former naval aviator I completely disagree. The angle of attach is way to high, all you have to do is look at the starting point near the horizon and you can clearly see its climbing and moving away from the coast.

    9. Smarty Pants jr. says:

      Not likely as the video shows what appears to be a fast moving object flying away from the point of origin, in this case away from camera. Most likley it is a private atmospheric measuring device that was launched by a private company. Some companies do not always adequateley inform local and regional authorities before they launch an object. Nevertheless, it is interesting, and worthy of further investigation.

    10. J.S. says:

      The problem with the jet contrail theory is that jets have been flying in and out of LAX for over half a century, and this is the first and only one that looked like this.

    11. frank says:

      I agree. We see this all the time in Carpinteria, near Santa Barbara. Come on folks, it’s just an airplane!

    12. Skeptic says:

      you’re either a liar or an idiot, take your pick

      1. Manram says:

        Well said.

    13. Rich says:

      sc you must be a prop 19 fan

    14. Doc Sharp says:

      Well, I’m a pilot and I say you have no clue what you’re talking about. Growing up on the space coast of Florida, I’ve seen my share of missile launches and that, Mr. Pilot is a missile launch.

      1. Peter says:

        Amen to the missile launch. We can speculate all day and come up with umpteen gazillion theories as to what it was but until someone actually comes forward, while walking the beach, and has footage it will remain a mystery. Like most of you I say it was associated with the military and certainly no commercial airliner. If the Shuttle took off from Catalina island, the military would probably say it was a weather balloon, they must be smoking some good drugs.

    15. James Hall says:

      not a contrail…have u people never heard of san nicolas island…come on people do a little research.

    16. Paul Janders says:

      I have seen contrails like this from jets many, many times. The jet is actually coming toward you in level flight but due to the affect of foreshortening it looks like it is rising straight up. If you are not an artist and are unfamiliar with foreshortening please look it up on Google.

      I am not a pilot and I don’t live in California but I have seen this is a common sight from my home Michigan.

    17. not buying it says:

      So how is it that it came out of the OCEAN?

    18. Peter says:

      California not Californai. That is a mighty large “chemtrail” not contrail and at what altitude do you think this plane was flying? The FAA did not have any planes in the air at this time when it was filmed and 35 miles north of Catalina Island during the statement. What kind of plane do you fly and how many hours do you have under your wing? Anyone can claim they are (ex military) so pray tell.

      🙂 (knowthyself)

    19. Brian Sweeney says:

      Aloha, I live in Maui and I saw the missle launch from the north east shore of Maui. My brother lives in China and he is an expert on Chinese affairs. The missle was launched from a Chinese submarine to demonstrate to the United States that they can put a submarine between Hawaii and California, to launch a Ballistic Missle that will reach anywhere in the Ubited States. Perhaps it is just one of their capabilities. They have commandeered the Internet for up to 20 minutes and they can shoot down our satellites.

    20. Al Costanzo says:

      You need to get your eyes checked out. “Reflection of the skin of the jet from the angle of the sun” do you really expect people to believe that?? People are not stupid
      regardless what you might think. I don’t want to list my credentials to so you can speculate if I know what I’m talking about but I assure you I’m very familiar with contrails look like and what causes them and the answer you gave is absurd.
      AC New Mexico

  2. System says:

    Actually there was nothing in the sky at all. This is just a situation of collective hysteria over some unusual cloud formation.

    Go back to your comfort zones. Who cares anyway. Like truth matters anymore.

    1. Constantone says:

      I would vote for you in a minute.

  3. mister s says:

    Has anyone called Hawaii? You know…… to make sure they’re still there?

    1. lp says:

      LOL’d to that one! funny!

  4. RE says:

    Agreed. Clearly a commercial aircraft contrail. The angle portrayed in the two dimensional video is misleading.

  5. GE says:

    sure ok . a contrail and a missile launch don’t look a like at all.

  6. Alexander Walker says:

    This vapor trail was visible at sunset last night from Santa Monica. It was about 20 miles north of Catalina Island. It was quite a smear on the horizon. I often watch the sunset there and planes don’t leave this heavy of an imprint. And their trails are in the sky and not leading down to the ocean.

    It wouldn’t be so hard to believe that a foreign submarine fired off something. It wouldn’t be the first time a submarine got close to the American coast. I hope this is being looked into.,

    1. Peter says:

      Knowing what happened during 9/11 it just shows how complacent the US military has become or most likely they know full well what is happening and are doing “I don’t know” routine which they are so good at. Good observation with the “plume” starting at the horizon and not at 10,000 feet during take off at LA-X. Were there any serious head winds that would warrant such a dispersal of jet pollution into the air? Ah no! Thought so. I heard some where in norhern Cal, in the early 2000’s that a chem lab found airborne nanites or something vaguely similar and yet was casually dismissed right over the Berkeley area. How wonderful to know that the military is playing with new toys at our expense! (the information is just hear say not factual)

  7. Kris says:

    So it was a commercial aircraft taking off from Catalina or did it come straight out of the ocean. LOL. Because that is the location it came from, the middle of the pacific. I believe it came from a submarine.

  8. scootysdad says:

    Sorry. I broke wind too hard.

  9. STEWART says:


  10. eugene hawkins says:

    Remember Red Otober? Don’t be silly as many jets that fly over LA and arm forces jets flying over LA heading to Edwards Air Force Base from San Diego, do you really think people are that limped brained SC? You must still have some jet fuel residue still left in your lungs. That was a ballistic missile shot from a subamrine in the Pacific Ocean! I hope One of the arm forces lie and tell us it was one of theirs. If not we’re in trouble, buddy!

  11. alein lover says:

    It was an alien ship, my grand ma wanted to marry this guy, and he seems to have been an alien, ( we all though there was something wrong with this guy, he loved his Halloween suit and make up so much) and when he found out she already had called the priest for the dinner party they were supposed to have together by the beach, he just lunched straight through the ceremony. you see my grand ma lied about her late pregnancy. She just loved this guy, he seemed to like his Halloween suit, and his green makeup. so she wanted to keep the guy.She told us she loved the guy, because anytime he was around the watches would stop working, the stove would not work ( electric stove) so she felt ageless….what is wrong with you people, you only think, military stuff. it was my grand ma’s boyfriend. that is all

  12. JSMITH says:

    the end is near Tom Cruse is right! Its Scienctology my good friends don’t fear Lord Zunes return!

    1. Sam says:

      It’s Lord Zenu, Get yer friggen aliens straight! So the truth comes out about Scientology once and for all
      Zenu who used mind control to convince
      L. Ron Hubbard that Thetans were trapped in
      volcanoes & tomatoes were dangerous tools of Xenu (or maybe Xenu was a figment of L Ron’s warped mind…)
      The Truth is that-
      L. Ron founded the Church of Scientology to make
      billions of dollars by telling you that you’re trapped and need to give them lots of money to be set free.
      Use the mind God gave you and set yourself Free from THEIR bonds.

  13. eugene hawkins says:

    You don’t have to cry, ” The Red Coats are coming, The red Coats are coming!”
    They are already here! And this time it isn’t Great Britain! How about Russia, North Korea, China, I don’t dare say Iran, and their friends, this conversation would not be taking place!

  14. HM says:

    Someone played a joke on RiverDave. They shook his bud light lime in a paint shaker and when he opened it, it took off like a missile.

  15. krakahead says:

    Ugh, has anyone thought to consider if it were a missile it would have laded somewhere and went boom? And since that has not appeared to have happened it could actually be a contrail.

    1. Matt says:

      Not all Missles have explosive warheads…some missles are used for measure atmospheric conditions, too.

      1. Surfer says:

        …..and some I heard carry those 72 virgins. Lately they had to reconsider the virgin thing, since virgins are for guys, they found out ladies were getting the 72 guys, so they had to change that plan. no more virgins.

  16. Alice Vierth says:

    Anyone ever thought of calling up Branson and seeing if he might be practicing his Virgin Airlines to the Atmosphere?

  17. RE says:

    The contrail is not rising out of the sea, it is emerging from the horizon, which is about 3 miles at sea level. The upper atmosphere was cold and windy last night, explaining the width and distortion of the trail. Note it remains beneath cloud level and is not on a direct trajectory into space. Gimme me a break people, these conspiracy theory reactions are so old school. Ok, it landed at Area 51, too.

  18. Jeff says:

    I like the way the crawl at the bottom is positioned before you hit play. “RAGE SPEED: 63 MPH” instead of “AVERAGE SPEED.”

  19. Hawk -Man says:

    So much for Home Security huh?

  20. Noah says:

    A ballistic missle in broad daylight? Someone was flexing their muscles and it’s pretty obvious that they wanted us to see it. I would say Chinese. A message to Obama pertaining to all the money it owes to China. China will attempt to attack us eventually. They will attack with the aid of Russia. When the time is right. They have alot of soldiers here already. Just like Japan had thousands of soldiers stationed undercover in China and Korea during WWII. Then they attacked.

  21. g says:

    its a probe to check out that doomsday comet thats close by..c’mon, do you really believe the U.S. doesn’t know what leaves the southern california coastline?

  22. xxx says:

    It was ICBM, you can see on video that it drop second stage, there is clar zoom in and it is cleat that it WAS rocket

  23. abcpc1 says:

    “Contrail” theory is interesting…however, the END of this “contrail” is coming STRAIGHT UP…out of the OCEAN. As far as the “Hey if it WERE a missile, it would go BOOM” somewhere…not really, they can SELF DESTRUCT it at ANY time.

  24. Smarty Pants jr. says:

    Something else to consider is that not everything the military does they explain…what about Area 51? What about the coverup of the SR71 Blackbird…The one was built and tested in Palmdale, Ca…we didn’t hear about it for decades…they are not our information friends.

    I know that the military excels in DISINFORMATION…I did it myself, I made repoorts that were fake…We all did, and still do! missle test or ICBM…we will NEVER know the truth…China or Russia, or Mexico…Only God knows for sure.

    1. Vice Adm. Hissen says:

      Challenge: Find out who owns and funds smartplanet.com. HINT: It’s not exactly a non-biased source.

  25. Dennis Mina says:

    Look, up in the sky. It is a bird, it is an plane.No it is SUPERMAN. Faster than a speeding bullet, Stronger than a chain of locomotives. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound …who disguised as Clark Kent, a mild mannered reporter for a large daily metropolitan newspaper.Fights a never ending battle for TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY. CASE CLOSED !!!

    1. jonh brown says:

      u cant tell us what that was that tells me the world is not safe and what goes up must come down somewhere.

  26. Joe says:

    Its obvious, swamp gas reflecting the light from Venus off a weather balloon. Now please look closely at the red flashy thing.

  27. Richard Forest Sterling says:

    It was a missile launched by Lex Luthor. What the video fails to show is Superman once again stopping Lex.

    Maybe james Bond 007 faild to stop a diaboloal plot by SPECTRE.

    Or it could be the Tea Party getting serious about stopping liberal Democrarts in California.

    Or it could be an optical illusion caused by a flock of turkeys escaping the US before arrival of Thanksgiving.

    It is unidentified. It is flying. It is an object. Humm… What’s that, a UFO on the KCBS video?

    Maybe our government – military – is being honest, does not know what it is, or is engaged in a cover up after a major malfunction like back in October when they lost contact with 50 nuclear missiles, or a foreign power parked a sub 35 miles of of our coast and fired a warnign shot just to prove they could do it – and while President Obama is out of the country.

    It could ba an elaborate hoax.

    I don’t believe it is a jet contrail from an inbound jet causing an optical illusion to make it look like a vertical missile launch from a ship on the ocean or a sub below the ocean.

    Could be some kind of commercial operaton, like by Richard Branson, but I doubt it, not for that location.

    1. James Hall says:

      not vandenberg, san nicolas island

  28. STM says:

    So, what was Vandenburg up to last evening?

    1. James Hall says:

      not vandenburg, san nicolas island

  29. Burl Hatterley says:

    As a former Commandant Major Master 1st Class now flying heavies in the left-hand seat for Sunshine Airlines what you folks are seeing is the contrail of a missle fired from a subsurface platform in the Pacific, nothing more. I was flying over California last evening and noted this event myself in the form of poo-poo in my pants.

  30. Fran says:

    Jeeez folks – It was just an airline coming in from the west, sunlight reflecting off the bottom of the wings as the sun was below the horizon! It is not coming out of the ocean, and if it is heading toward you, it looks like it is going up into space. It’s called perspective! We see this all the time up the coast near Santa Barbara because we have a VOR that airlines head for from across the ocean. Good Grief!

    1. Marilyn Browne says:

      Nice try, look at the smoke trail, way more defined close to the ocean. It’s called perspective.

  31. RJDietz says:

    Ok… who cares what type of missile it was! Our military has denied any involvement. So why aren’t we (the US) on heightened alert that a missile was launched ONLY 30 miles off the Los Angeles coast. Am I missing something?

  32. Gary DellAbate says:

    It was Jerry irvine.

  33. The Diva says:

    The key word from the DOD is “unexplained”. The _DOD_ didn’t see anything “unexplained”, because they know what it is. They just don’t feel like “explaining” it. Ironically, the only reason this sighting is of such interest is because of the mystery surrounding it. The thing itself does not seem to be that interesting–we in SoCal see contrails and test flights of all kinds regularly. But to suggest that something is being kept from us–that’ll get the newscritters salivating and the newswatchers peeing their pants.

  34. Mike says:

    I grew up in Florida and watched every missile and rocket launched from the Cape and off shore from subs. That was NOT a contrail. It IS the exhaust from a solid fuel rocket. Period. Now whose rocket or missile….they’ll probably never tell us.

    1. James Hall says:

      san nicolas island, naval wpns test facility

  35. James Hall says:

    Are there any journalists that work here?
    San Nicolas Island was one of eight candidate sites to detonate the first atomic bomb when White Sands Proving Ground was selected for the Trinity (nuclear test).[3] Between 1957 and 1973, and in 2004 and 2010, U.S. military research rockets were launched from San Nicolas Island. The launchpad was situated at 33°15′N 119°30′W / 33.25°N 119.5°W / 33.25; -119.5Coordinates: 33°15′N 119°30′W / 33.25°N 119.5°W / 33.25; -119.5. It remains part of the Pacific Missile Range.

    1. PeteF says:

      I used google earth to approximate the position of where the video was shot (I recognized it from frequently flying over the LA harbor and living in the area) and ran a line straight to the contrail. It exactly intersects San Nicolas island. No question about it.

  36. Bobbie says:

    This is not the first time my family and I have scene this view from our South Shores area. This kind of “view” takes place once every 2 months or so.

  37. Bob says:

    Dang, you guys are good!

    I launched the missile from my fishing boat, thinking that nobody would notice. I guess I can’t get anything past you guys. Sheesh!!!

  38. Felix Unger II says:

    It’s was George Noory!!! Hopefully it was a one-way ticket!!!!!!

  39. mister s says:

    Your all wrong. It was clearly a publicity stunt by a movie studio. Look for more hijinx in the days to come. Mighty Mouse 3-D will be epic!!

  40. PeteF says:

    I don’t know why the news media hasn’t used their brains but this video was shot over the LA harbor looking across Pt. Fermin. If you draw a line from where it was shot, across Pt. Fermin and over the horizon, you intersect San Nicolas island. In fact, you hit it dead center. San Nicolas is a Navy missile testing facility.

    For whatever reason the government doesn’t want you to know about it but the contrail comes from San Nicolas.

  41. jacik rivera A&P mechanic says:

    que no se acuerdan que hace mas de 2 semanas USAF perdio comunicacion del 11% del arcenal nuclear? si la FAA no pudo asegurar que eso era un avion comercial y el pentagono no pudo explicar como? o quien lanzo ese misisl? entonses se los dejo de tarea y utilicen su cerebro no sean tan infantiles esto es serio!!!!
    you guys dont remember that the USAF lost communication with 11% of tha nuclear missiles? this uissue was cause of that!!! dont be childs think about it

  42. Pete F says:

    Of course the fact the FAA put out a notice to airmen about it should have been the first clue:


  43. Ismael Koehler says:

    This “event” has the smell Ruskies all over it…

  44. Big Rick says:

    That alert is for today. This happened yesterday.

  45. Sergio says:

    Well u all think what u want…its a start of something big! Look 12 22 2012 is rapidly coming up. We have been told that this is our end(who’s 2 say) now…. could it be 4 a new world order 2 begin? Who ever tested whatever was shot into the sky was a test and probably will b used again! What ever the case maybe….dont belive every thing u see and hear especialy in the sky. And how ironic no one on the planet is saying they shot it! Whether its a cover up of a big mistake or a plot of something 2 start…u decide?! Who’s 2 say…..

  46. Rob B says:

    Add this to the January incident over eastern Canada. In the picture (seen in link) you can clearly see the missile and never heard the explanation. Just like the US officials, the Canadian government and authorities just waited until nobody asked questions anymore.


  47. Melvin Ahab says:

    The launch squence wnt well, the countdown flawless, the sub hovered just below the surface and it’s periscope was up, nearby the oberver sub was also hovering and all it’s sensors running and recording the pre launch sequnces. The hatch atop the missle blew back with a resounding clang as the missle circuits activated the launch. The Trident blew to the surface with the expanding bubble of launch gases and popped above the surface as it’s solid engines burst forth with exhaust gases and lifted the Trident slowly above the waves the gyr’s canting the missle immediatly to the right angle and it climbed up into the evening sky…..

    Below all hell broke loose aboard the submarine. This was a test launch to be aborted at moment of launch, not an actual launch. The Silo area was damaged as were the missle crews in the silo area as they were not expecting an actual launch either. The Captain’s blooddrained from his face and fear vertook him, his career over, how in the hell will he explain this?? The missles weapons were not active and the abort system entirely functional.. He ordered the launch control officer to ready the abort system.

    He ordered emergency surface, as the tns of water in the silo now dbalanced the subs hover as it was unexpected. Nearby the observer sub’s captain was astounded as the missle burst to he surface and lifted away. He quickly ordered his crew to target the sub as he was unsure as to why ithad actually fired.

    All hell broke loos in the battle group, the carier heelled over as she was accelerated away from the launch area. The attack sub off its stern instantly swang in an arc towards the launching sub. The Arleigh Burke locked onto the ascending missle with its AEGIS system and Phalanx anti air systems all swung into targeting the ascending missle.

    I am wondering what is any of the above is true….

  48. Corey says:

    VFW -American legion member. I’ve lived in Moorpark most my life, I’ve herd jets all my life fly into naval base Ventura county the same amount of time. Herd a jet fly from east to west after the “launch”, if they don’t know what it was they were looking for it.

  49. Natalia says:

    It’s an alien ship, who had to leave because of the bad recent US election results.. UFO’s don’t like the “new day…morning in America” schtick, but didn’t think we’d be as stupid as we were and that Repubs would rout the public so much, so they hadn’t gotten provisions (granola bars, H fuel, water) together in advance…It took about a week to get ready to quit this planet.

  50. whoosh says:

    pulses in that trail. new propulsion

  51. Chris S.. says:

    OBVIOUSLY the Duchy of Grand Fenwick now has an attack sub AND a missle capable of delivering a Q-bomb. SAVE THE BOLOBINKS!

  52. Nate B. says:


    read this ^, and then try to convince people that it was some simple airplane contrail. yeah right.

    the location of where the apparent “airplane contrail” was seen, is located in an area called the “San Nicolas Island – Naval Testing Facility”. Where they also launch ICBM’s and Satellites. They have a 10,000 foot runway for some of the top of the line aircrraft, and they’re FAA certified and have great radar. And you’re telling me that the government, Faa, navy, air force, pentagon, etc. couldn’t pinpoint and find an exact explanation for it right away? they couldn’t because it wasn’t just a plane contrail. it was that of a missile

  53. avlisk says:

    And flight 800 had a spark in its center fuel tank. Hey, did anyone interview the guys in the copter? They could tell us how fast and what angle the darned thing was travelling and if it was unusual to them. After all, they are up there every day at that time and have some perspective as to what is common and what isn’t.

  54. not stupid says:

    the choper pilots said it was a missile that took off from the ocean surface 35 mi off the coast why would anyone believe anything different ? Oh yes I’m a pilot too and I have seen many a contrail and this is definately a contrail…a contrail from a missle that is!

  55. Agent Mulder says:

    It was s stinger missile fired by a terrorist group /cell working in southern california (Al-Qaeda?).They were testing their weapons for a future plane strike.

  56. evrli says:

    i live in San Luis Obispo cty a good 4hrs north ofLA (san nicholas island may be more) i was out tues morn, it was around 10/1015am i went outside and saw the vapor trail just as clear as it just happened, how can this be if this happened in LA area on mon nite? if it wasnt shot off the island then it came from a sub, either way something is being covered up…again…isnt that what our great government does?

  57. evrli says:

    also…a few months back in Morro Bay Calif,(close to where i live) the gov was “dropping” a capsule in our waters just outside Morro Bay , testing for a future drop site for NASA, was a really big deal for a little town….

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