LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal officials say they have arrested three former Marines for selling illegal assault weapons to a Los Angeles street gang.

The arrests were announced Tuesday, a week after a Navy SEAL in San Diego and two others were charged with smuggling machine guns from Iraq for sale on the black market.

Authorities say Adam Gitschlag, the suspected ringleader among the former Marines, was arrested Nov. 2 at his Orange County home.

Investigative documents obtained by The Associated Press state that Gitschlag oversaw the sale of two cases containing firearms. The weapons included an AK-47, two Russian and Romanian variants of the weapon and two other semiautomatic rifles.

Gitschlag denies the accusations, calling himself a patriot.

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  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    The illegal importation of fully automatic weapons as well as explosives has gone on from the First World War to the present.

    No one can place the exact number of fully automatic weapons that have entered into this country, however some in our federal law enforcement believe that hundreds of thousands of unregistered
    machine guns are in the possession of private individuals within the United States and that a large amount of explosives (that includes a variety of hand grenades,anti-tank rockets, mortars,anti-personnel mines of various types, blasting caps and ignition devices of various makes and sizes) are also being kept by people.

    A lot of military veterans, especially those who served in various combat zones know of someone who has brought back to the United States war trophies that included the items I have mentioned and on occasion the authorities learn about these only when the war veteran dies, then usually someone from their family turns this stuff over to the authorities for proper disposal.

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