LOS ANGELES (CBS) — You know its truly fall when daylight-saving time ends.

Daylight-saving time ends Sunday, when California “falls back” one hour at 2 a.m. and the state’s residents earn an extra hour of sleep – unless you have a baby who probably didn’t get the memo about the extra sleep.

Public safety officials say the time to “fall back” is an opportunity for residents to change batteries in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and evacuation flashlights and make other emergency precautions.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle Reports

Daylight-saving time was officially adopted by the United States in 1966, when Congress passed the Uniform Time Act. However, the law does not require any area to observe daylight-saving time, which is the practice of adjusting clocks so that there is extra afternoon daylight during the summer.

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Comments (12)
  1. Moe says:

    I don’t get it, what does changing batteries in smoke detectors and flashlights for emergency have to do with an extra hour of sleep? Do safety officials know something we don’t? iI don’t get it!

    1. ted w says:

      By using the change from daylight savings time to change your batteries they will get changed regularly! Else you might forget when you changed them last and when needed they wouldn’t work!

      1. Moe says:

        lol thanks ted

  2. mister s says:

    That one wall clock of mine will finally be right.

  3. nanc says:

    sooo if you go in to work at 1pm do you go in at 1pm before the time change or 1pm after the time change? and do you loose an hour of pay???

  4. GabachoMike says:

    We should do this the other way:

    Spring FORWARD in the Fall – during the months that are NATURALLY shorter, daylight-wise.
    It’s depressing to wake up, go to work AND get off work…all in the dark.

    No wonder suicides are higher in the Fall/Winter months.

  5. Dave says:

    Hey, good morning to you, Moe, ted and mister s. Moe that’s funny yo. I’m stupid and i figured it out right away. So sweet of those nice folks to try n’ get us into, at least a yearly habit of checking out our, battery run items. Wow, i am excited aren’t you?

    Am i clowning? You bet i am. ted got it alright too. mister s,, i don’t know if that is, Mr. S- or misters..See i need help. You people take care..Peace!!

  6. concon says:

    The whole Daylight Savings Time thing needs to be discontinued!

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