Downtown Los Angeles (CBS 2) — Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan volunteered to spend the night with the homeless Saturday in an attempt to demonstrate an innovative new mobile shelter.

It’s called an EDAR, which stands for “Everyone Deserves A Roof.” Each EDAR is a four-wheeled mobile unit which carries belongings and facilitates recycling during the day and which unfolds into a special, framed tent-like sleeping enclosure with a bed at night.

For just $500 a homeless person can get off the streets and sleep comfortably and securely.

Donations can be made in any amount at Everyone Deserves A Roof.

Comments (2)
  1. Pamela Hawley says:

    What a great idea! It’s economical, it’s a home, it’s mobile. But most importantly it has dignity! Great idea!

    Pamela Hawley
    Founder and CEO
    Living and Giving

  2. robert terry says:

    I am homeless, 54 years old, and have been homeless most of my life. I am also currently living in, and yes, typing this up in an EDAR. EDARs have utility. There is no such thing as dignity on the streets. At least they are warm, dry, movable (please make a version with much larger wheels). But the military cammo look has never been said to be one of dignity. PS Thank you for the EDAR. Keep up the good work.