LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It’s the surefire way to keep your ice from becoming hot.

Police suggest you get your diamonds inscribed by laser…this way they can always be traced back to you in case they are stolen.

Two labs in downtown Los Angeles specialize in the technique.

International Gemological Institute
550 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

European Gemological Laboratories
550 South Hill St. Suite 840
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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  1. julesrab says:

    This is a good thing to do, but you should also showcase the other side of the coin, where people sell their diamond and use a CX replacement, then later go to the police or their insurance company and swear their diamod was switched, or in one of my cases, an attorney had a wedding set made with a CZ center stone and tried to get me to issue a sales slip with the stone described as a Diamond, so his girlfriend would not know…Oh yes, there are tons of stories about Nice People trying to rip the jeweler, but you never show that side

  2. Howard says:

    I viewed the report on laser engraving diamonds and it was very informative. The person from Robbins Brothers though is miss informed about the switching of diamonds. I am a graduate gemologist, certified gemologist, and a platinumsmith. I have been creating and repairing jewelry for the past 33 years. My specialty is antique reproductions. My experience with switched diamonds is when a customer comes into my store to have there jewelry repaired and they tell me the story about how they took there diamond ring to a jeweler and when they got the ring back there was a large black carbon spot that was not there when she dropped it off. I am not saying the diamond switching does not happen but most of the time it is because the jeweler did not clean the ring enough and when they heated it up the dirt on the back of the diamond turns to carbon and adheres to the back of the diamond and it looks like it is inside of the diamond. There is only two ways to remove the burned on carbon. One is to remove the diamond from the setting and polish the carbon off and the other is to put the jewelry in an acid such as muiatic or sufiric but this may hurt the metal and it may not remove all of the carbon..

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