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God bless 7-Eleven. You have to admire a company that makes lemonade out of lemons; or better still, makes Slurpees, out of… ‘red’. For a while now, 7-Eleven has endured President Obama’s less-than-flattering references to Republican lawmakers “sipping on a Slurpee,” while he tried to fix the nation’s economy.   

But in this week’s midterm elections, much of the nation (though not California)  has shown it’s OK with Republicans. So at his first news conference after the elections, the President showed he’s OK with Slurpees. Speaking of a “Slurpee Summit” with GOP lawmakers, he said “I might serve a Slurpee. It’s … uh … they’re  delicious drinks.” It’s the first presidential endorsement of this kind, I can recall. Earlier, the White House asked the outdoor clothing manufacturer Weatherproof to take down a Times Square billboard, showing the prez wearing one of its jackets. That was then….

For its part, 7-Eleven says this is the biggest thing for Slurpees since the introduction of ‘blue.’ I made that last part up. But sales apparently are up. I’m not sure why that would be, but … whatever. 7-Eleven says it’s willing to provide Slurpees to any presidential summit.

Will an icy, headache-inducing sugar-water lead to a more harmonious mood in Washington?  –Have you ever seen the result, when you try to mix red and blue Slurpees?

(Photo credit: AP)

  1. Alex says:

    So, can we expect him to become a paid spokesman once he’s out of office? I don’t think any ex-prez could convince me to eat a “chalupa.” “Yes we can – get a 20-piece bucket of chicken for just $11.99”?

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