Who needs the midterm elections, when there's so much else to get angry over?By Kent Shocknek

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The President’s trip to India involves taking 40 — count ’em, 40– aircraft, carrying  some 3-thousand people. Really?  Really?  The Press Trust of India reports the trip will cost $200-million dollars. That’s about 65-cents for every, single American. Maybe not a lot, but then I bet I have to pay for some of those moochin’ 2-year-olds who won’t pony up their share. You will, too. So let’s call 65-cents, a starting point.

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The Associated Press is reporting that in Southern Spain, a baby has been born… to a 10-year-old girl. The girl’s mother is Romanian, and apparently says giving birth at that age is “common” in her homeland. Oh good. The baby’s father is also a minor.  Great.

My favorite Big-Brother rant: a new speed camera also is designed to detect whether drivers’ registrations and insurance are up to date. And whether drivers are wearing their seatbelts. Of course, you’ll be fined if you’re not doing everything right. And of course it’s in England, the home of  government-approved voyeurism.

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Finally, a driver wearing a breathalyzer Halloween costume was pulled over for… wait for it, wait for it… suspicion of drunk driving. The cops say his blood-alcohol level was twice Nebraska’s legal limit of .08. That is, it would have been twice the legal limit, if he was old enough to drink. But no, our dynamic young go-getter just celebrated his 19th birthday. Way to go, champ.