INGLEWOOD (AP) — Inglewood will pay $750,000 for the police shooting of a postal worker two years ago.

A federal judge on Monday approved the settlement for the 13-year-old daughter of Kevin Wicks. Coupled with an earlier suit, the city has now agreed to pay $1.25 million.

Police say Wicks was shot in July 2008 when officers answering a report of a couple fighting knocked on his door and he answered with a gun in his hand.

Attorneys for the family said the gun wasn’t loaded.

The shooting sparked protests because the officer who fired was involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed man two months earlier — a case that led to $2.45 million in lawsuit payouts.

Lt. Oscar Serrano tells the Los Angeles Times that the officer is no longer with the department.

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  1. Mike says:

    Crazy, the guy answers the door with a GUN IN HIS HAND. Who cares if the gun was loaded or not. How are the police suppose to know if the gun was loaded or not? It’s people like this that are destroying this country, right along with their POS attorney.

  2. Bob says:

    I suppose the police should have known the gun wasn’t loaded. Wow what do we pay these guys for. You think they could have done a jackie chan disarm or something. Why didn’t they police just not respond to the radio call. That would have saved the city a ton of money,

  3. JOHN says:

    You don’t have the right to shoot people just because they have a gun. Period.
    You also don’t have the right to find fault in the man answering the door with a gun in his hand if you are that person that passionately believes in our right to bear arms.
    The police depts throughout the country are out of control. Never mind the ‘terrorits’. Worry about the police. They are here the terrorists aren’t.

    The police departments in America are out of control.

    1. D417 says:

      Are you KIDDING??? More cops are killed responding to domestic violence calls than any other incident. What was the guy doing with a gun in his hand during the fight? What was that leading to? How do you know he wasnt about to load it and murder his wife? Take away an officer’s right to defend themselves and others and good luck finding anyone who will do the job. It’s a miracle anyone wants to be a cop in today’s society in the first place.

    2. vudu says:

      Police can’t be expected to wait until the suspect points the weapon at them, then it’s too late to react. This idiot was stupid enough to answer the door with a weapon visible in his hand. He must have known te cops were on the other side, he has a peephole. Cops were doing their job, good for them.

  4. Bomba says:

    The fight was not at his house. The cops were banging on the wrong door at the wrong address. If someone was banging on your door in the middle of the night in Inglewood you might answer the door with a gun as well. It’s not like the cops were standing under the porch light ringing the door bell. They stand out of the line of fire (line of sight) and bang on the door. If you see people hiding in the shadows while banging on your door and you are concerned about your sleeping family you might go to the door with some sort of protection yourself

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