LOS ANGELES (AP) — A polling watchdog group says about two dozen Los Angeles residents have received Spanish-language robocalls and mailers instructing them to vote a day after Election Day.

Election Protection said Tuesday that the Hispanic voters received phone calls and printed reminders telling them to vote on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Language Problems At Polling Places: KNX 1070’s Kim Marriner Reports

The group’s Los Angeles hotline director Kathay Feng says U.S. Justice Department officials are investigating the complaints.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dennis Mitchell, who is overseeing voting-related claims for Southern California, says he is unable to comment on any complaints he has fielded.

Effort Underway To Ban Robocalls: Shaun Dakin of StopPoliticalCalls.org Joins KNX 1070’s Tom Haule

Feng did not know when the phone messages and mailers were received, but believed most had come since Monday morning.

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Comments (12)
  1. swhit says:

    I guess that’s what you get for not learning the language!

    1. Jean B says:

      Be proud! You get the “dumbest comment” award.

  2. James W. says:

    Viva Mexico!! Viva 32D’s!! 😀

  3. raresaturn says:

    What’s with the giant crucifix at a polling booth?

  4. The Brainiac says:

    The language being Native American right “swhit”? African American and Mexican American minorities becoming the majority is inevitable, face it like a man or keep complaining like a b****. Hmmm looks like the republicants aren’t as confident after all, descending to this level. El Futuro Es Nuestro.

  5. enterusename says:

    US DOJ will trace the calls back to eMeg’s supporters.


    OMG, Brainiac. Surely these folks know what day to go to the polls. They’re not that dumb, right? It’s been the first Tuesday in November for HOW LONG? Oh, wait. You’re the guy who wants the revolution? Oops. And no, the past is yours. Dwell on it…

  7. The Brainiac says:

    “OMG”? You’re how old? I think you forgot “like” in front of OMG. Surely you’re not trying to ignore the pathetic attempt by republicants to deceive Spanish-speaking voters and are actually trying to imply that ‘these folks” are the dumb ones, are you? Or are you that pathetic and dumb? Even though your weak mind wants to believe I’m a “Revolution Nut” that’s not reality, is it? You’re scared of the truth. Take some courses in American History, Political Science, Economics, and Ethics, and “dwell” on the truth. “HERE HE GOES AGAIN” is an obvious sign of you fearing a potential repercussion.

  8. Robert (Voter) says:

    I went to vote at 6PM today at: Lancaster High School, 44701 32nd Street West, Lancaster, CA 93536
    I gave my ballet to Mary the Poll Worker and she put my ballet under the voting machine in a box.
    I ask her why? She said the Voting Machine is Jammed with another card. I asked her if I could try to pull it out with some needle nose and she said yes. I went and got my needle nose out of the car and pulled the card out of the machine.
    The machines light turned Green again. There was someone in line ready to give Mary her ballet. But Mary put the bent-up card I took out of the machine, back into the machine. The machine immediately jammed up again. I asked her why she did that? Mary said we have to. I thought why didn’t she put the bent card in the box like she did with my and many others ballets? Then she said “SHE” was going to count all the ballets in the box after the polls close. Clearly there is some FRAUD going on here. I reported it to the Secretary of State office (800-345-8683). I truly don’t think our votes will be counted! Could you send someone tonight to investigate this Voting Fraud?

  9. hi says:

    Robert, 1-866-OUR-VOTE is the Election Protection hotline for problems like that.

  10. Mister S says:

    2 dozen? Who cares? If the election were to get that close then go back and ask them to vote.

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