LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two doctors and a clinic owner have been charged in Los Angeles with a multi-million-dollar scheme to recruit mentally ill homeless patients for unnecessary treatments.

The city attorney’s office has also charged another four clinic employees in the scam that bilked Medicare and Medi-Cal out of $5 million.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper Reports

Prosecutors say patients were brought in to RSB Medical Group for abdominal ultrasounds and received $100. The clinic allegedly charged the federal programs up to $1,000 per doctor for between 30 and 50 patients daily from December 2009 and June.

Drs. Rodney Barron and Eleanor Arthur were arrested Friday and are being held on $500,000 bail.

Clinic owner Artur Vic Manasarian and the others are charged with conspiracy and taking illegal kickbacks.

A message left at the clinic was not immediately returned.

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Comments (8)
  1. Bob Henning says:

    Another wonderfull story. Ever notice anything involving Medicare, Medicade Fraud Insurance Fraud the Main Character of the Story is always some Nasty Criminal Have never worked a day in their ENTIRE DISGUSTING LIVES, Armenian. Armenians are Swine.

    1. andre says:

      bob, there is not enough room for me to list of all the things your american people have done to this country with all the scams and frauds. your own government has bankrupt this country and put half the population into poverty. so dont start with the racial comments.

      1. Alan Hart says:

        Armenia is a country, not a race.

    2. Jimbob says:

      The name “Henning” is of German origin. By your rationale, if Armenians who are money-grubbing crooks results in one painting their entire race as “swine”, that means Germans are nothing less than actively evil and preening, narcissistic murderers of men, women, and children. Right? A quick guess: Bob here, if a German citizen in 1942, would have been sweeping through Eastern Europe with his brothers in the SS, Glock in hand, cackling as he put a bullet through the head of one 4 year old ethnic minority after another…)

      1. Jimbob says:

        by the way, I love to see “Your comment is awaiting moderation” after I submitted my above post. What can NOT be said here if Bob’s passed muster?

  2. Zack says:

    There are many Armenians who work very honestly and hard to support their families; actions of the few should not be generalized to the entire ethnicity. Moreover, the comment by Bob Henning was a bias statement fueled by hate because it failed to recognized that the two doctors responsible who had allowed their licenses to be used were not of Armenian descent.

    1. Nanore says:

      Thank you so much Zack for your great response to Bob Henning.

  3. armen says:

    Bob I would be greatly offended If I thought you anyone other than the racist, white hooded, robe wearing Moron you seem to be. Kindly put your head back up your ass, where it usually rests and stop spewing ignorant remarks like you made about Armenians. The Thousands of hard Armenians that help pay for your Unemployment and Welfare chekcs take great disgust in your existence.

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