LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
employees face criminal charges stemming from a six-year scheme that defrauded the utility of millions of dollars.

Deputy District Attorney Gary Nielsen told the Los Angeles Times Thursday that Anthony Carone and Akbar Farooni are charged with using DWP purchasing cards to buy $3 million in goods for the utility and resell them to the DWP at inflated prices through dummy companies Carone set up.

Nielsen said the men pocketed the difference from 2003 to 2009.

They were charged with four felonies: misappropriation of public funds, conflict of interest and two conspiracy counts.

Another man, Troy Holt, who allegedly sold $1.4 million worth of goods to the DWP through his company, was also charged.

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  1. hunny says:

    the entire dwp is corrupt. 6 months ago the dwp blew up all the electronics on the entire block with a powe surge. a ‘mistake’ the employee admitted. they now owe the neighborhood thousands of dollars to replace everything they ruined. whenever anyone calls they say they are ‘investigating the claim’ and nothing more. our dwp bills have gone up about 30% since this happened. we have virtually shut down most of the 2000 sq ft home and stay in our rooms and in the dark because we cant afford the bill. especially after we spent nearlt 10 thousand to replace the necessities they destroyed. public utilities say they cant help and we cant afford attorneys. it seems no one can help us and we have all been severly ripped off and lied to by the dwp and no one cares.

    1. Mel Gibson says:

      If’s that’s true some attorney will take your case on contingency

  2. Richard Nieto says:

    Please no plea bargaining for these CRIMINALS & use their retirement fund to pay back money they STOLE

  3. Vote on Tuesday says:

    Brown is the AG and we get nothing, Meg says she’ll send in the Grand Jury. DWP, Bell, Maywood, Vernon, Calpers fund, this will all stop when We The People form the Grand Jury and start passing out indictments like they are parking tickets for the every piece of corruption we find. Time to clean house. Go vote!

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