LOS ANGELES (AP) — A state audit says the agency in charge of a proposed $43-billion bullet train linking San Francisco and Los Angeles paid nearly $3 1/2 million in bills without getting adequate documentation.

The Los Angeles Times says the state inspector general reviewed more than $9 million in payments and found problems with 38 percent of them.

The audit released Wednesday also found that the California High-Speed Rail Authority had other questionable expenses, including $700,000 for a consultant who doesn’t work for the project.

Another state audit earlier this year also concluded that the rail authority failed to properly track expenses, including $4 million worth of contract work.

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Comments (2)
  1. Alan Hart says:

    As Senator Everett Durkson once said “A million here, a million there, after awhile it adds up to some real money.”

  2. GC1008 says:

    Accounting 101… for that, whoever is overseeing the project should be fired.

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