LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Men, brace yourselves for some cold, hard facts: some women just don’t care if you are lousy in bed.

Societal Norms May Not Define Sexual Dysfunction: Psychology expert Kyle Stephenson joins KFWB’s Maggie McKay

According to new research, while one in three women suffer some kind of sexual dysfunction,
10 percent of them aren’t worried about it. The the author of the study, Kyle Stephenson, a University of Texas at Austin doctoral candidate in psychology, says sex simply isn’t the central focus that it is for most men.

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Comments (6)
  1. Women shrug off lousy sex. And in a related story, men shrug off rejection.

  2. Osborn says:

    One in three are maybe not worth the time of day.
    Good thing men drink too much.
    Or they would have no activity to complain about !

  3. zwebwolf says:

    Crummy sex, what a way to put it. make men look like dogs, also if your a rich guy a girl is gonna lie about having a bad time anyway. If you are bad in bed the girl is gonna walk, also the person who wrote this must be a disgruntled female! so go find your rich prince charming while sitting at your cubical and thinkin about your misrable life.

  4. C says:

    Life is too short for crummy sex!

    1. Mariscal says:

      Part of the problem, if there is a problem, is lack of honesty. If either partner isn’t getting what they need out of the relationship, they need to communicate that to the other. Getting what you need of each other comes from the ability to talk about these kinds of personal issues. When the issues are fully understood, then they can be addressed and eventually resolved. Don’t leave it to guesswork.

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