SACRAMENTO (AP) — A new poll shows a ballot initiative that would suspend California’s greenhouse gas emissions law losing support.

A University of Southern California-Los Angeles Times poll released Monday shows 48 percent of likely voters oppose Proposition 23, compared to 32 percent who support it. Nearly one in five voters remains undecided.

Last month, the same poll showed 40 percent of likely voters favored the initiative with 38 percent opposed.

The Nov. 2 ballot initiative would delay greenhouse gas regulations until California’s unemployment rate, now at 12.4 percent, falls to 5.5 percent and stays there for a year. It is being funded by out-of-state oil companies.

The poll surveyed 922 likely voters by telephone from Oct. 13 to Oct. 20 and has a sampling error margin of 3.2 percentage points.

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Comments (2)
  1. Alan Hart says:

    If you want to pay upward of $6.00/gallon of gasoline, vote against Prop 23. California wants to lead the nation in the global warming issue even when it has been proven false. The earth has weather cycles that have nothing to do with humans. The ice age began before humans inhabited the earth. Who would you blame if it started again?
    The gas price is only a small portion of what will happen. You will probably loose your job because your company will leave the state.

  2. vudu says:

    Id rather have cleaner air to breathe and pay the extra gas cost. Ill be voting no on this one. The part they added about the prop staying in effect until unemployment is below 5.5%……. what a joke. They might as well have said forever.

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