LOS ANGELES (AP) — Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian has agreed to pay more than $10 million in back child support plus $100,000 a month for a child his ex-wife admits is not his biological daughter.

Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, who was married briefly to the MGM mogul after a long relationship, has said she faked a DNA test to show that her daughter was Kirkorian’s offspring. She said the biological father is Hollywood movie producer Stephen Bing.

Michael Trope, the attorney for the ex-wife, filed the settlement Friday in Angeles Superior Court. He declined to comment.

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  1. Alan Hart says:

    Mr. Kerkorian is a true gentleman. He knew this child wasn’t his but he wanted to give her a good life. Unfortunately, the lesson she will probably learn is that she can get what she wants by lying, like her mother. The money should be placed in a trust with an independent trustee to dole out the cash. That way, Mom doesn’t get her hands on any of it.

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