VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE (AP) — The victim of a fatal shark attack at a beach northwest of Los Angeles cried out to his friend for help as the shark flashed out of the water with no warning, bit into his leg and pulled him under in a tide of red blood, the friend said Friday.

Matthew Garcia was two feet away from his friend, 19-year-old Lucas Ransom, when the shark attacked with no warning, he said. The whole attack lasted seconds.

“When the shark hit him, he just said, ‘Help me, dude!’ He knew what was going on,” Garcia told the AP. “It was really fast. You just saw a red wave and this water is blue — as blue as it could ever be — and it was just red, the whole wave. Even the barrel was red.”

As huge waves broke over his head, Garcia tried to find his friend in the surf but couldn’t. He decided to get help, but turned around once more as he was swimming to shore and saw Ransom’s red body board pop up. Garcia swam to his friend and did chest compressions as he brought him to shore.

Ransom already appeared dead and his leg was mauled, he said.

“He was just floating in the water. I flipped him over on his back and underhooked his arms. I was pressing on his chest and doing rescue breathing in the water,” Garcia said. “He was just kind of lifeless, just dead weight.”

The University of California, Santa Barbara, junior had a severe wound to his left leg and died a short time later at Surf Beach, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens Reports

The beach, 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles, is on the property of Vandenberg Air Force Base but is open to the public.

Sheriff’s deputies patrolled the coastline to search for Ransom’s missing leg but were only able to recover the boogie board, which had a 1-foot segment on the side bitten off.

Federal and state Fish and Game officials were working to identify the type of shark that attacked Ransom.

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  1. Kay says:

    Ca you believe the spelled border boarder?

    What the Chuck is going on here?

    1. steve says:

      thats all you can say after a young man died. get a life

  2. Bill Jones says:

    It *is* “boarder”. Stop sniffing glue.

  3. Judy says:

    that is actually the correct spelling for that word in that sentence. ‘Border’ is a part or edge, wall that separates one side from the other. Boarder as they used it was meant because he was riding a surfboard-he was on a board.

  4. Mike says:

    Yes I can, Boarder, as in Body Boarder, not Border as in the Mexico California Border. Who is Chuck?

    1. Susan says:

      Seriously guys! You are worried about the spelling in this story!! Get a clue! A young man died a horrible death; his family is grieving his loss and you’re worried about the spelling! I pray the Lord’s love and comfort over this family.

  5. anthony-a says:

    Everybody missed the message, some one died people, and all you guy’s care about is the spelling.

  6. Judy says:

    you are right anthony-a. That poor person’s family……..=( I am sorry

  7. anthony-a says:

    Thank you Judy. I’m sure they will like your kind words.

  8. Dave says:

    Its not a attack! Were in their territory.Can’t blame the shark

  9. Louis says:

    Right Now I am watching a program on National Geographic, guess what they are talking about? “SHARK ATTACKS” California Coast is a area on the coast specialy where Seals and Sea Lions migrate and sharks come around looking for food. Guess what this is not the first time that this has happen, and if you know that they are out their in the Ocean, why do you jeorpadize yourself playing the Lottery with your life, knowing that its a possibility that a Shark Attack can happen. IIt comes a time where common sense needs to sink in, instead of pure fun and enjoyment. That is like saying I am not going to wear a seat belt, because the odds of me getting in a car accident is little to none. All I can say about this is “OH WELL” This is not the first time that it has happen, and it definetly is not the first time that sharks have been sited on the California Coast.

  10. hard lesson says:


  11. BikeRider says:

    I guess you could say these two guys were… CHUMS…

    1. vudu says:

      Jokes like this are disrespectful to the dead……. but FUNNY! Nice word play there. Lol. They were in shark territory but considering how rare attacks on humans are, I cant fault the victim for this one. It would be like saying someone who was struck by lightning has only themselves to blame because they walked outside in bad weather.

  12. Brooke says:

    can u guys really stop talking about spelling. I knew lucas okay he was on my swimteam and i dodnt really think he would apperciate u people talking about spelling on a page dedicated to his death

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