SHERMAN OAKS (CBS) — Police Tuesday evening announced the arrest of a female suspect in a deadly hit-and-run accident that occured in Sherman Oaks earlier in the day.

A Notre Dame High School student was killed while jogging near the intersection of Woodman Avenue and Addison Street, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Sara Faden.

The student was identified as 16-year-old Conor Lynch, a junior.

A taped message on the school’s phone asked the community for prayers for the victim’s family. “The energy of the entire Notre Dame community is focused on helping the family through this difficult time. We encourage your prayers.”

The student was reportedly hit by a woman driving a burgundy SUV. Late Tuesday, the woman was identified by police as Moran Biton, 18, of Sherman Oaks.

Police say Biton left the scene but eventually pulled over to tell an officer, “I think I hit someone.”

Lynch died at the scene.

The SUV is being examined for trace evidence, according to the LAPD.

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Comments (37)
  1. juli says:

    so sad~ he could of prevent a accident if he hasn’t cross the street~

    1. julia says:

      he was running for cross country practice at a crosswalk.

    2. J.P. says:

      So you’re blaming the student without knowing what happened? Do not pass judgment if you don’t know the facts. By the way, you mean to say “he could *have prevented an* accident if he *hadn’t crossed* the street”.

  2. Gehr says:

    so sad – if SUV owners would just pay attention to the task at hand they would realize when they hit & ran over another human being & might stop to take a look. Hands free? How about put the portable electronic devices away when you commandeer a 5,000 pound bullet?

    1. J.P. says:

      How about put the portable electronic devices away when you commandeer ANY AUTOMOBILE of any size? This type of accident is not exclusive to SUV drivers.

  3. FFL says:

    Most LARGE SUV drivers are completely in their own worlds when driving their unnecessarily OVER LARGE pieces of metal! Most don’t pay attention to anything around them much less pedestrians. They seem to be in their own little mind set.

  4. juli says:

    I always look both ways even though it’s safe to cross the street. not many drivers are friendly. i almost got hit by a car very often.

  5. lklonthehill says:

    He was an adorable junior student at Notre Dame High. He will be greatly missed. I pray for his poor mother and family.

  6. Jane says:

    wear yellow tomorrow to support Conor’s family and friends!
    Facebook page in honor of Conor.

  7. Flymom says:

    My condolences to Conor’s family. My son knew Conor just from walking around campus. He was a friendly, funny and talented kid. All of us in the Notre Dame community and beyond will miss him very much.

  8. Karen says:

    May Conor be guided gently to the other side; forever with Jesus. May His love and peace be with Conor Lynch’s family as they try to grasp and accept the devastating reality. May their love for Conor, and the life that was taken too soon, bring wonderful memories to sustain this family during their grief. God bless the Lynch family.

  9. Todd says:

    Female SUV drivers are the absolute WORST. In my experience, they routinely speed, and have no concept of how to operate a turn signal or stop at a stop sign. She THINKS she hit someone? Are you a complete moron? Hitting someone with your car is something you would notice.

  10. Oscar says:

    These people in suv drive like they own the road!!!!!!!no respect for others.

    1. Oscar, that’s how nearly everyone in LA drives!!!

  11. Al says:

    SUV`s are bully vehicles.People buy them because “they” want to feel safe but they cause great damage and deadth!! Feel very sorry for the young student and his family!!

    1. J.P. says:

      Please don’t make blanket statements about SUV drivers. I own a large crossover SUV and I make it a point to drive defensively and responsibly. My SUV does have good safety features but I bought it because I like driving people around and I also transport equipment often…NOT to “bully” other drivers or even pedestrians. Automobiles of ALL types can cause “great damage and death” if in the hands of irresponsible, inconsiderate and/or aggressive drivers.

  12. TAS says:

    May the angels walk with you to your savior where there would be no more race to win, but rest on the saviors arms, Amen. And may God in His infinite wisdom and consolation give your family the strenght to move on.
    Rest in peace Connor.

  13. Javier says:

    So sad for the family, I also lost my 19 years old son 2 years ago by a street racer with no future in his life, driving parents mercedes at 100mph, he not only killed my son, but a 9 months pregnant girl and her 16 year old sister, according to his own words was talking to his friend on his cell phone, I live close to this intersection where Conor was killed, I bet you she didn´t even see him crossing legally at a crosswalk, I always stop for the students, knowing my daughter is in high school also, but she was probably speeding and on her cell.
    My prayers for the Lynch Family, from a parent who feels their pain!

    1. KW says:

      He was crossing illegally in the middle of the street, jogging across.

  14. Voice of Reason says:

    The driver was also very young and might have panicked and kept driving not knowing what to do. This horribly sad accident could have happened to anyone, young or old. I’m sure the driver feels terrible knowing that she caused someone so young to lose his life. This is going to be a very hard time for both families.

    1. J.P. says:

      Amen to that. Thank you for the objective comment.

  15. Logic lesson: if you hit someone, pull over!!!! You’re only going to get yourself in more trouble if you hit and run.

  16. jip says:

    Woman and SUVs are not a good match.Especially those under 30/ Simple as that.

  17. armando says:

    my kids are in cross country , i feel so bad because some of these drivers are so careless when it comes to runners and bikers……..really sad and could of been prevented

    1. leigh says:

      HOW???? TWICE???? she DID prevent it! The first time! and he ran backwards without looking while JAY WALKING! so no, dont, i was on cross country, and i never ever did that! its sad, but she did her best!

  18. rick says:

    did i miss something in this story??? where does it say anything about a cell phone all it says was a driver 18 years old hit this 18 yr old boy and kept going. many people have caused accidents while talkin to someone seated next to them or in the back seat so i would not assume that only people on a cell are dangerious. was this girl wrong to drive away SURE but lets not assume she was doing something that is not even noted in the story

    1. Lis says:

      Excellent point Rick! We don’t know what was going through that girl’s head or if she were on a cell or anything. Who’s to say that the boy misjudged the speed of the car and tried to cross and didn’t make it? He wasn’t in a cross walk going with the light. He tried to cross mid block going west while the northbound traffic had the light. People panic and that’s what the girl probably did. But, she did pull over to some cops she saw and told me. It wasn’t like the police had to go look for her. None of us know how we would react in that situation. We can talk a good game but we don’t know until we are faced with the situation. Let’s just wait for facts to come out after the cops investigate instead of making stuff up.

      1. normy123 says:

        The panic excuse is a copout.If you train yourself what to do before you get in an acc.You automaticlly stop and give aide, no thought goes into this. The idea of leaving shouldn’t enter your mind

  19. Lis says:

    This was an accident. Connor, unfortunately, did cross mid block and not at a cross walk. I drove past the scene right after it happened and saw the aftermath. Drivers on Woodman Ave, as well as many other streets, drive faster than the limit legally allows. Heck, I almost hit 3 kids at the corner of Woodman & Riverside in front of Notre Dame (just a half block from the accident) just before I saw the accident because they weren’t paying attention and were going to cross against the light in front of me. Kids can be careless as well, especially teenagers. It’s not always the SVU’s fault or the driver. Sometimes horrible things just happen. And in this case not only did Connor lose his life senselessly but that 18 years girl’s life will never be same as well.

  20. Eric says:

    awww pooor stupid rich girl …some kid is dead and you wanna make the girl the victim ? I hope u text yourself to death.

  21. eric says:

    Pedestrians have the right of way no matter what ! Jaywalkers Unite !

    1. Cleanjeans says:

      It’s thinking like that which gets peds killed. Maybe you should revisit that law. Pedestrians are not always given the right of way.. Check your facts

  22. Leslie says:

    For GODS SAKE people … where has the humanity gone? At 16 when I got my license, or NOW at 47… if I “thought” I hit someone (or even something), I would stop immediately and check and render aid. If you don’t have the denency to do that you SHOULD NOT be driving a vehicle. What is WRONG with people?

    1. Cleanjeans says:

      Gotta be careful the person u hit doesn’t get up and try to pop a cap in ya… This neighborhood is not shady though… At least pull over… Lock your door and call 911

  23. Somedude says:

    All vehicles are dangerous but a lot of you people driving these SUV’s don’t need a vehicle that big and need to be extra careful. I drive a little car and I’m tired of not being able to see around SUVs at stop signs and such. Also I see a lot of you driving around without your headlights on in heavy rain or not having them on soon enough when it’s getting dark. I definitely believe a lot of SUV drivers are less careless because they feel so much safer in the SUV.

  24. margaret says:

    My prayers are with members of both families. This is a tragedy. There will be a long healing and grief process for all involved.

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