...Try As Hard As You Like; I Dare You.By Kent Shocknek

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Some cities have a zoo: Others, a simple art walk. But when it comes to attracting tourists, nobody can top Zhengjiang, in China’s Jiangsu Province, for originality.   Some guys with connections to the industry have just wrapped up this year’s big… wait for it, wait for it… Vinegar Drinking Contest.

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The Yangtse Evening Post newspaper (Some of us still miss the old morning edition. -Ed.) reports that the big local vinegar plant put the party together, as a way to draw in tourists. Most corporations just hire Lindsay Lohan, but even if she weren’t busy, an image  like that of the woman above might not be what her PR people are looking for.

If you think you have what it takes for next time, know this: this year’s winner apparently swigged down three  375-ml bottles, in 28 seconds.  That’s about a cup and a half of vinegar, in less than half a minute. My favorite part of the story (complete article here),  is that would-be contestants had to take mental illness tests.  How low is that bar set?

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Now, let the puns begin:  they were going to meet up with contestants from the olive oil contest, but they just didn’t mix. They got redy in the dressing room. Something about acid. I dunno, you can do better than I.