GLENDALE (AP) — Recently unsealed federal indictments have given a glimpse into the complex workings of Armenian organized crime.

The indictments in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere allege that Armenian criminals set up elaborate scams to bilk the government out of millions of dollars in fraudulent Medicare claims.

While Glendale and other areas have seen a growth of Armenian gang crime, most crime in the community is carried out quietly and centers on sophisticated identity theft schemes and other white collar scams.

The indictments, released Wednesday, show how various cells, largely working on their own but often sharing techniques, set up fraudulent medical businesses using stolen physician identities.

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Comments (25)
  1. BJS says:

    Apparantly, that’s all they dared to write. Not much insite.

  2. freshjerky says:

    what a bunch of garbage. yahoo is just trying to bash armenians. get a life and find something better to fill up your stupid site with.

  3. Hovik Ripoffsian says:

    The Armenians are masters of fraud, just look around Glendale. They get government loans to build apartment buildings then fill them up with their elderly that they import and get them on section eight, social security and Medi-Cal even though they’ve never paid a dime in taxes here. The rest of them live in apartments on every type of government assistance possible yet all drive $100,000 vehicles and the ones that are really good at fraud build marble castles on the hillsides and medical equipment fronts downtown, despicable!!

    1. RubenRojo says:

      I totally agree… You hit it right on the money.

  4. freshjerky says:

    if the armenians are master of fraud then our government is the grand master for raping us for all these years. look around you. look at the unemployment rate and the corporate greed.

    1. lamike says:

      well dude its the truth! sorry but it is what it is.

    2. RubenRojo says:

      Yes indeed, it is what it is… you need to stop blaming the government for other peoples “MO” and corruption.

  5. lamike says:

    well i thought i was racist!!!! well to be honest i have meet so many that just rip off as many people as they can its gross. i live on a block with 6 of them they all drive cars they can’t afford clearly because they live at the parents or grandparents place. And I don’t know what it is But i have met so many people from that part of the world that think they can pass themselves off as italians!!!!! lol ashamed of thier own culture they lie to people about where they are from. LOL

  6. lamike says:

    yeah they do wear too much cologne what the hell can’t they figure out girls don;t like that! i hate it they smell like you are walking through the macys department store but someone left all the lids of the colognes off!

  7. The Troof says:

    that’s true, even the gangsters pretend to be Mexican. I still don’t mind them tho, they’re basically alright. At least they’re mostly Christian, whatever that’s worth these days.

  8. eagle rock dude says:

    One time I was behind an armenian couiple at a large supermarket in Glendale and the couple purchased 2 shopping cart full of groceries which were paid by food stamps. what was despicable is the male was proudly showing off his brand new 7 series BMW.

  9. shopper says:

    The females, they purchase expensive perfumes and facial creams like Chanel or high end products Replace the cream with Pond’s brand and return the product back to the department store.

  10. Rita-of-Sunland says:

    Why do Armenian guys always wear black t-shirts? Do they think it hides their fat? Cuz if they do they’re WRONG!!

  11. TwoCents says:

    Take a look at who’s putting in many applications to run “medical marijuana” dispensaries.

  12. James says:

    Reading the previous comments is a fascinating lesson in how one group can be scapegoated, vilified, and threatened with genocide based on the illegal activities of a few of the ethnic group’s members. I realize that Armenian and Soviet-Armenian gangs are responsible for lots of Medicare and other white-collar fraud, but there are also plenty of professional Armenian dentists, architects, engineers, and small-business owners who contribute to society, pay taxes, and want nothing to do with the gangsters who sully the Armenian community. Human nature doesn’t seem to have changed much; it seems that the type of group-think that caused Nazis to dehumanize Jews and Hutus to dehumanize Tutsis — leading to genocide — is still alive and well here in the U.S.A.

    1. Plunderer says:

      Organized crime is a myth
      like Military Intelligence, Conspiracy
      or Top Secret

  13. LawDog says:

    gee, this is no surprise. i work in the legal field and many of the cases i have worked on involve criminal investigations involving armenians and their armenian lawyers. they are also connected to russian gangs which are just as corrupt. true, you have a few good ones but they are far and few between. much of it has to do with the younger generation of armenians and their sense of entitlement. they are scammers by nature. you would think i hate these people. i don’t. but i have no respect for them or their ilk. they take from society and dont contribute.

  14. Alice Polarbear says:

    The good ones must have moved up here to Fresno. Here they tend to be legitimate businesspeople or in the professions, not the low-lifes some of the rest of you describe. But ours tend to be second/third/fourth generation. Maybe the L.A. ones are new immigrants.

  15. Pig Vomit says:

    Black gangs sell -crack
    Mexican gangs- black tar heroin
    Aryan brotherhood- meth
    Asian – ice
    Israelis- diamonds

  16. sammy says:

    Having retired from the Glendale Fire department a few years ago i can say I was never suprised by the fraud, lack of respect for anyone one else but themselves.
    How so many BMWs and Mercedes can be owned by so many people on welfare is beyond me.
    The lack of basic civility by Armenians has ruined a once beautiful city.
    The Mcmansions compete with collums and lion heads has ruined some many nice areas.
    And the Armenian banquet halls are a whole nother topic, glad I moved

  17. James says:

    I feel bad for the law-abiding Armenians who have to deal with the hatred that most of you folks who have posted seem to feel for them. However, it makes some sense, since Glendale and La Crescenta had active Nazi-party members (check out the history of Crescenta Valley Park). I guess I shouldn’t expect much else from some of the white people in these areas, given the Nazi heritage of the area.

    1. Ani says:

      I am sorry but are you trying to shake your finger at the people leaving comments about their experience with armenians? If so, I would suggest refraining from hypocrisy. Your comment, “I guess I shouldn’t expect much else from some of the white people in these areas” only proves you take juvenile means of making a point. Also FYI, the article is about federal indicments…I really don’t think that the federal government is acting on anything other than fact.

  18. Jinx says:

    did anyone care to look at the other half of the list of scheemers involved? russian jews…i’m not racist by any means, but fair is fair…if you’re going to talk about armenians, then do the same for all involved….russian jews are also notorious for being involved in fraudulent activity…its sad how media can make something seem so different from what the truth is……

  19. russ says:

    all i heared armenians this armenians thst this is criminal article and no word about crime,u realy think only armenians do crime US u ppl watch too much tv and i never met armenian who says his italyan, armenians always prowdly say who thay r, and all u writ here is pure hate u ppl r just seek

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