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Every day, I come to work with the same breakfast/lunch to eat at my desk:  a low-carb tortilla, some skinless chicken, a piece of fruit, celery, and some kind of healthy cereal.  Did I mention,  low sodium V-8?  You, too, would go insane, eating that every single day.  So once in a while, I walk downstairs to our CBS Commissary,  and go wild at the fruit bar, or beg them for an early shot of soup (not ready ’til 10 a.m.: but I go in, at 9). 

sibila vargas headshot 100510 The Worst Blog, Ever. And I Blame Sibila. Josh Rubenstein  The Worst Blog, Ever. And I Blame Sibila.

Today was one of those days.  So after finishing one of our short newscasts that are sprinkled through The Early Show,  I arrived to find my new coanchor, Sibila, and Chief Meteorologist Josh Rubenstein, just sitting down to their breakfasts/lunches.  Ta-Da! I joined them, and we all spent the next hour goofing  off and telling war stories about the news biz.  It was the first time I haven’t eaten at my desk  in years. We took close to a full hour: unheard of. It was great. It also, was the hour I usually use to write this blog. And now, there’s no time. Hence, the worst blog ever. And I blame Sibila. So come back tomorrow, and I’ll post something wittier. (allegedly -Ed.)

BTW, the commissary makes a great low-carb tortilla wrap with skinless chicken.  There was something crunchy in it: maybe celery.

Comments (5)
  1. toddc says:

    Sibilia = smoking hot. Should make your breakfast better than blogging.

  2. Nancy says:

    Glad you substituted Sibila for that previous female anchor, whose smirking, flirting, and sneering was offensive.

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