RANCHO MIRAGE (CBS) — Lindsay Lohan has been caught trying to sneak out of a Rancho Mirage rehab facility in an apparent attempt to buy a soda, according to an online report.

Lohan, 24, is in drug treatment at the Betty Ford Center. RadarOnline says she was trying to get to nearby Eisenhower Medical Center to buy a soda from a vending machine, but was foiled when her clothes got caught on a fence.

Lohan and another patient had to ask for help from a volunteer, who was passing by in a golf cart, the report said. They were returned to the center without caffeine.

The Betty Ford Center does not have vending machines and prohibits caffeine and television.

A Beverly Hills judge ordered the actress to be jailed for a month without bail for failing a drug test in September. Another judge allowed Lohan to post $300,000 bail, and she was released pending an Oct. 22 probation violation hearing.

The actress was ordered to wear an alcohol-sniffing SCRAM anklet; to avoid alcohol and stay out of bars and to submit to more random drug tests. Lohan later checked into Betty Ford Center, her fifth stint in rehab.

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Comments (16)
  1. chris says:

    ha she’s so stupid. It sure is nice of news to say she was trying to get “soda” we all aren’t stupid and know it was an attempt to get drugs and/ or alcohol!!!!!!

  2. chris says:

    but really…who cares her anymore??? NO ONE!

  3. rick says:

    story says SHE CHECKED IN TO THE CLINIC meaning its not a court ordered deal THEREFORE she can check out when she wants so the fact she was tryin to get out for what ever reason is her personal business i have no doubt the staff of this clinic told the papers of this and not miss lohan her self THUS HER PRIVACY RIGHTS have been messed with so the bigger issues is not what she wanted to get out for but the fact this staff has no ethics

    1. chris says:

      lol oh ok if you say so haha

  4. Tacobender says:

    Just let her go at this point! Why are we spending all this tax money to keep a spoiled brat from hurting herself. I have no interest in helping her anymore.Give her a glass pipe and a big ball of crack so she can just end it already…

  5. R us serious says:

    oh my god, this insanity must stop.
    Society must be shielded from her criminal mischeif!!!

  6. Vanquish says:

    If this makes headlines, the media must be taking more crack than Lindsay!

  7. Yu Efo says:

    This nanny society is getting ridiculous. Just get off her back and leave her alone. This constant harassment by the legal system is just more evidence of government intrusion. And legalize drugs for crying out loud.

    1. chris says:

      lol this coming from a druggie haha

  8. Jerry says:

    the ignorant blonde is addicted to publicity and will do anything to get it. She has been arrested several times for drug related offense and should be locked up in a mental institute without any kind of bail or release.

  9. Salim says:

    I hope it was a Coke!

  10. the gods must be crazy says:

    How incredibly juvenile! Sneaking out is something I’d expect my pre-teen kid to do. Terminal arrested development syndrome. But if she’s this immature, loaded and driving, it makes it our problem. Take away her driver’s license. Take away her car and confiscate (not to be returned) anything (borrowed or rented) that she drives. Keep her off the streets so she doesn’t end up killing somebody. Then for goodness sake, give it a rest.

  11. WaLLy says:

    Big deal over a
    Canned Soda machine at golf course

  12. leroybrown says:

    Who cares. She’ll be making movies for Vivid soon.

  13. Bad Drama says:

    Story ended being false
    There is a vending machine in her dorm
    Rehabs always have lots of cigarettes and coffee

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