LOS ANGELES (AP) — A parolee charged with killing a woman during a burglary and setting her home on fire has been taken back to Los Angeles after fleeing to Mexico.

Baja State Police arrested 34-year-old Omar Armando Loera in Mexicali and turned him over to Los Angeles police Tuesday night. He remains jailed without bail Wednesday.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports From North Hollywood

Loera, a homeless ex-convict, is accused of stabbing 34-year-old Chere Osmanhodzic in her Valley Village home in July. Her fiance returned home to find a man inside and chased him several blocks, then came back to find the house in flames.

Loera was charged last month with murder with special circumstances, making him eligible for the death penalty. He’s also charged with burglary, arson and assault with a deadly weapon.

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  1. rjsmitty says:

    This is the kind of person coming across the boarder>

    1. dave santi says:

      don’t be an idiot don generalize because not everyone that comes to this country is like this man. let me remind you that white people are the ones that are child molester and commit more horrible crimes to..not because this guy did this and because his and illegal migrant means they are all the same.

      1. whitecracker says:

        yes Dave , They are ALL the SAME!!!!!!

      2. brandi says:

        lol dave maybe you should watch America’s most wanted its not the white people molesting. I am married to a mexican man so its not that i dont like them but you shouldnt make a comment if you dont have hard facts!!! the race dont matter that guy is a killer and it should be a eye for a eye stab him and burn him so he can feel what that poor girl felt. I send all my paryers to her family and friends.

    2. Just Me says:

      Oh yeah, if only they could be more like whites…you know, deprive people of their rights for generations (slavery), murder people in front of their family to scare others (lynching), and mass murder anyone who didn’t look like them, even little kids. (holocaust).

      Who wouldn’t want to be white, given their sunshine history!

  2. leroybrown says:

    Fry him.

  3. Lisa says:

    this was my friend and this monster was deported twice!!!! and still managed to come back in the US and get out of jail early and kill my friend two months before her wedding! I agree with Leroy

  4. scorpiogirl10 says:

    They are saying he is an American and that he used the excuse of being illegal because he knew he could possibly get an early release. Our borders need to be sealed. Want to come here as a law abiding tourist? Fine. Anything else? Stay out, it’s not our job to take care of other non-citizen people.

    The parole officer should be held as an accomplice for not reporting Omar for a month on his parole visit violation. If this horrible incompetent parole officer would have done their job. My friend would still be alive.

    1. Just me says:

      It’s not Americans job to take care of foreigners, but it’s totally okay to ask China for help, right? If China wanted to, they could release the tremendous amount of US currency they are holding, and make your Great Depression look like a cake walk

      America is being breast fed by bigger countries.

      It’s understandable that you’re angry and want to point fingers here and there….but don’t lose touch of reality.

    2. Psy says:

      It’s typical for people to have preconceived notions. It’s also typical that whenever they witness something that confirms those preconceived ideas, they remember them more because it supports their bias.

      “There you go…see…illegals come here and commit crimes”

      Poor primates…believing that sealing the borders will do you any good.

  5. turfmonster says:

    Unfortunately we can’t blame this one on the illegal alien problem. This guy was born in America. He was deported mistakenly on previous occasions. Mexico gave him back to us because he is an American citizen.

  6. Steven says:

    Let’s not forget the system is responsible for Cheri’s death as well. This piece of garbage did not report to his parole officer for over a month and was not reported.

  7. LAOldTimer says:

    He wasn’t an illegal but he is an animal. Hang him! Arrest his parole officer too.

  8. Reggie says:

    He is an American citizen
    If he was Mexican, he wouldn’t face the death
    Penalty, Mexico would not have extradited him without dropping the capital punishment
    So I guess since he’s American
    All Americans are the same?????

  9. mike says:

    even one illegal coming across and committing a crime is one too many. close that border down.

    1. Psy says:

      Yup, it’s only when American citizens kill each other that’s its okay.

  10. 6Degrees says:

    I saw him in Temescal Canyon, in the Samo Mountains, right around the time he was seen in the Santa Monica mountains. It was right by a school, and there were people everywhere, as it was on a warm holiday. He was hiking up a popular trail, and I was going down the trail with my large, male friend 10 steps behind me. That man gave me the coldest stare. I immediately knew something about this man was very wrong, instinctively, I looked around for my friend, behind me. I immediately told my friend, in earshot of the man, to scare/intimidate the man- very loudly. I told my friend about it, and that his eyes reminded me of a serial killer; he stared at me like a predator. There was a very primal instinct that took over. He was in full working clothes, and a coat; (it was around 80-90 degrees) It bothered me so much, I could remember his features like a photograph. Sometimes, it is so amazing how close each of us are to this kind of monster. (There were little children, hiking with their parents, etc.) I was carrying a knife, for protection, (there are mountain lions up there), and I remember thinking, if this man tries to jump me- I am going to defend myself, by whatever means necessary, and finish him. I had no idea he was wanted for murder, until now. Chilling.

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