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When you work with somebody new, it’s nice to learn about them. Hence my questions of new CBS2 morning news anchor, Sibila Vargas (next item, below). This morning, I asked Sibila, and also Chief Meteorologist Josh Rubenstein, and traffic expert Whitney Drolen their ideas of a ‘perfect day.’

So what would be a perfect day?

Sibila: at the beach with her family and dogs. Sibila and her husband have two boys, ages 9 and 4. Her family hasn’t yet been able to join her here in town, so ’til then, they talk to each other on Skype. I asked Sibila if she likes the beach because of the ocean, and she said, ‘only to look at.’ So; not an ocean swimmer. But like every other Southern Californian, she likes the fresh air and breeze. Remember, she considers SoCal home, but comes to us now from Houston, where I believe it’s a touch warmer, and soggier.  

Josh Rubenstein

Josh is a little more plan-oriented. (Surprise, surprise. -Ed.) First, get the family to Farmers’ Market for  a breakfast burrito. Next, Josh loves to fly; so he’d hop in a small plane, to pilot his way up to Santa Barbara. Then; round out the day in the backyard, playing with his dog, Wrigley (named after his beloved Chicago Cubs’ home field).

Whitney Drolen

Whitney loves football and wants to go to a tailgate party, before an amazing game. Her’s may be the toughest wish to grant: at least in NFL-less L.A.  

For my part, I’d either want to go to a car show, or do some track time at a racing school. I’m not a racer, but I love ‘all things car.’  Car shows are so integral to Southern California; and one of the things I love about them most, is that everybody shows up to share a mutual interest. Car shows will have an old guy with a 50’s hot rod, next to to a teenage girl with a ‘fast and furious’  tuner car, swapping stories with the owner of a blindingly brightly polished low-rider, and the owner of some concours-ready pre-war Italian supercar.

So, all it would take to make all of us happy would be Josh flying us to a football game at a beach stadium, where we could tailgate with our families on the back of some show car. If you hear of such an opportunity, let me know.