KOREATOWN (CBS) — A home-invasion robbery was foiled early Monday morning when two homeowners fought back.

A man and woman living in the 700 block of South Kingsley Drive fought a would-be robber at 2:30 a.m., Sergeant F. Kuljis of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Olympic Station said.

The man reportedly used a golf club to attack the intruder, who was bleeding profusely from the back of his head as he was placed in the patrol car. He was later hospitalized with severe head wounds.

The residents appeared to only have minor injuries.

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Comments (13)
  1. Roger says:

    One for the good guys

  2. Tacobender says:

    Should have finished him and taken this loser off the streets forever. Next time he will bring a weapon and seriously hurt someone.

  3. jip says:

    wish they would have killed them. good job anyhow

  4. joe says:

    Great, they need a bigger golf club or even a firearm. Some people think it’s okay to steal from the rest of us. My burglar alarm is the .357 Model, loud but effective.

  5. TacoVender says:

    Gun toting Bible thumpers
    Why not stone him

  6. Storm Blitzer says:

    Taco Boy, why are you so against guns? Oh, I know! You must have tried to bring a taco to a gunfight once, and it did not work out so well. Stick to slinging tacos, boy. I’ll do the man’s work handling the robbers. You are a loser.

  7. Punisher says:

    I can Hear the news “Barbra boxer and the Governator have floored a bill that would make it a class 3 Felony to be in the possession of unregistered golf clubs ” The invader is extremely lucky that the homeowner didn’t have a legal firearm at the time. FBI claims the crime rate has and is declining. I don’t see it. I’m suprised people are putting up with this and other types of deviant behavior for so long as it is. How much more will people take??

  8. Tacobender says:

    Just saying
    Go back to biblical law
    Cut a theifs hand off

    1. Tacobender says:

      TacoVender, try picking an original name, sheez….. reply 11:12 was not from the opriginal tacobender “there is only one”

  9. WaLLy says:

    I enjoy reading the comments, how people on both sides of an issue get so upset

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