SANTA ANA (AP) — The changing face of Orange County helped Democrat Loretta Sanchez win an upset election to Congress 14 years ago as Latinos arrived as a political force.

Now, a rise in Vietnamese-American political clout has her fighting to keep her seat.

Sanchez recently injected the thorny issue of race into the campaign for California’s 47th Congressional district when she said in a Spanish-language television interview that “the Vietnamese and Republicans” were trying to take her seat.

Vietnamese-American state Assemblyman Van Tran called the remarks a “racial rampage.”

The majority of the district is Hispanic and Democrat. But Latinos have a lower turnout rate than Vietnamese-Americans and Democrats will likely be hurt this year by anti-incumbent sentiment.

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Comments (8)
  1. Robbie says:

    This is why districts should be redrawn fairly

  2. headjazz says:

    Hahahaha, that is just great! Latinos are complacent, feel entitled, and when they don’t get what their whining little hearts desire the first words out are always “racism”. Hooray for free elections! If Loretta does not like the heat she should get out of the kitchen, or go back to her native land.

  3. GWB says:

    Term Limits
    Give others a chance to serve
    Check the citizenship and voter rolls

  4. Debbie says:

    i have as much a problem with the Vietnamese as I do illegals. Nixon let them in as “refugees” and I never agreed with that. Reagan gave amenesty to the illegals. Both have increased problems we have todya.

    1. Wasp says:

      What is amenesty?
      American native born, English speaking
      under educated, poor speller
      Both those presidents were Republicans

    2. John says:

      I agree
      Send all the foreigners back home
      Goodbye Debbie!!!
      This is Chumash Shoshone Paiute

  5. WaLLy says:

    Both sides seem to be using racism
    and need the voters to vote by ethnicity
    rather than by qualification

  6. Charles says:

    You nailed it WaLLy.

    I have been taught my whole life that race does not and should not matter. What matters is character and values. But, race is constantly being used in politics and it is nothing but wrong.

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