RIVERSIDE (AP) — A federal judge has rejected an attempt by the California Attorney General’s office to send a man released after 26 years behind bars back to prison.

The ruling from U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips in Riverside Friday means continued freedom for Bruce Lisker, who was sentenced in 1983 for the stabbing death of his mother but released a year ago when Phillips ruled he was convicted with false evidence and without adequate representation.

The state said last month that the statute of limitations on Lisker’s appeal ran out seven years before he filed it, but in a decision obtained Friday by the Los Angeles Times, Phillips said the state should have appealed her ruling last year when they had a legal opportunity and rejected the motion, calling it “fatally flawed.”

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  1. Bruce's Neighbor says:

    I was a neighbor of Bruce’s… he’s done his time, perhaps far too many years, and certainly unnecessary years, if he was wrongly convicted. Good luck to you, Bruce. May your dad (Bob was a good guy) rest easy…

  2. Alan Hart says:

    Bruce has always been innocent. The police lied, the DA lied and they conspired to send an innocent man to prison. He is owed a great deal of money from the state that wrongly stole 27 years of his life. The police officer that falsified the evidence and the DA who went along with it should be prosecuted.

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