LOS ANGELES (AP) — Universal Pictures says it will make some movies available to Blockbuster Express kiosks on the same day as their release for sale — but make customers pay a premium above the $1-per-night they can rent them for 28 days later.

The move inches Universal closer to a handful of other studios that allow kiosk operators such as Coinstar’s Redbox to rent out movies on the same day of release in the home video market, such as Viacom’s Paramount, Walt Disney and Sony.

Some studios have prevented kiosk rentals until 28 days after discs are released to help support flagging sales.

Universal is keeping most of its movies out of kiosks until 28 days after their initial release. It will also test selling DVDs from Blockbuster kiosks.

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  1. Blockbuster’s still around?!

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