FRESNO (AP) — California’s Supreme Court will decide whether illegal immigrants must pay higher tuition at state universities.

The court heard arguments Tuesday in Fresno challenging a 2002 law that says anyone graduating from a California high school — regardless of their immigration status — can pay in-state tuition. At the University of California, that’s $11,300 a year.

UC students from out of state pay $34,000 a year.

More than 40 out-of-state students from UC and other public colleges claim the statute violates federal immigration law.

Their attorney, Kris Kobach, is suing to force illegal immigrants to pay out-of-state rates. Kobach also was the chief drafter of Arizona’s tough new laws against illegal immigrants.

The court’s expected to rule within 90 days.

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Comments (14)
  1. legal resident says:

    how can this even be a serious question?

  2. Robert says:

    Its fear that begs the serious question.

  3. Michael says:

    They should. I know many legal immigrants who are going to college and have to pay even more out of pocket than out of state residents. Why illegal immigrants get to reap the benefits of legal residents is beyond me. Cheaters always prosper? That’s a great message. I love seeing my tax dollars go towards helping justify 500,000 illegal immigrant entries each year. This is not just a random figure, for those who are doubting that massive number.

  4. mike says:

    it’s all “please let us in we want to have a better life” and once they stabilize, their children will be competing with our children for scarce jobs. no, not crop-picking but blue and white collar jobs because illegal’s children won’t want to do that either. so bring more illegals, have more of their children compete with ours, and you get my point. even in hollywood there are now more mexican-themed stories than ever before. so of course we’re justified in not wanting more to come over.

  5. rjsmitty says:

    Aren’t they supposed to be arrested if they are illegal ? This whole thing is an insult to every one who follows and obeys the laws

  6. rjsmitty says:

    ” they claim the statute violates federal immigration law.” LOL they were braking those laws once they made the decision to enter ILLEGALLY !

  7. Lori says:

    Ummmm. They shouldn’t even be allowed to attend public secondary school if they are illegal, let alone university. I had to pay out of state rates to HPU. A legal immigrant on a school visa cannot attend at in state rates. The Supreme Court better do it’s job right this time. But it appears everything these days violates someone’s constitutional right. Bah Humbug!

  8. daniel says:

    if you are from ohio you pay more than someone from mexico, who happens to be breaking our laws. this picture seems crazy. if you want our laws in place you are a “racist”, if you say it’s ok to break our laws it’s all good with these people.

  9. Virginia Sarantakos says:

    Heck yeah. Lets get this rolling. How about not allowing illegal immigrants in at all? What a novel idea! There is no reason that my child should be denied a place at a college because a person who is here illegally took her spot. This is absurd. It would take less money to deport all illegals and secure our borders than it does to pay for their healthcare, education and dealing with their criminal activities. We’d actually end up with a savings in the billions. A much more secure US from terrorists and happier citizens.

  10. leroybrown says:

    ICE should go to the schools and deport

  11. Loli says:

    ICE isn’t allowed to infringe on the rights of illegals. 😉 Honestly, I don’t understand why it is such an infringement to expect people to show proof of legality. I have proof. I don’t mind showing it.
    I seems to see a lot of AZ plates here in LA lately too. Is that because we are a sanctuary city? Can I vent all day? I don’t hate any race. I just don’t like people breaking the law and then insisting on a handout; especially from funds from which they never invested a cent.

  12. Buck says:

    Take our money take our jobs. Take our schools take it all. Just make sure you give us the bonus ob being a minority then and only then when we take from you you will realize why we hate you soo much

  13. baby jesus says:

    I thought that the US Constitution was by and for US citizens. Now it looks like it is covering any illegal from every corner of the world. If I travel to Mexico As a foreigner I would not have the same rights as a Mexican citizen. If I was found to be there illegally I would be deported because that it is their law. We have our laws to protect us yet they are used against us thanks to our government .

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