SANTA ANA (CBS) — Authorities said a 38-year-old Santa Ana woman has pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with a 15-year-old family friend who got her pregnant.

Debra Ayala was sentenced to a year in jail after the plea.

She pleaded guilty to felony lewd acts with a child 14 or 15, oral copulation with someone younger than 16 and unlawful sexual intercourse, according to  court documents.

Under the terms of her plea deal, three additional counts were dropped.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Erick Larsh sentenced Ayala to 365 days in the Orange County Jail and three years of probation.

According to Deputy District Attorney Jess Rodriguez, Ayala must also register as a sex offender.

Rodriguez says, “That was a key part of the deal.”

When she began the affair with the teen, who lived nearby, the DA’s office said Ayala was the married mother of three. She was friends with the victim’s family — the boy’s mother said she thought of Ayala like a sister — and reportedly began inviting him over at night in early 2009.

She reportedly had sex with the boy — two times a week — between February and November 2009.

She gave birth to the boy’s daughter November 21, 2009.

The DA says the boy’s family has custody of the child but Ayala is fighting for visitation.

Comments (5)
  1. Graig Thomas says:

    How sick are these people? The dumb woman has sex with a 15 year old boy, get’s pregnant then doesn’t get an abortion….Then the sperm donor’s family wants to keep the baby, the woman who had the bady wants to keep her… sick! What is wrong with these people??????

  2. vnoifvet says:

    Daaannnggg where were all these women when I was in school?



    1. vudu says:

      110 years for what? Helping a 15 year old boy get laid? Yeah, he must be real traumatized.

  4. Jonh E. says:

    Give her my number : )

    I’m over 15. : D

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