Do you want to stand out this Halloween? Check out our list of outrageous and unforgettable costume picks for 2010. In the comments section, feel free to leave your own ideas!

Make your own Katy Perry/Sesame Street costume

1. Katy Perry & Elmo

What You’ll Need:
– Tinkerbell dress like this
– Cheap wedding veil
– Elmo doll
– False eyelashes
– White tights
– Heels

2. The Situation

What you need:
– Ed Hardy or t-shirt with printed muscles (if you haven’t been working out)
– Hawaiian shorts
– Spray tan
– Hair gel
– Necklace (seriously, what man wears a necklace?)

3. Lady Gaga

When stepping out as The Lady, the more outrageous the better. Extra points if you head to the meat section and fashion a dress from your purchases, but this look is not only patriotic, it has a touch of Guns and Roses too. Dressing up as a hessier is fun. If Gaga or The Situation aren’t your style, consider Bret Michaels.

Buy it here.

4. Enoch “Nucky” Thompson from Boardwalk Empire

Practically everyone loves dressing up as a gangster on Halloween. Slick back your hair, pin a flower to your lapel, wear an expensive (looking) tie and don’t forget the air of confidence.
Gals, you can go as his fabulous mistress Lucy Danziger. Check out this gorge flapper costume in burgundy here.

5. Sue Sylvester from Glee

What you need:
– Adidas track suit
– Bullhorn
– Stopwatch
– Short blonde wig
– Endless supply of one-liners

6. Steven Slater (formerly of) Jet Blue

What you need:
– Flight attendant costume
– Two beers
– Middle finger

It’s sold here

7. Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood

You will be extra comfortable as the cute clairvoyant Sookie Stackhouse. HBO sells her waitress outfit on its website. You just need black nikes, ankle socks, a smile and a bad Southern accent.

Buy it here.

Want to be Jason Stackhouse? All you need is this t-shirt.

8. Edward Cullen

What you need:
– Grey jacket and shirt
– White makeup
– Glitter all over your body (you sparkle)
This wig. not the big fake eyebrows, please.

9. Snooki

What you need:
– Spray tan
– Ed Hardy dress (Ebay)
– Fake nails
– Hairspray
– Banana clip
– If you’re not brunette, buy this Snooki wig

10. Prince Poppycock

This is no small undertaking, but if you can pull it off, it will be magnificent.

What you need:
– Victorian wig. This one is perfect
– Elizabethan costume. This one is great
– Incredible makeup. Youtube has tons of tutorials.
– Lots of luck.

11. White Witch from Alice In Wonderland

This look is incredibly chic. You’ll look like a glamorous angel/queen. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy MAC’s Matte Diva. I may dress up as her.

What you need:
white queen costume like this one
white long, wavy wig like this
white face makeup
dark red lipstick

12. Bieber

What you need:

Seriously, all you need is this wig.

Buy it here.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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