DESERT HOT SPRINGS (AP) — A missing Los Angeles real estate broker has been found alive, six days after leaving for a daylong hike in Joshua Tree National Park.

Authorities say 64-year-old Edward Rosenthal was found by a San Bernardino County sheriff’s helicopter crew just before noon in a canyon about six miles east of Desert Hot Springs.

Park spokesman Joe Zarki says Rosenthal was conscious and able to communicate with rescuers. He was taken to High Desert Medical Center. Zarki says he is expected to recover from heat exhaustion
and other minor injuries.

Dogs helped searchers on foot and horseback find tracks made by Rosenthal. The experienced hiker was found about 10 miles from where he started his hike.

Authorities don’t know how he got so far off course or how he survived the week.

Comments (7)
  1. James says:

    Some good news for a change.Amazing that he could have survived that long under those conditions.At his age,truly a miracle.

  2. ReginaM says:

    He’ll probably be profiled on “I Shouldn’t Be Alive “

  3. Karen says:

    Praise be to God.

  4. the gods must be crazy says:

    Amen, Karen. We truly witnessed a miracle here.

  5. vudu says:

    Sounds like an experienced hiker that was a little ambitious, got off track, but had the smarts to survive. It was his wits, not god that kept him alive.

  6. HikerWhoCares says:

    This guy is a nut! An “experienced hiker” would take stock of the risk and NOT go hiking in the extreme heat. He would take extra food and water. He would have a GPS and a cell phone and a mirror to signal rescuers. He is lucky to be found. What about his wife? Why wasn’t he celebrating his big real estate win with her? What an oddball. Learn from this buddy. Your wife may not be as forgiving next time. There may not be a next time. RESPECT OTHERS. The rescuers should send him a bill for their time and services. Ridiculous to applaud him.Someone could have died looking for him.

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