<a href="#stop_sign_cams">» Map Of Stop Sign Camera Locations</a>By David Goldstein

This is an investigation that’s prompted dozens of e-mails, even before the story aired. Commuters are already frustrated and upset about Red Light cameras—but now stop sign cameras? Out to catch motorists on tape rolling through a stop sign. And the fine is $175.00! We found the only ones in the state are right here in Southern California! More than 34,000 tickets have been issued in the past 18 months! But there are some who say these cameras are against the law.

When I first started researching stop sign cameras the word was circulated on a couple of blogs and websites. And I heard from a lot of people who got tickets and were very upset.

No one is advocating that they shouldn’t stop at stop signs. But these stop signs are on quiet roads in parks. Most of the people believed they slowed down and felt it safe to proceed. Some felt it’s just a trap to make money. And others are involved in a lawsuit because critics claim the cameras violate the law in California.

The courts will have to decide that, but for now watch out. Big brother could be watching. We’ll show you where the stop sign cameras are hiding, ready to catch you on your next California Stop!

Stop Sign Camera Locations

David Goldstein

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  1. poopoo says:

    good!!!!! I’m glad they are getting sited it shows they are all driving like a bunch of a holes

    1. meh says:

      A bunch of a holes? I think you should re-thing your sentence structure.

    2. ProLA says:

      I agree. A STOP sign means STOP. It does not mean yield or go ahead and roll through it. The camera double checks peoples honor and apparently the honor system died long ago in this country so we use cameras now. Wake up people. Pay the fine you were caught.

  2. josh says:

    Its a stop sign. you are supposed to stop. Quit breaking the law and complaining about it.

    1. meh says:

      But this is California! We created the ‘California Stop’, which, by definition, is not a stop at all! Like ‘poopoo’ so eloquently noted, we are a nothing but a bunch of a holes, eh!

  3. Ralf says:

    Sorry, but you are just sending the wrong message! You just encourage people to ignore stop signs rather than take them serious. Does it really take blood and damage fort you to show the real downside of running stop signs (or red lights for that matter)?
    Take a real look at the video clips that you showed on TV, most of the cars did not even remotely follow the rules and came to a stop before moving on. Those cameras might be outside of populated areas but do you really think that those drivers act any different at a stop signs at a school or in a residential area?

    1. meh says:

      Fort yeah, Ralf! But seriously, blood and damage is not cool.

      1. Ralf says:

        Instead of mocking obvious typos (while making enough of your own), rather pay attention when you drive. Moron!

    2. Duh! says:

      Exactly. I wish EVERY stop sign in CA had a camera in it.

  4. RedDonnaAnn says:

    I got a $510 ticket for failing to come to a complete stop before making a right turn on red while the opposing traffic had left turn arrows. This punishment does not fit the crime.

    Outrageous and certainly doesn’t make me feel warm and friendly toward police. There was no one in my path of motion, no one was in danger. Horrible practice.

    Can’t wait to join a class action law suit. And for the font color in the comment box to be something other than grey. Sheesh.

    1. red says:

      Red means stop, not roll through. It’s very simple.

      1. meh says:

        red, you are very simple.

    2. Jip says:

      Next time STOP. See how easy it is.

    3. Barefoot says:

      But did you learn your lesson?

    4. Ha Ha! says:

      I wish the ticket was $1500.00. Maybe you’ll stop at a red light next time…

    5. Duh! says:

      I wish your ticket would have been three times as much. Stop at a stop sign next time.

      It’s not up to you to decide when stopping is neccessary or not.

    6. Sandy says:

      Sorry, Donna. Don’t break the law and you won’t get caught.

      1. freedomminute says:

        Perhaps you’d also be in favor of giving everyone who drove 1 mile over the speed limit a $500 ticket. I’m sure you never “break the law” by doing that.

  5. Happeh says:

    This is a pure money making scheme. I went to court for a camera ticket and there was a line of 1 or 200 people waiting for court. 50% or more of them were for the exact same camera ticket I had.

    When I got into court it was like watching gold miners strike it rich. “Guilty $450 Guilty $450 Guilty $450 Guilty $450”. One lady confronted the judge about there being no signs stating there was a camera there or what the camera was for.

    The judge just smiled and said “I know”.

    1. Duh! says:

      And you know what? Every single one of you broke the law!

      I wish I could have been there. What a burn!

  6. Mike says:

    I’m leaving California next month. I’ve had it. 9.5 percent income tax, 10 percent sales tax. State franchise tax board twice has sent me notices demanding a couple hundred bucks more. From what I can tell it’s for no better reason than they can get away with it.

    The final straw? I also got hit with one of those $500 red light tickets. I hesitated, put on my brakes, and then made a snap decision to go through. Crossed the line less than a second after the light turned red. If I had blown through the intersection at a dangerous speed, I would have beat the light.

    I guess I was really supposed to learn a hard lesson there about running a red light,tight? Wrong! All it taught me is that the system is designed to squeeze the middle class for every last penny. The poor get a free ride and the rich get out of paying their fair share.

    So, congrats, you idiots who run this state! You’re chasing away yet another productive middle-class worker. Don’t come crying to me when you have to make another round of cuts to your schools and police forces.

    1. Please leave! says:

      See, ya! Don’t let the door hit you onthe way out!

  7. Justin says:

    If there’s such a big risk of collision put in a stop light you stupid cheap bastards.

  8. Hate Greedy Cities says:

    A law should be made that proceeds from tickets cannot be a source of municipal revenue. Only then will traffic law enforcement be fair and unbiased.

  9. Aric says:

    It’s a pity when it is a governmental agency behind the scam.

    1. Duh! says:

      It’s more of a pity when idiots can’t stop at a STOP sign.

  10. steve says:

    blame the government, it’s the state and LA that needs money, not the police. the police are just the collectors.

  11. serj says:

    I got same ticket. How can I make a complainet against it?

  12. Mark says:

    Hard to believe that there are only 4 locations with stop sign cameras.

  13. Freedomminute says:

    If you want much more info about these stop sign cameras and the various lawsuits, check out http://www.freedomminute.com/blog/state-government/faq-about-mrca-stop-sign-tickets/

  14. Lurch says:

    They cannot pin a moving violation on someone’s driving record unless personal service has been performed. That’s the whole step where a Cop has you sign in the little red box making you promise to appear in court without admitting guilt. That promise is your bail, in effect.
    That whole legal process is missing in this money grab that municipalities have turned to in an effort to fill their coffers. Arizona tried this on a large scale with speeding cameras over the last several years. The company that sold the cameras to the state assured them that, even though the tickets were not entirely legal, if enough people THOUGHT they were, and were afraid that there would be consequences and mailed in money, then the process would be profitable. At first it worked for them. Then, as word got out that the tickets were illegal and snubbed Due Process, people began ignoring them, as they should have, and the State began losing money. Earlier this year, the Governor ordered the cameras taken down.
    Whoever is responsible for these stop sign cameras will talk about public safety, and whatnot, but its all about the money. If you get a ticket in the mail, and they want money under threat of a moving violation without your promise to appear in court, then the ticket is illegal. Ignore it until/unless you are properly served to appear in court in person. Any cop or attorney will tell you the same.

  15. eric says:

    You never list the number of cameras there are. the map only shows 4 – is this correct, 4 cameras have produced 34000 tickets in 18 months??? that comes out to 16 tickets per sign for each and every day!

    1. Idiot drivers. says:

      Sound right to me. And that’s only the idiots they catch.

    2. dr2chase says:

      Seeing as how, on a whim, I once counted (and recorded a video of) six cars rolling through a stop sign in a single minute, 16 per day seems pretty low. Of course, this was in Massachusetts.

  16. kathy P. says:

    our tax dollars at work.

  17. Charles says:

    I wish these cameras were at every stop sign in my neighborhood. It’s a STOP sign, not a “slow down” sign (although we could use some of those too).

    The biggest problem is that you can pass the DMV written test with several wrong answers. The DMV should require a perfect score, especially since many drivers won’t be re-tested for years, if ever. A lot of people simply don’t know the simplest rules of the road.

    1. Shoji says:

      Don’t let the door hit ya on the @#@on the way out! Ya big whiner..

      1. Shoji says:

        ^^^ Not meant for Charles, but for Mike. Charles has the right idea.

        The biggest complainers are usually the worst offenders..

  18. John from the Westside says:

    Don’t pay the one at Temescal Canyon! It’s a ripoff as it is NOT a public street. This is PARK land and they cannot enforce it, but hope for intimadation. They admit it won’t go on your driving record, but they say it will go on your credit record, but it will not! I didn’t pay and nothing ever happened.

    1. Midnite says:

      I got that one today, $175 at Temescal Canyon from a park ranger. We were filming on set that day and parked in that lot.. I respect the wild life, but did not know I was being filmed by the park as well..

      Instead of trashing it, I will recycle it 🙂

  19. loubon says:

    David, do a report on LAPD chief Bernard Parks, retired pension $265.000 a year, city council $179.000 plus perks ,refuses to cut his CC pay to help those who need work.

  20. LawMann says:

    Why isn’t Diego County included? It’s part of SoCal too, isn’t it?

  21. phil says:

    There are a total of 7 cameras listed on the four sites shown, that means each camera issues 8.8 tickets per day. At 8.8 tickets per day, the state has generated $5, 896, 660.00 in the past 547 days (18 months).

    Since the California State Supreme court has declared red light cameras legal, how long before the stop light cameras become legal also?

    1. Stop at a stop sign. says:

      Not soon enough!

  22. RS says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for these people? Are we supposed to be shocked by the fact that someone’s watching if we’re obeying the law or not? Hey, guess what? If you obey the sign, you won’t have $1225 in fines! It’s your own problem. Pay the fines, stop whining, stop breaking the law, and move on. Lawbreakers are paying for our state parks… I don’t have a problem with that.

    1. Freedomminute says:

      You miss the point. It is the MRCA that is breaking the law by using this type of enforcement. It is not allowed under the laws of California. If drivers have to follow the rules, so does the government. Plus, there are rules that determine where stop signs are needed based on engineering studies. The MRCA has done no such studies and just places these signs and camera in locations to maximize their profit, not maximize safety.

      1. Duh! says:

        The fact is, drivers DON’T follow the rules. If they can break the rules, so can the government…
        I hope they get as much money as they can off of idiots who don’t STOP AT A STOP SIGN!!!

      2. freedomminute says:

        You’ve got that backwards. In order for there to be rules for drivers to break, the government first has to follow the rules in creating the rules for drivers. If they don’t, as the MRCA has done here, there’s no valid rule in place, so therefore drivers aren’t breaking the rules.

  23. Jan says:

    Stop – means come to complete stop behind the white line. If you got caught ignoring the stop sign, then pay the fine. If you don’t like the fine, obey the stop sign.

  24. E.White says:

    Funny but being caught for doing something illegal and whining is NOT an excuse for doing something ILLEGAL. Just like cellphone and texting while DRIVING. YOu are breaking the LAW. Okay if you are that busy and it is that necessary PULL OVER. If the sign says STOP, STOP. Simple. If you are supposed to LEGALLY register and insure your car to drive the vehicle, do it! Quit whining, quit finding excuses and hiring attorneys to plead your cases, follow the law and be responsible! It makes me angry that people do not want to accept responsibility for their actions, whether bad or not (just do something good and then you scream for accolades) c’mon people get real!

    1. Whatever California says:

      The Law requires that you show financial responsibility, not necessarily insurance. The Law also requires that you be served in person, or that a picture of the driver is taken. I think the question is not are people doing something illegal, but that the punishment is or is not worthy of the severity of infraction. To take it one step further, are the citizen’s of California going to allow their government to break the very laws they claim to be enforcing? The law does not and cannot account for every situation, and I agree with being responsible, but that isn’t always the same as following the law. And, as an aside, if the government wants it’s citizens to follow the law, they need to follow said law also.

      1. Duh! says:

        You are wrong. The question IS whether people are following the law or not.

        What?!? The government has to follow the law, but you are free to break it???


  25. Lisa says:

    Interesting that all of the stop sign cameras are located in State Parks. Who installs these cameras and who receives the revenue generated? State Parks?
    Was there any prior evidence of a need to protect the public in these locations from “stop sign rollers” or is this purely another grab for money from public officials?

    1. erik says:

      it is designed to save kids when they play from reckless drivers like you,

      1. Freedomminute says:

        @erik – Yes, the millions of dollars the MRCA is raking in using this illegal enforcement scheme is “designed to protect the kids”. Of course that doesn’t explain why no other place in the country has found it necessary to “protect the kids” in this way. Nor does it explain why the MRCA erected a stop sign and camera in the middle of a road where there is no intersection or pedestrian cross traffic.

  26. Barefoot says:

    Thank you RS, Jan, and E. White!!! Just obey the laws and your life will be much easier!

    1. Freedomminute says:

      @Barefoot – The MRCA is violating the law. How shall we punish them?

  27. Jim says:

    You can throw these tickets away without consequence as I did (over a year ago). Treat these citations as the junk mail they are. They are not enforced through normal channels like other traffic citations because the MRCA knows they are unenforceable and just hope people will pay them money out of fear.

  28. Buck says:

    Stop means stop whatever the ridiculous location or reason. I want these put in school zones at every corner

    1. erik says:

      yep that will be good idea but no one think about it unless there is incident

    2. Freedomminute says:

      Well if you want to live in a society in which the government monitors your every move just waiting for you to slip up so they can send you a ticket, then more power to you. I, for one, don’t wish to live in such a society. Plus, I bet you break the law every day by going over the speed limit. By your logic, even if you go just 1 mile over, you deserve a ticket. 35 MPH means 35 MPH.

      1. Buck says:

        Actually I’m the guy who helps the kids in and out of cars at the schools. I yell at parents j walking with there kids I yell at cars flying down 25 mph side streets. I talk to my neighbors when they or there friends go past to fast and most people apolgize to me and watch out when I’m around. Too many kids get hurt or killed in this city every year from careless drivers

  29. Confused says:

    I think the real question needs to be asked: If these are truly for the safety of the park guests, why are they at the park EXITS??

    This agency has done so many good things over the years, WHY would they do something as ridiculous as this unless it was about the money?

  30. strinitron says:

    Most of you commenting have no idea what’s going on. Freedomminute posted a link to lot more info. Check it out before you speak. Although some folks complain because they’re bitter about it and ran the stop sign, what’s at stake here is that MRCA clearly states that they DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW THE CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE. They are free to make their own rules. In the case of red light cameras, the code insists that there needs to be a picture of you making the violation. MRCA doesn’t care whether you were driving or not. They don’t even take a picture of the driver. All they say is that according to their own ordinance, they don’t need a proof of who the driver is. So the next time you loan your car to someone, or if you share the car with several people, don’t be surprised to be responsible for $175 ticket. In fact, the way MRCA puts this, they could draw a yellow line in a middle of the street, and as long as in their ordinance they state that that is their version of a stop sign, they can send u a bill.

  31. Caught on tape says:

    This is an illegal camera scam by a private company (Red Flex) who gets paid by the MRCA a certain amount per ticket issued. No vested interest? You can only view your video and many people claim that the videos seem edited and sped up. You are not entitled to a copy of the video for your review/analysis as well. So imagine LAPD officers having to meet a quota in the number of tickets the write each day on the job? Taking it one step further you cannot have the evidence examined by your examiners to test it reliability. Would it matter then?
    How about getting a ticket in the mail for talking on the phone while passing one of the red light cameras? Those cameras are rolling 24/7 and if this is allowed (or ok with some of you), then why shouldn’t the LAPD have someone review each camera and issue out tickets to every person caught on these cameras talking without a headset or texting while driving?
    This is not only about failing to stop, this is about a government agency doing whatever they want and applying state laws only when it fits their purpose and ignoring those that do not enrich their revenue.
    If this was truly about safety, then with the $2.9 million (in the report) made from this scam they could have installed a light. If this was too expensive, they could have installed speed bumps (only cost a few grand) in the areas of concern and properly addressed the safety issue.
    For those of you who say good you got caught, I encourage you to visit some of these places around dusk (extremely poor visibility in these areas) and see if you too end up getting a notice in the mail 2 weeks later (see if you remember with 100% certainty if you came to a complete stop) saying you have to pay a $175 fine. Visit these places and see how much traffic there really is and if it is about safety (at the points where the cameras are placed). They are strategically placed in low light areas with small warning signs placed at the stop sign.

    1. Rebecca says:

      THANK YOU! Thank you for writing the only intelligent comment on here. I was growing weary by the lack of intelligent responses. You have restored some of my faith in humanity.

  32. UKPhil :-) says:

    well if they’re illegal signs then who could be prosecuted for, lets say, taking a saw to them and felling them (just do it from behind so you don’t get filmed doing it).

    yes you should stop at a legitimate stop sign but these, just run em over

  33. Henry says:

    Hokay, we gotta lot of hang ’em high types here, so here is a question for y’all.

    Let’s say your teenage son (whose bills you pay) rolls a right turn while driving your car, and you (dad) then receive one of the fake red light camera tickets in the mail – the ones that you’re not required to reply to. (These are called Snitch Tickets – if you don’t know what that is, 100% for sure, Google the term.) The fake ticket is in your name, because you are the reg. owner. Would you turn your son’s name in to the police, in which case a REAL ticket would be sent to him, so he can be punished for his misdeed? Or would you re-think your hang ’em high position, since the $500+ fine money would be coming out of your pocket? (Remember – what you received was a fake ticket, which if you ignore it, nothing will happen.)

    Please limit your answer to yes, I would turn him in, or no, I would not turn him in. Your silence will be interpreted as a no.

  34. RobG says:

    Once again it’s about revenue and not about traffic safety. Besides, this is still a violation of your Fourth Amendment Rights to be able to face your accuser.

    1. D P says:

      ROB G it is the 6th amendment to face your accusers, the fourth amendment is about search and seizures. You should really look up your constitution law before you try to quote it

  35. I got one too says:

    I feel like I’ve read everything there is to know about this. I got one too. I paid the ticket and took RESPONSIBILITY for my actions. I try to follow the laws to the best of my ability. If I mess up, then I pay for that consequence. I always tell my kids– Do what’s right-even when nobody is looking. That’s what a person of true character does. If “big brother” got me…then too bad. I should’ve been doing following the rules.

  36. GIONNI says:


    1. Steve says:

      You’re an idiot. Please banish yourself to an uncharted island where no one will be bothered by your idiocy.

  37. Howard says:

    No, I did not come to a complete stop at the sign. My thinking was not “I only need to slow down because there’s probably no one coming the other way”; my thought was that this must be some kind of fraternity prank, the way it was randomly standing there. The sign at the top of Reseda Blvd is not just in the middle of nowhere; it was very randomly placed there — no crosswalks, no cross streets, no anything that could be considered a safety precaution. This is purely a money-making effort. Stop signs and cameras are permitted by California state law under certain conditions that these signs do not meet; the sign and cameras are illegal.

  38. Erik says:

    And I am tired of getting hit (3 times so far) by cars who are sailing through these stop signs and right turn-on-red, always looking left for other cars and not at me on the right-hand corner.

    1. freedomminute says:

      You’ve been hit by cars 3 times? Really? Most people go their entire lives without being hit by a car even once and you’ve been hit 3 times? This suggests either:
      a) you’re not telling the truth
      b) you’re extremely unlucky (have you also been hit by lightning?)
      c) you’re not following the rules of the road for pedestrians and are a danger to yourself and the driving public
      d) you live in Mumbai, India

  39. steve says:

    it amazing. they have money for cameras but not for left hand turn singnals in busy intersections

  40. meh says:

    When the government has a camera in my bathroom at home, THAT’S when I will have had enough! They have no right to tell me how big my dumps should be! This aggression will not stand, man!!

  41. Buck says:

    Just stop and problem solved. No need for camera if people stop

  42. D P says:

    If the Offenders would learn how to stop completely just like it says in the California Vehicle Code, and the DMV hand outs, they would not have this problem, and to the cry baby sally of who ran the stop signs 7 times over violator, pay your fine and LEARN how to STOP.

  43. reid says:

    I think its a joke that all these cameras at lights and stop signs are being posted everywhere and the money goes to AZ. Also, these cameras can cause more accidents then prevent road violations

  44. Buck says:

    I just notices that most of these cameras are in areas were people travel here to avoid traffic thru park areas with people walking. Good for these cameras eapecaially Franklin cyn this us a beautiful nature area to hike were people cut thru the park to avoid coldwater I’m happy cameras here

  45. TommyTwoTone says:

    I think it is outrageous that stop sign camera fine money is being sent to Arizona. Who can we stop this?

  46. freedomminute says:

    Well I’m pretty sure we’ve got Joe Edmiston, the head of the MRCA, or one of his shills posting here under various user names. Notice how so many of the responses in favor of this illegal scheme are posted at around the same time but under different user names.

  47. NM says:

    All of you saying stop running stop signs, you are correct in theory, but, in practice I doubt it is as cut and clear as you think.

    Do you want a ticket because you rolled over a line to be able to see past a tree, a fence, a parked car, etc to decide whether it is safe to proceed or not?

    A camera cannot decide whether it was safe or not, it is programmed to take a picture and report. No thought regarding safety, etc.

    What if an 18 wheeler was flying behind you and if you braked it would slam into you?

    This is why we are better off hiring more police officers… who can respond to other calls… then just building money making machines.

    Heck, if they wanted money, I’d rather have a slot machine then a red light camera (red light camera companies have been shorting yellow light times in order to increase revenue, so you think they wont bend rules to make money from this?).

    Life isn’t black and white people.

    1. Ralf says:

      Seems you need to go back to traffic school to learn the rules, how a STOP sign is supposed to work.
      You have to come to a complete stop at the white line, no matter what!
      After that, if you do not have a clear view, you can proceed “slowly” to the line of sight, from where you can proceed if it is safe to do so…

    2. freedomminute says:

      @NM You make some good points, but since most of the posters here who seem to be the “law and order” types are probably just MRCA shills who have been asked to make these posts (or the head of the MRCA itself) you are probably wasting your time. The others are people who simply can’t understand what the California Supreme Court said so eloquently, “Traffic rules account for most of the contact by average citizens with law enforcement and the courts. Enforcement of laws which are widely perceived as unreasonable and unfair generates disrespect and even contempt toward those who make and enforce those laws”. People v. Goulet, 13 Cal.App.4th Supp. 1. Dec 18, 1992.

  48. ferguson says:

    MRCA you ain’t gettin a penny from me, not even a phone call. Your notices going straight to the garbage not even worth wiping my butt with them, Thanks for the vid of my car it was entertaining.
    I hope the lawsuit makes u have to pay back all the 2.8 million to those unknowing fools.

  49. Duh! says:

    Reminds me of a joke.

    A police officer pulls a guy over for failure to stop at a stop sign.
    He gives the officer the excuse, “But I slowed down.”
    The officer then asks the driver to exit the vehicle.
    After exiting the vehicle, the office takes out his baton and starts hitting the driver over and over again.
    The officer then says, “Now, would you like me to stop, or just slow down?”

    1. freedomminute says:

      The “joke” is not an analogous situation. In the case of the police officer you’d want him to stop and not continue. In the case of the driver at the stop sign he’s only stopping for a brief moment and then continuing on. If the police officer was simply stopping for just a moment and then continuing to beat the driver, I think I want him to slow down rather than stop.

  50. freedomminute says:

    According to the people who have completely ignored their tickets from the MRCA, absolutely nothing has happened to them. They do get a letter from a collection agency, deny that they owe any debt and never hear about it again. Read more here: http://www.freedomminute.com/blog/state-government/the-100-stop-sign-scam/

  51. tom henderson says:

    I got the ‘gift’ from the Reseda Bl money machine in June. Ignored it. THen, in Sept. got a letter from the MCRA requesting $192. (the $175 + 10%). Ignored that as well. Renewed the regis in Dec. Havent heard anything since.

    Also, there is a new state law that seemingly will render these stop sign cameras impotent if not decidedly illegal. Its SB 928, takes effect 01-01-2011. The MCRA sites the driver for a viol of some obscure MCRA park ordinance. The new law specifically states that the viol must be cited under the Ca Veh Code, and the section for a SS viol is 22450 VC. And, since thats a moving viol, it can only be issued to the ‘driver’ and not the RO. And it must be scored against the drivers record when adjudicated.

    Point being, the MCRA is no more powerful than a security guard at the local mall.

    1. tom henderson says:

      My mistake, I got the bill # wrong. The correct bill is: SB 949
      Below is the gist of it.

      My “Senate Bill 949 simply clarifies state law,” Oropeza, D-Long Beach, said after citing a formal legal opinion by Legislative Counsel, the legal arbiter for the Legislature. “Several local governments statewide have recently made it their official policy to substitute their own local ordinances for defined violations and penalties in the state’s vehicle code for moving violations.

      Such inconsistency in enforcing state law can only lead to confusion and distrust among drivers, Oropeza said.

      She added that it also inhibits accurate collection of safety data used to track unsafe drivers and calculate insurance rates; and puts the state in danger of losing millions in federal transportation dollars.

      SB 949 Motor Vehicles..jpg
      class=MsoNormal style=”MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt”>SB 949 also received bipartisan support in the Senate, where on May 28 it passed 28-0. If SB 949 is signed into law, it would halt the recent trend by local governments to write their own vehicle codes to cite motorists for moving violations such as speeding.

      Supporters of the measure include: The Auto Club of Southern California, the largest southern California organization representing the interests of motorists; the American Automobile Association Northern California; and Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc.

      SB 949 will next face a vote on the Assembly floor; a date has not yet been set.

      SPECIAL NOTE: The office of Sen. Oropeza can provide a Spanish-speaking representative to comment on this Press Release.

      For more, visit Jenny’s Web site below.

      Elected to the 28th Senate District in November 2006, Jenny Oropeza is one of the highest-ranking Latinos in the Legislature and chairs the Senate Majority Caucus. For more, visit http://www.senate.ca.gov/oropeza

  52. Stan says:

    Your news item gave lots of info about the Corona and Riverside cameras — but your map only shows 4 LA cameras. THis is some pretty phoney newscasting. As usual — the website info misses the mark on relating to the TV news item. How about soning some internal investigating?

    1. Ralf says:

      Nothing phony about it at all (well, not in the sense you are referring to it). You are just looking at the wrong issue, this is about a complete different one from September last year, not about the issue that was shown last night!….

  53. Joe says:

    Before you support these illegal stop sign cameras, research where they are being placed. None of them are at an intersection and at least one of them was placed in the middle of a block on one side of the street but not on the other side because they are illegal in the state of California. The MRCA is claiming they are above California and Federal laws and not a single stop sign camera can produce an engineering study that says these are necessary. It’s a gold mine for this organization at the expense of citizens, without any due process whatsoever. An audit of the MRCA may reveal some shockingly lavish spending as a result of this program and very little actually spent to improve the parks, they claim they are broke despite this illegal scheme that has brought in millions.
    These red light cameras are not being placed at busy intersections or even intersections at all, the reason is because they are illogical but placed to drive maximum revenue to the Australian Company that runs the program and the political figures that partnered with them. The Australian firm has been losing contract across the country and there stock has suffered. The program with the MRCA was originally set-up between the two parties where the Australian firm would get a commission for each ticket issued, also illegal but neither party cared if it was illegal and went ahead anyway. After lawsuits were issued, they changed the structure to a set fee. There are no records of any accidents at any of the sites where the cameras have been placed or engineering studies produced as required by California law. The MRCA is one scary outfit, above the law.
    What will they come up with next? Contact your local representatives to stop this now!

    1. chuck says:

      I received 2 of the stop sign camera tickets from the camera at the top of Reseda. They were sent to me because i am the registered owner of the car however my daughter drives that car. At the time that we received the tickets I did not have the time to fight them so we paid them. I have since checked into the DOT specifications for placing stop signs and that one does not seem to fit the criteria for a stop sign location. I was at the park last week and noticed that the stop signs and the camera are gone.
      I wonder if there is and recourse to get our fines back since these camera stop signs seem to have been illegal.

  54. Park Visitor says:

    I am VERY happy to confirm that the stop sign on Reseda Blvd is gone! The camera and solar panels powering it are still there, but the sign, limit line, and other street markings are no longer there.

    It seems funny since MRCA’s “justification” was entirely safety, that I don’t feel one bit less safe visiting this park now.

    I’d like to extend a BIG thank you to Channel 2, and anyone else that might have been involved in getting this scam corrected. This, along with the proposed Ramirez Canyon property sale, might just be a reality check for SMMC and MRCA, Lesson of the day: You, along with everyone else, have to obey the rules, and you just can’t make up your own!

    1. freedomminute says:

      You’re welcome. http://www.freedomminute.com Although I suspect that the stop sign camera may have been removed because it wasn’t generating enough revenue. And the program is all about revenue.

  55. Tony says:

    For all you idiots praising these illegal cams,.. Before spewing your nonsense, go up to the Topanga overlook and see where the stop sign is placed. You can’t even see oncoming traffic from the stop sign. It is clearly a trap. AND, it’s not even an intersection…It’s a merge lane like a freeway on-ramp. Also, these illegal scam tickets DO NOT EVEN AFFECT THE DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE!!! They’re sent to the registered owner. I got one of these illegal extortion tickets in the mail and I have never once even driven into this parking lot. Total BS.

  56. THANK YOU! says:

    Thank you folks so much for posting and Channel 2 for reporting. I got this ticket in May and ignored it because it read like a scam. How are you going to send me a picture of the back of my car with the brake lights on, no stop sign visible and say “appears to have failed to come to a complete stop”?

    I second-guessed myself when I got a letter from a collection agency, but after hearing some similar thoughts, shoot, I don’t care what else they send me. I am not paying this. Thanks to people voicing their opinion, a staple of democracy, I know not to support this agency that is being very undemocratic.

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