<a href="#stop_sign_cams">» Map Of Stop Sign Camera Locations</a>By David Goldstein

This is an investigation that’s prompted dozens of e-mails, even before the story aired. Commuters are already frustrated and upset about Red Light cameras—but now stop sign cameras? Out to catch motorists on tape rolling through a stop sign. And the fine is $175.00! We found the only ones in the state are right here in Southern California! More than 34,000 tickets have been issued in the past 18 months! But there are some who say these cameras are against the law.

When I first started researching stop sign cameras the word was circulated on a couple of blogs and websites. And I heard from a lot of people who got tickets and were very upset.

No one is advocating that they shouldn’t stop at stop signs. But these stop signs are on quiet roads in parks. Most of the people believed they slowed down and felt it safe to proceed. Some felt it’s just a trap to make money. And others are involved in a lawsuit because critics claim the cameras violate the law in California.

The courts will have to decide that, but for now watch out. Big brother could be watching. We’ll show you where the stop sign cameras are hiding, ready to catch you on your next California Stop!

Stop Sign Camera Locations

David Goldstein

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  1. freedomminute says:

    Well I’m pretty sure we’ve got Joe Edmiston, the head of the MRCA, or one of his shills posting here under various user names. Notice how so many of the responses in favor of this illegal scheme are posted at around the same time but under different user names.

  2. NM says:

    All of you saying stop running stop signs, you are correct in theory, but, in practice I doubt it is as cut and clear as you think.

    Do you want a ticket because you rolled over a line to be able to see past a tree, a fence, a parked car, etc to decide whether it is safe to proceed or not?

    A camera cannot decide whether it was safe or not, it is programmed to take a picture and report. No thought regarding safety, etc.

    What if an 18 wheeler was flying behind you and if you braked it would slam into you?

    This is why we are better off hiring more police officers… who can respond to other calls… then just building money making machines.

    Heck, if they wanted money, I’d rather have a slot machine then a red light camera (red light camera companies have been shorting yellow light times in order to increase revenue, so you think they wont bend rules to make money from this?).

    Life isn’t black and white people.

    1. Ralf says:

      Seems you need to go back to traffic school to learn the rules, how a STOP sign is supposed to work.
      You have to come to a complete stop at the white line, no matter what!
      After that, if you do not have a clear view, you can proceed “slowly” to the line of sight, from where you can proceed if it is safe to do so…

    2. freedomminute says:

      @NM You make some good points, but since most of the posters here who seem to be the “law and order” types are probably just MRCA shills who have been asked to make these posts (or the head of the MRCA itself) you are probably wasting your time. The others are people who simply can’t understand what the California Supreme Court said so eloquently, “Traffic rules account for most of the contact by average citizens with law enforcement and the courts. Enforcement of laws which are widely perceived as unreasonable and unfair generates disrespect and even contempt toward those who make and enforce those laws”. People v. Goulet, 13 Cal.App.4th Supp. 1. Dec 18, 1992.

  3. ferguson says:

    MRCA you ain’t gettin a penny from me, not even a phone call. Your notices going straight to the garbage not even worth wiping my butt with them, Thanks for the vid of my car it was entertaining.
    I hope the lawsuit makes u have to pay back all the 2.8 million to those unknowing fools.

  4. Duh! says:

    Reminds me of a joke.

    A police officer pulls a guy over for failure to stop at a stop sign.
    He gives the officer the excuse, “But I slowed down.”
    The officer then asks the driver to exit the vehicle.
    After exiting the vehicle, the office takes out his baton and starts hitting the driver over and over again.
    The officer then says, “Now, would you like me to stop, or just slow down?”

    1. freedomminute says:

      The “joke” is not an analogous situation. In the case of the police officer you’d want him to stop and not continue. In the case of the driver at the stop sign he’s only stopping for a brief moment and then continuing on. If the police officer was simply stopping for just a moment and then continuing to beat the driver, I think I want him to slow down rather than stop.

  5. freedomminute says:

    According to the people who have completely ignored their tickets from the MRCA, absolutely nothing has happened to them. They do get a letter from a collection agency, deny that they owe any debt and never hear about it again. Read more here: http://www.freedomminute.com/blog/state-government/the-100-stop-sign-scam/

  6. tom henderson says:

    I got the ‘gift’ from the Reseda Bl money machine in June. Ignored it. THen, in Sept. got a letter from the MCRA requesting $192. (the $175 + 10%). Ignored that as well. Renewed the regis in Dec. Havent heard anything since.

    Also, there is a new state law that seemingly will render these stop sign cameras impotent if not decidedly illegal. Its SB 928, takes effect 01-01-2011. The MCRA sites the driver for a viol of some obscure MCRA park ordinance. The new law specifically states that the viol must be cited under the Ca Veh Code, and the section for a SS viol is 22450 VC. And, since thats a moving viol, it can only be issued to the ‘driver’ and not the RO. And it must be scored against the drivers record when adjudicated.

    Point being, the MCRA is no more powerful than a security guard at the local mall.

    1. tom henderson says:

      My mistake, I got the bill # wrong. The correct bill is: SB 949
      Below is the gist of it.

      My “Senate Bill 949 simply clarifies state law,” Oropeza, D-Long Beach, said after citing a formal legal opinion by Legislative Counsel, the legal arbiter for the Legislature. “Several local governments statewide have recently made it their official policy to substitute their own local ordinances for defined violations and penalties in the state’s vehicle code for moving violations.

      Such inconsistency in enforcing state law can only lead to confusion and distrust among drivers, Oropeza said.

      She added that it also inhibits accurate collection of safety data used to track unsafe drivers and calculate insurance rates; and puts the state in danger of losing millions in federal transportation dollars.

      SB 949 Motor Vehicles..jpg
      class=MsoNormal style=”MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt”>SB 949 also received bipartisan support in the Senate, where on May 28 it passed 28-0. If SB 949 is signed into law, it would halt the recent trend by local governments to write their own vehicle codes to cite motorists for moving violations such as speeding.

      Supporters of the measure include: The Auto Club of Southern California, the largest southern California organization representing the interests of motorists; the American Automobile Association Northern California; and Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc.

      SB 949 will next face a vote on the Assembly floor; a date has not yet been set.

      SPECIAL NOTE: The office of Sen. Oropeza can provide a Spanish-speaking representative to comment on this Press Release.

      For more, visit Jenny’s Web site below.

      Elected to the 28th Senate District in November 2006, Jenny Oropeza is one of the highest-ranking Latinos in the Legislature and chairs the Senate Majority Caucus. For more, visit http://www.senate.ca.gov/oropeza

  7. Stan says:

    Your news item gave lots of info about the Corona and Riverside cameras — but your map only shows 4 LA cameras. THis is some pretty phoney newscasting. As usual — the website info misses the mark on relating to the TV news item. How about soning some internal investigating?

    1. Ralf says:

      Nothing phony about it at all (well, not in the sense you are referring to it). You are just looking at the wrong issue, this is about a complete different one from September last year, not about the issue that was shown last night!….

  8. Joe says:

    Before you support these illegal stop sign cameras, research where they are being placed. None of them are at an intersection and at least one of them was placed in the middle of a block on one side of the street but not on the other side because they are illegal in the state of California. The MRCA is claiming they are above California and Federal laws and not a single stop sign camera can produce an engineering study that says these are necessary. It’s a gold mine for this organization at the expense of citizens, without any due process whatsoever. An audit of the MRCA may reveal some shockingly lavish spending as a result of this program and very little actually spent to improve the parks, they claim they are broke despite this illegal scheme that has brought in millions.
    These red light cameras are not being placed at busy intersections or even intersections at all, the reason is because they are illogical but placed to drive maximum revenue to the Australian Company that runs the program and the political figures that partnered with them. The Australian firm has been losing contract across the country and there stock has suffered. The program with the MRCA was originally set-up between the two parties where the Australian firm would get a commission for each ticket issued, also illegal but neither party cared if it was illegal and went ahead anyway. After lawsuits were issued, they changed the structure to a set fee. There are no records of any accidents at any of the sites where the cameras have been placed or engineering studies produced as required by California law. The MRCA is one scary outfit, above the law.
    What will they come up with next? Contact your local representatives to stop this now!

    1. chuck says:

      I received 2 of the stop sign camera tickets from the camera at the top of Reseda. They were sent to me because i am the registered owner of the car however my daughter drives that car. At the time that we received the tickets I did not have the time to fight them so we paid them. I have since checked into the DOT specifications for placing stop signs and that one does not seem to fit the criteria for a stop sign location. I was at the park last week and noticed that the stop signs and the camera are gone.
      I wonder if there is and recourse to get our fines back since these camera stop signs seem to have been illegal.

  9. Park Visitor says:

    I am VERY happy to confirm that the stop sign on Reseda Blvd is gone! The camera and solar panels powering it are still there, but the sign, limit line, and other street markings are no longer there.

    It seems funny since MRCA’s “justification” was entirely safety, that I don’t feel one bit less safe visiting this park now.

    I’d like to extend a BIG thank you to Channel 2, and anyone else that might have been involved in getting this scam corrected. This, along with the proposed Ramirez Canyon property sale, might just be a reality check for SMMC and MRCA, Lesson of the day: You, along with everyone else, have to obey the rules, and you just can’t make up your own!

    1. freedomminute says:

      You’re welcome. http://www.freedomminute.com Although I suspect that the stop sign camera may have been removed because it wasn’t generating enough revenue. And the program is all about revenue.

  10. Tony says:

    For all you idiots praising these illegal cams,.. Before spewing your nonsense, go up to the Topanga overlook and see where the stop sign is placed. You can’t even see oncoming traffic from the stop sign. It is clearly a trap. AND, it’s not even an intersection…It’s a merge lane like a freeway on-ramp. Also, these illegal scam tickets DO NOT EVEN AFFECT THE DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE!!! They’re sent to the registered owner. I got one of these illegal extortion tickets in the mail and I have never once even driven into this parking lot. Total BS.

  11. THANK YOU! says:

    Thank you folks so much for posting and Channel 2 for reporting. I got this ticket in May and ignored it because it read like a scam. How are you going to send me a picture of the back of my car with the brake lights on, no stop sign visible and say “appears to have failed to come to a complete stop”?

    I second-guessed myself when I got a letter from a collection agency, but after hearing some similar thoughts, shoot, I don’t care what else they send me. I am not paying this. Thanks to people voicing their opinion, a staple of democracy, I know not to support this agency that is being very undemocratic.

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