VENTURA (AP) — The Ventura County Medical Examiner has completed the autopsy of an 8-year-old girl who authorities suspect was slain by her mother, but officials have not immediately released a cause of death.

Chief Deputy Medical Examiner James Baroni said Tuesday that the autopsy results would likely be released a day later, after further investigative work is completed.

Twenty-five-year-old Blair Stockdill was arrested Monday after police responded to reports of a knife fight between a man and woman.

At an apartment, officers found a man with stab wounds on his arm and inside the home, police found the body of Stockdill’s daughter, Alaina, who had been dead for several days.

Stockdill was arrested on suspicion of murder and remained jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail.

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Comments (4)
  1. easytiger says:

    Barry Zimmerman from the Ventura County Human services has to be held personally accountable. His smug lawyering comments in the news were disgusting. His services were warned before. See the LA Times article from April 22, 2010 This girls death is HIS responsibility. When are we going to start holding government employees accountable, Jerry Brown?

    1. Bobby says:

      Well said….see the NCYL report too.

  2. viri123 says:

    whoa.. so what can we do to help ? us the parents harm our own children and then depend on social workers to come and protect our own children? i mean what is wrong with this world!!!!!!!!!!

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