LOS ANGELES (KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO) — As they say in real estate, it all comes down to “location, location, location” — and Westside officials are pushing to make sure their city is in the plans for a Southland “subway to the sea”.

Malls, Business Owners Vie For Subway Stop: KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

The public hearing on the Westside Subway Extension is set for Mon. Sept. 20, 6-8 p.m., LACMA West Terrace Room, 5th Fl., 5905 Wilshire Blvd.

For more information visit Westside Subway Extension | Upcoming Meetings.

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  1. Robert Matheny says:

    Build it above ground and model it after the Monorail at Disneyland. For the same money it would cost for underground, it could be extended farther.

    1. john says:

      They already phased out the monorail in the AA report, said we need heavy rail because currently the 20/720 & 920 carry more people per hour per direction than any other line in North America. Only heavy rail can carry up to 85,000 phpd. I think they are just tied into the lobbyist and are passing up a good and low-cost opportunity that will pay itself off over time.

  2. Luka says:

    instead of a subway to the sea there should be a rail system in place on the 405. That is the worst freeway in LA

    1. Edward Watson says:

      That’s an excellent suggestion, but I presume that it would be too expensive for California at this time.
      My suggestion is to go ahead and extend the subway to Santa Monica and build in the infrastructure for a future subway or light rail connection with the Orange Line.
      Judging from the amount of traffic through the Sepulveda Pass, that would encourage many motorists to switch to public transportation just to avoid that ridiculous traffic on Interstate 405.

  3. wobbles says:

    Just let us know which beach community this is gonna end at so we can avoid it. You just know there’s gonna be a tidal wave of gangbangers and lowlifes getting off of that train at the beach……

    1. smiley says:

      Yes.. because its not like any buses stop at beach currently….

    2. jlc says:

      wobbles sounds like one of the people in Hancock Park and Beverly Hills that stopped the Wilshire Subway in the first place. Just ignore the hundred thousand workers that will use this line for their commute.

  4. Sage Brush says:

    Slightly wonderful idea – in theory and if the unintended consequences are ignored – and except the fact there is no money to do it and the people at the destination end DON’T want it. Instead, let’s start with the basics of curing a broken city first, the broken roads, busted public buildings, inept city services, multiple layoffs of people in CURRENT programs, and other infrastructures that ALREADY exist, before we dive into yet another overpriced project that will do nothing but deliver people from the slums to Santa Monica, where graffiti, drugs, and shootings will become a regular past-time; just like it did in Universal City when the Redline opened.

    1. jlc says:

      You realize that you’re calling for segregation, right? Keeping “those” people in their slums? Whatever, more than two-thirds of voters in the County approved Measure R, with the subway as its centerpiece. So I guess you’re the one in the minority now.

  5. thomas says:

    This is long overdue and will be a tourism boom to Los Angeles as now more people can afford to visit and also take advantage of the beaches without having to stay in the luxury Santa Monica hotels.

    Not to mention it will allow for less congestion in the beach communities, and more people bringing money into the area. Contrary to the comment above by wobbles, who seems an arrogant and racist jerk, this will be a great thing for the city of Los Angeles.

  6. Keith says:

    How much traffic wil it relieve?.I heard only 2% of the current traffic at the high cost of over a billion.. Seems to me it is just like the high speed rail to SFO.

  7. albert says:

    Why to the beach? This will only serve Santa Monica businessses. It should be from the valley to west LA to reduce traffic on the 405. Anybody who wants to go to the beach is only one ride away to the beach then. Serve the tourist and Santa Monica but don’t forget the regular commuters.

  8. ginny says:

    I have lived here all my life and am moving toward retirement. I have watched and listened about improving rapid transit and still the same ideas that were on the table all those years ago still come up. I do agree that since the majority of the tax base comes from the SF Valley, why is the continued emphasis on downtown and the Westside? Maybe the Valley needs to look at suceeding from the city again. Boy would LA take abig hit then.

    1. jlc says:

      It’s seceding, not succeeding. And no, they were not “successful”.

  9. Alek F says:

    We should ultimately have a citywide comprehensive subway network (combined with light-rail lines), but Wilshire Blvd alignment should be a start.

  10. Scott Mercer says:

    Wobbles, it is because politicians listened to people like you that we don’t already have a comprehensive mass transit network in Los Angeles. You have nearly destroyed my city and you are wrong. And as it stands now, the “Subway to the Sea” is NOT going to the beach, because there is not enough money for it to do so, it is stopped just west of the 405 at the VA Hospital. As for all you complaining Valleyities, a mass transit project along the 405 is one of the projects in the MTA’s long term plan with support from Measure R funds. So if you want to take a train from Sherman Oaks to Westwood in your lifetime, then I would get involved and support the Mayor’s 30/10 Initiative. That’s the only way to make sure we get a usable transit system in 19 years instead of in 2040 (when I will be 74 years old!!!!)

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