BEVERLY HILLS (AP) — A Beverly Hills judge has issued an arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan after the actress failed a drug test.

The 24-year-old has been ordered to appear in court Friday and is now facing possible jail time for violating her probation.

Officials at Los Angeles County Superior Court say a bench warrant was issued Monday for Lohan. However, authorities say Lohan won’t be taken into custody pending the court hearing Friday.

Lohan confirmed on her Twitter page last week that she failed a court-ordered drug and alcohol screening.

A judge had threatened her with 30 days in jail for each probation violation.Lohan spent two weeks in jail this year after violating probation stemming from convictions involving her 2007 arrests for drug use and driving under the influence.

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Comments (8)
  1. Buck says:

    What took so long and why delay till Friday if she gets pulled over I hope cop takes her in cause that’s what would happen to the rest of us. Also Now repeat offender I hope serve all the time. No more overcrowding bs excuse

  2. ginny says:

    Buck, my first thought was the same as you, why not until Friday. And she should be required to server 30 days for each failed test, she blew it this time. So 60 days (real days), not a day or two. And no segregation this time around, she should have to be in general population so she knows what the rest of the real world already does. And as an imate her visitors should have to follow the same visitor rules/hours, etc. as anyone else does. Then when she gets out she meeds to have her Rehab and probation re-worked. And maybe she needs a conservator (not related in any way to her) assigned as they do for other adults who cannot properly care for themsleves. She obviously can’t..

  3. ginny says:

    Sorry for my typos. Fingers slwer then my brain.

  4. Brenden Bowman says:

    all she wants is to promote her next movie, maybe if we all just start ignoring her she’ll go away. i love that she was released from rehab because she was mis diagnosed, if you have a tooth ache and you get narcotics for the pain and take those narcotics for over a year you are a drug addict. she is a lieing manipulative spoiled lil brat. either throw her in jail and enforce this or wait till she kills herself and or someone else. every drug addict stops eventually one way or another.

  5. matt's mom says:

    Too bad she doesn’t have experience being a real person. Washing floors, cutting coupons, wearing K-Mart, figuring out her own checkbook. Maybe a good dose of reality is what she needs. Something like Habilitat in Hawaii where they must be responsible for every action or live with the consequences. And if she goes back to jail, PLEASE TAKE AWAY HER EXTENSIONS!

  6. Robert says:

    What ever happened to the 3 strike your out law?

  7. Diane says:

    Lindsay Lohan do you know how many young woman and girls would love to
    be in your shoes as a movie star?

    You idiot why don’t you grow up? You are an adult after all. You act more like
    a scatter brained child.

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