LOS ANGELES (AP) — Demonstrators are dispersing after a peaceful rally that began near the spot where a Los Angeles Police officer shot a Guatemalan immigrant who was carrying a knife.

Immigrant’s Rights Activist Demands More Civilian Participation In Oversight Of LAPD, KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports.

Authorities say there were no arrests and no confrontations during the march Saturday that drew about 250 people to the Rampart area west of downtown. Many carried flags from Central American countries and placards decrying the Sept. 5 shooting death of Manuel Jaminez.

Most of the protestors marched past the Rampart police station before winding their way to MacArthur Park. A smaller group took their demonstration to LAPD headquarters downtown.

Jaminez, 37, was shot in the head after a brief confrontation with three bicycle-riding officers on a street corner. Police said Jaminez was drunk and had attempted to stab passers-by, including a pregnant woman, and ignored commands to drop a knife.

Some residents said the fatal shooting seemed a disproportionate use of force and officers should have been able to disarm Jaminez without killing him.

His death sparked several nights of vigils and protests that at times turned violent. Police officials were taken aback that the shooting, which appeared to them to be easily justifiable, could cause so much anger and they blamed outside activists for stirring up resentment.

The surrounding Westlake neighborhood has become a densely packed enclave of Central American immigrants fleeing brutal civil wars and grinding poverty in their home countries.

On one of the nights following Jaminez’s death, protesters gathered outside the police station and pelted officers with eggs, rocks and bottles and set a trash bin on fire. Police made 22 arrests.

Several investigations are ongoing into the shooting and one eyewitness has come forward and disputed the police version of events, saying Jaminez had nothing in his hands when Officer Frank Hernandez shot him.

Activists behind Saturday’s rally want Hernandez to be the subject of a criminal investigation by the district attorney.

The LAPD’s officer union has condemned the activists as “agitators who masquerade around as concerned citizens” and said it is confident all reviews will find Hernandez acted appropriately.

The shooting sparked the first major crisis for Chief Charlie Beck, who succeeded William Bratton in November.

Beck held a community meeting two days after the shooting and was jeered and booed by attendees.

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  1. Robert Garcia says:

    People in this city are sick and tired of the media coverage of this incident. If you read all the other news blogs and internet sites you should be reporting the support for LAPD. Why aren’t you reporting on the influx of all these illegals in our city or the immigration issues. Why are you reporting that thousands of Mexican Americans born in this city support ARizona’s SB1070. Why aren’t asking these illegals who are going to protest what they think of LAPD’;s Special Issue 40 that was implemented to protect them. It was posted on another blog for people to boycott local LA media

    1. Dan says:

      Robert, vote with your feet and leave LA like I did. Then you can read these reports and laugh. LA is becoming a 3rd world city, without Obama money it would all ready broke.

    2. The illegal says:

      Now you want to manipulate the media and tell them what to do and what to report? I think you are a little bit lost and don’t know what country you live in.

      1. motomom says:

        All news sources should be posting “For entertainment purposes only.”

  2. leroybrown says:

    I left LA too. Deport the smelly illegals and maybe I’ll come back.

    1. vudu says:

      Suddenly, i find myself supporting illegal immigration.

  3. ginny says:

    Will the govt. allow ICE to be there to pick up the illegals? and WHEN IS THE MEDIA GOING TO STOP JUST CALLING THESE PEOPLE IMMIGRANTS WHEN 99% OF THEM ARE ILLEGALS. SINCE WHEN DID WE DROP THE ILEGAL PART OF THE ISSUE? There is a difference and that difference affects peoples opinions on the overall issues.

  4. ginny says:

    Anyone remember when the Immigration dept. wuold do illegal immigrant round-ups in LA and take busloads of them down to the border on a regular basis? Newcomers won’t because they were forced to stop because of the ACLU but it used to be very effective ….back when.

    1. The illegal says:

      No we don’t remember..we are not as old as you are… OLD FART..!!

  5. randy says:

    Activists battle police? About a hundred boring, dateless wonders walked down the street, screeched at the police station on bullhorns, then left. No battle today, sorry media.

  6. ginny says:

    The Illegal, such class being shown by you. I’m not old and it wasn’t all that long ago that the immigration dept. did the roundups.

  7. bugman says:

    years ago, I asked a close friend why cops go for the head,he knows,no complaints or being able to talk.

  8. Alex says:

    I wish all these Latinos would shut up and stop crying when you have one of their own threaten people and police with a knife, and then are shot. It was a justifiable shooting, get over it.

  9. David says:

    This is America. We have laws that all citizens must know / learned.
    Why? In order to have a civil society we need law and order.

    We Americans have lived by these laws for many years. Now,
    after all of these years, those who come here don’t like our laws.
    They want to live here in the U.S.A. as though they were at their
    birth place.

    Our officers go through hell trying to understand many different kinds
    of people. LAPD really needs our support. We don’t pay the officers
    enough to ask them to take chances with their life’s.
    When the bad guys try to kill / hurt them or the public the officer
    must stop them.
    The officers have wives and kids that wait, hoping they come home.

    There is law and order in the universe and gravity is a cop.

  10. lili says:

    If the Whites hadn’t been afraid of the English and Spanish governments this would have never been a problem. GO HOME EUROPEANS.

  11. PeteM says:


  12. Vincent says:

    Have these unemployed activists losers forgot the guy was a drunk with a knife threatening passer by’s? Let’s take the Law Enforcement response out the picture for a moment. When are people going to take responsibility for their own actions? I am sure if the cops weren’t flagged down and told about this drunk with a knife he would still be a drunk walking the streets of 6th and Union Ave. His own family didn’t want to help him clean up his act. The community was so used to him walking around drunk it was like the town drunk character on the old Andy Griffith show. The LASD reported this morning that a man died after being tased with a taser. Are the activists going to Sheriffs headquarters to protest that incident? The dummy that died was involved in a foot pursuit and assaulted the responding cops. Lets see, assault cops and run you get tassered. Go after cops with a knife and get shot. Cops did what they had to do. How about these activists start asking the families of both dead guys, Why didn’t they just obey the laws in the first place?

  13. Mike Leptuch says:

    With LAPD SPECIAL ORDER 40 the cops made LA a sanctuary City. Now they are reaping what they sowed

  14. Mike Leptuch says:

    when the LAPD got the voters to change the City Charter and allow money from the City’s general fund to flow into their pensions hundreds of millions of dollars each year go right into that drain hole. It didn’t used to. That money could go towards more cops or god forbid even programs for the city’s youth!

  15. JustCantTakeLA says:

    The ignorance of “non-legal” people is a bit appalling. You’re angry, hateful generalizing is awful.

    I’m going to hip you dumbies on something about Latin American communities in this city, this side of the country.

    Not all Latin American’s, key word AMERICANS, are illegal. Maybe come and go legally. I know you privelaged ones travel – every look at the Latin American airline lines at LAX. Mostly latino. That’s legally entering and leaving. Always been like that.

    Second, Latino’s are also American. They come from Central America, from South America from other parts of the America’s. They are already AMERICAN. So YOU, are not the ONLY Americans.

    Thirdly, and I’m about to get heavy here with real world facts, that most of what’s going on right now at Westlake, with protests and why the LAPD are getting riot ready is that the ACTIVISTS that swooped into the area to take advantage of yet another alleged act of police brutality are agitators. Especially the Mecha-artsy farsty revolutionist bullhorn types of Mexican descent.

    They swooped in to rile up the Guatemalan community. I was there at that corner, I spoke with many and I saw first hand several intances where these bullhorn, mostly Mexican based activists, were there trying to get people to assemble at a gathering at MacArthur park, but they were ignored.

    They kept trying, passing out leaflets that mentioned NOTHING about helping the Guatemalan family of that man, or helping with an official fund for his burial costs, etc. NOTHING. All these activists talked about was “pueblo” this “brutality that” and tried their best to make these modest humble Guatemalans into angry Mexican activist types.

    I am differentiating Guatemalans and Mexican activists for two main reasons – in the activist side of the issue, you can ask ANY Central American if they have ever been discriminated against by Mexicans. And they will start spilling stories of how they have been. Not only in this country but in Mexico. Mexican’s if you are clever enough will also spill out the racist immigration laws they have in their country against OTHER Latino groups. Bet you didn’t know that did you …American.

    As soon as Central American’s are used in these protests against immigration laws and police injustice, etc. BY Mexican based activists, the faster they’ll look away at them AFTER the activists agenda’s are met. Apparently, a few Central American’s fell for that manipulation, the sad thing is that the Police know the activists are agitators out to create problems so they gear up in riot gear which makes the Guatemalan/Central American community in this city, look bad. Thank you activists.

    Now, my other serious take on the shooting is that the POLICE MAN shooter, killer of that man was of Mexican descent. The other cops did not shoot at the same time, that means he was the trigger happy man. The victim was not holding anyone at knife point and you don’t really know what was or did happen because you weren’t there. But just those actual facts cause one, at least me, to question what the hell happened, why was that man shot.

    My theory? Inter-latino racism. Not all, but most Mexican’s don’t like Central Americans. I think this needs to be looked into when investigating this. This in itself, could of fueled why this bad cop easily shot this man, why he dealt with him the way he did. And the LAPD shelters these types. Thats the even bigger problem.

    No one in this city wants to face that, no one. But its an actual problem that most latino’s have to deal with. Not only with YOUR kind that calls all latino’s illegals and not American but with other racist elements WITHIN latino communities.

  16. Jose Gonzalez says:

    There are gang members who are terrorizing the Westlake District and I was wondering why these so-called demonstrators are not protesting against the gang members but the LAPD who is helping them? I wonder how many these “protestors” are actually gang members themselves!

    A Westlake District Resident

  17. America Was Beautiful says:

    Americans wake up. These people are a security risk and the more jobs, benefits and time we provide them the more insecure we become. Think about it – you have a group of illegal immigrants protesting on our streets that we pay for because one of them purportedly was drunk with a knife and not responding to the police, In any sane society, one should rejoice the police were available to assist but instead we have more of them protesting in our streets as if we owe them something,

    Seriously, wake up.

    We pay billions for schools our children can’t attend; our hospitals are overrun with illegal births the indigent poor coming across the border can’t pay for; our own citizens can’t get access to the hospitals because there are so many of them; they do NOT obey our laws even though we’re forced to…the list goes on. Wake up!

    Stop patronizing businesses who hire illegals; Make sure you tell the owners you want to see Americans working at their establishments;
    Stop hiring ‘nannies’ at your home!
    Hire American gardeners! Don’t know any, start your own gardening service you’d be surprised how many American’s jump at the opportunity to have an American doing their work;
    All Mexicans are NOT illegal – we know our people. There are some Americans who are Mexican so don’t castigate them all however, only hire those who are legal!
    Report illegal activity to the police immediately be it illegal food vending, construction, handyman work, etc.
    Are illegals infiltrating your neighborhood? Stop being nice, if they’re living in a nearby property, report them to ICE!
    Stop supporting media outlets who cover these stories from the perspective of the poor, suffering illegal. Make your voice known louder than the people who’ve breached our security.
    Don’t complain just respond with your wallet and your vote ridding these dirtbags from office who continue to support illegal immigration! And most importantly – STOP HIRING ILLEGALS!

    Remember, they’re a security risk and if you doubt what I’m saying, read the above article and look at the news report!

  18. olaf says:

    Another BS story!

    All the time we are listen same drama – illegal immigrants,……………….,……………..
    and again,illegal immigrants!!!

    Who is fault ? II or government? I think -government
    Only what i know -this problem never be solve!!!

  19. leroybrown says:

    When was the protest when the illegal alien just released from jail killed Jamil Shaw. ICE should deport anyone at the protest.

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