LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Parents or guardians of LAUSD students convicted of gang-related crimes must now attend parenting classes and meet with families that have been victimized by gang violence.

The Parental Accountability Act, Assembly Bill 1291, was authored by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, D-Norwalk.

“The time has come to hold parents accountable and give them the resources they need to help their children,” Mendoza said Friday.

“It’s clear parents and guardians have serious challenges addressing the disciplinary needs of their children,” Mendoza said. “Parents will be mandated to acknowledge the consequences of their children’s potential involvement with gangs, before it’s too late.”

The bill, which was introduced in 2007, went into effect in January.

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  1. wobbles says:

    Considering most of these gangs are now multi-generational and the parents and aunts and uncles and everybody else is usually in the gang too, I’m SURE this totally isn’t a waste of money. They’ll listens anc change their ways for sure when they get a stern talking to from a liberal feel-good program. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Remember folks, “hugs not slugs” and the world can all love one another. Ask any liberal who doesn’t live anywhere near a gangbanger.

  2. ginny says:

    I’d also like to see a strong law that removed these families from any federal housing and has them loosing any state/federal benefits. Other states have them and they seem to be working in many cases. Then the parents just might pay some attention.

  3. leroybrown says:

    Deport the whole family

  4. True Lies says:

    The bill was authored by my uber liberal representative Tony ( I haven’t a clue ) Mendoza. A brainless idiot in the Ca CA land assembly and of course a progressive liberal socialist democrap. Way to go Tony I am sure this is the answer to all the problems of gangsters! IDIOT whacko VOTE HISS FANNY OUT in November!

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