LOS ANGELES (CBS) — ‘Hawaii 5-0′ premieres Monday on CBS and in anticipation of one of the most eagerly-awaited new shows, the USC marching band today unveiled a music video of the group playing the series’ iconic theme song.

We dare you to take a listen and not hula or hum or shake along.

In fact, we heard the catchy song once and pretty much the entire newsroom is still humming an hour later.

The original “Hawaii 5-0” aired on CBS from 1968-1980. If you ask us, the USC marching band nailed it!

Pass the pina coladas and hit play!

“Hawaii 5-0” debuts Monday, Sept. 20. at 10 p.m. The show stars Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park.

Comments (13)
  1. nenefabio says:

    exellent ……..a+

  2. ShamanNora says:

    Yeah Trojans! Good job! My Alma Mater 🙂

  3. mrodrick007 says:

    Fight on! Spirit of Troy does Oahu right!

  4. class of '73, '74, '02, '03 says:

    Trojans for LIFE!!

  5. marie lee says:

    why didnt the U H play the theme song it is hawaii

  6. Marie says:

    The Univ of Hawai’i Marching band should’ve been chosen to play the 5-0 theme song. Helllooo CBS? What the hell are you guys thinking?

  7. g says:

    Shouldn’t the University of Hawaii be doing this. It is Hawaii 5.0 after all…

  8. Trojans Forever says:

    The producers knew what they were doing when they picked TGMBITHOTU (The Greatest Marching Band In The History Of The Universe – for the unititiated) to perform the Hawaii 5-0 theme. Why pick an ordinary band when you can have the Trojan Marching Band perform it?

  9. J W says:

    CBS…it’s just seems wrong not to use the University of Hawaii band for the show. USC is a great school, but not using the local band where the show is filmed is just out of sync. Makes what you’re doing more contrived “Hollywood”. Maybe it’s politics, maybe it’s supporting friends down your street, I get it – but what a goofy decision. I’m sure that everyone appreciates your support in the islands by doing the show here and supporting the local economy, but Hawaii 5-0 is a great thing for you too, so why irritate the local community by not doing what makes sense?.

  10. Josh says:

    Hawaii’s band paid for a studio recording of this song, but USC’s non-studio performance was so much more impressive that the producers at CBS decided to go with USC instead. Don’t blame politics or Hollywood, sometimes overall talent really is the most important factor in a decision

  11. Mario Velasquez says:

    q bien me gusta esta banda es buenisima. un gran saludo desde Guatemala!!!!!!!!

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